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Gold Plated Leather Flower

In my favorite burgundy bag, I recently made a small hole. Well, do not throw it away just because I'm such a mess. It was decided to find a piece of leather in tone, make a flower out of it, decorate a little with gold and close the hole. TO

We make epaulettes (epaulets)

You can always look beautiful and original without ever needing to spend money on expensive things and unusual jewelry. Unusual and original jewelry for clothes can be made with your own hands and they will look no worse than purchased. Epaulettes today

Double Shambhala woven bracelet

Pretty well-known and fashionable bracelets this summer, like the previous one, are bracelets woven with macrame technique called “shambhala”. They are very bright, harmonious, unique, very well complement absolutely any outfit. In addition, these bracelets

Elastic band - a flower made of leather and fur

Each girl likes to decorate her head with bows, hoops or flowers. If you have a piece of non-thick leather at home (from an old bag, jacket or any other leather product), then do not throw it away, but make yourself an ornament with your own hands,

Handmade clock

How often from the TV screen, from the pages of magazines or online communities we are taught how to make something beautiful out of nothing. And we look at it with the enthusiasm of teenage girls and enjoy. Oh, if only my hands grew from

Handmade soap with a picture

The skin of young children always requires special care and attention, since so many factors affect it. First of all, you need to pay attention to cosmetics with which you take care of the skin of the child. The best thing

Slippers "Little Muck"

To each of us very often come guests. The number and age of guests can be very diverse. And of course, I want to immediately do something nice for the invited people, somehow surprising them. The first thing we offer guests is slippers. let's

Hank Moody Bracelet

Probably, every person who watches TV shows or just movies also experiences their feelings and even partially life, but the heroes who are most beloved by the audience, pleasantly amaze with the right clothing accessories, whether they are earrings, a ring or

Gift wrapping for CD

In the age of high technology, CDs are a must for any home. They store a variety of information: from banal texts, films to commemorative videos and photographs. And of course, a disk with photos or videos from a memorable event is stored carefully, in

How to build a cat house

Cats are moody and masterful animals. Each has not only its own character, but also addictions, from which wean them sometimes oh, how hard! And if your pussy wanted to equip a nest on the shelf of your closet with clothes - be prepared for the fact that

Leather passport cover

Do-it-yourself leather covers have long been popular with needlewomen. This thing is quite expensive, since genuine leather is taken for its manufacture and only manual labor is used. I suggest you look step by step

How to repair bag handles

What to do if the handles on the bag are out of order? Is it possible to deal with this problem myself? In this case, the bag can be repaired at home.

Children's winter slippers from fur

In order for the child to run warmly at home and on the street, we put him in light, warm, fur slippers, ankle boots. You can make them yourself. For this we need: natural or faux fur, coat, felt, thread (40th

Making a case for a touch mobile phone

Today, in the salons of mobile communication there is a huge assortment of covers for cell phones, which will satisfy any needs and tastes. Nevertheless, often if you want to purchase a case for a specific phone model, it turns out that the choice

Replacing the handles on the bag

Nowadays, buying a new handbag is very simple. A huge selection from expensive leather to inexpensive textile. But there are situations when it is very a pity to abandon your favorite bag just because its handles have become unusable, and in a repair workshop

Headphone upgrade for PC

Almost everyone has old headphones for the computer, which can give a second life. I propose to evaluate my master class on the upgrade of an attribute so indispensable for a music lover. As an experimental sample I chose old Dialog headphones

Fluffy earrings

Most girls prefer jewelry made of precious metals, but by no means refuse jewelry from natural materials - stone, leather, fur. Earrings with stone beads and fur look stylish with almost any clothing. Technology

Making a stuffed bird

In order to make a stuffed bird, you need to have: Wire, copper sulfate (or its solution), brush (for applying copper sulfate), tow (or any stuffing material (synthetic winterizer, cotton wool and the like), glue (moment),

Passport cover

The most important document of any person is a passport. Many companies offer to buy interesting and original covers, but we can offer you to issue your passport stylishly and elegantly, and in a single copy. This cover is sure to cause

Bracelet - stylish metal

In the arsenal of every fashionista there should be an accessory combining brutality and elegance. Typically, this effect can be achieved by mixing coarse elements, such as leather or metal, with light materials and beads. One of them

Leather bracelet

Recently, accessories made of rough, rather brutal materials have come into female fashion. Most often, the raw material for their manufacture is leather or leatherette. To make my bracelet, I used the following materials: •

Old leather bag bracelet

If you have an obsolete leather bag that you are going to throw away, or any other unnecessary item made of leather or leatherette, you can not throw it away, but use it in needlework, for example, you can make it out of this thing

Armrest for car

Perhaps every car enthusiast dreams of a car that compares favorably with the faceless gray mass of similar models. The desire with convenience, comfort moves on their vehicles makes car owners look for original

Top shelf for car

The UAZ-31512 car was produced in Soviet times, there was no talk of the comfort of a car designed for cross-country ability in forests. That is why the owners of this car decide on modifications of a different nature: someone puts
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