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Stone box

If after repair you still have decorative textured plaster, soil with quartz filler, empty bobbins from adhesive tape, do not rush to throw them away, all this can be useful for making a casket. First you need to make a basis for

Corals and shells in the interior of the house

Vacation at sea is for many an ideal vacation. Many seas today have become available to Russians: from the beloved and once the only Black Sea to the tropical seas of Southeast Asia. Many people like beach vacations, but in the heat only lie in the shade


Every woman has her favorite jewelry. They are conveniently stored in caskets - then they will not be lost, and all the time will be at hand. Caskets are different - metal and wooden, plastic and wicker, and I suggest you make a casket from

Balloon from an old light bulb

What do you usually do with a blown bulb? Are you taking it for recycling, just throwing it in the trash? I propose to give the bulb a second life and, thereby, save nature from excess dirt harmful to it. Ask how else you can use the light bulb,

Smart keychain

Such a thing in his everyday life as a keychain can tell a lot about a person. A small flight of fancy, hanging peacefully on keys or a telephone, somehow corresponds to the inner qualities and desires of its owner. For people negatively

Wedding card

Of course, the most important congratulatory document for a wedding is a postcard. You walk for a long time, choose something original and beautiful, and the solution is quite simple. You can make a birthday wedding card with your own hands. It will not only be

We mount a collector heating system

The collector system is remarkable already in that it is universal, its installation is carried out by people without professional skills. Moreover, such a system allows you to mount heating with hidden pipe wiring. Pipe section for economic

Homemade plastic bottle handle

Sometimes, for various reasons, you have to use a plastic bottle to replenish drinking water supplies. But at the most inopportune moment, the handle at the bottle breaks off. I want to offer two ways to make a homemade pen.

Parrot toys

Nature gave the parrots great curiosity and interest in everything new that appears in their cages. So that your feathered pet doesn’t look for activities on its own, direct his talents to the desired direction, namely, if the bird loves

Daisy bead necklace

A simple to manufacture, but very effective necklace made of beads can be made using beads selected in tone or contrast, the main condition is to choose the size of the beads so that the result is a smooth semicircle without distortion and

Youth passport covers

Modern girls always choose very exclusive and unique things, strive to be the most beautiful and unique, stand out from each other. And the choice of wardrobe, as well as the selection of various accessories to them is a whole story. Therefore, for a long time

Salty Dough Valentines

Everyone is pleased to receive congratulations, gifts and, of course, Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day! Now you can see many of the most diverse valentines. What these congratulatory hearts are made of: paper, cardboard, wood, glass ... Enough

Polymer clay bunny earrings

Increasingly, modern girls, instead of expensive and elaborate jewelry made of precious metals, prefer to wear jewelry from such a seemingly unattractive material like polymer clay. What is the secret of plastic? In fact, everything is very simple

Viscose Napkin Keychain

Trinkets are equally liked by both adults and children. Although they are not a necessity, but as a gift will suit everyone. Children love to cling to bags of figures of favorite cartoon characters. Men are happy to accept keychains as a gift.

Bracelet - stylish metal

In the arsenal of every fashionista there should be an accessory combining brutality and elegance. Typically, this effect can be achieved by mixing coarse elements, such as leather or metal, with light materials and beads. One of them

Thread box

Beautiful and convenient boxes for storing various trinkets are always needed in the house. For example, I like to knit, but over the years of doing this hobby, I have gathered a lot of yarn remnants, which, on the one hand, I need, and on the other hand, they constantly lie in

Restoration of an old wardrobe

Very often, old furniture is so deeply rooted in our lives that there is practically no way to part with it. This is exactly the situation with the old wardrobe at the beginning of the last century. The world around him has changed, the apartment has acquired

Glass pendant

Among interior items, clothes, as well as jewelry, you can increasingly find things made in a vintage style, which is characterized by its sophistication and sophistication. It is believed that vintage can be called products created no later than the 80s

How to replace a slider on clothes

This used to be quite problematic. Currently, hardware stores have a huge selection of sewing products. It’s easy to pick up a slider. Size is usually written on the other side. Materials, configurations, “tuning” for every taste: plastic and metal,

Mobile table from the usual

You have a rather successful kitchen furniture, which usually stands in the corner - it does not bother anyone. When guests arrive, or it is time for the whole family to eat, you begin to move it to a convenient place. An even more exotic problem: to decompose

3D postcard panel

Panels are used in interior decoration to fill the walls. There are several types: carved, wood, art, marine theme and others. Most often made panels with flowers, which organically fits into the decor of the room.

Vintage box

The art of decoupage became popular in the XVIII-XIX centuries, when this type of creativity became widespread in Europe. This technique, the name of which is translated from French as “cut”, consists in transferring images to wooden

Table restoration

Everyone has faced such a problem as hatred of furniture. Often, even your favorite table or casket is annoying, and you are ready to give everything in order not to see it. To solve this problem, the most ideal option would be

Case for phone

A phone case is a very necessary thing. It simultaneously protects the phone from damage, and is an ornament.And an unusual case, made by yourself, will also emphasize the individuality of its owner. For example, you can make a felt cover or
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