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House for Kote

When designing a game complex for a cat, the idea arose of making a hanging house on the ground floor. Main requirements: lightweight, durable, stable construction from improvised materials. I didn’t want to spend extra money on the basis for the house,

Casket decorated with fabric, fabric flowers and beads

Material that is necessary for the manufacture of the box: 1. Any cardboard box. 2. Pieces of fabric. 3. Ribbon or braid. 4. Beads, beads, pebbles, etc. 5. Thermogun.

"Flower heart" - greeting card

If you persistently think about hearts, about love, it means that Valentine's Day is approaching. You can express your love, affection, sympathy in different ways, for example, with such a Valentine made by yourself. First cut template

Sophisticated two-story flower

Kanzashi provides a huge opportunity in creating different colors. There are no two identical colors, because they are created manually, and any manual work is unique in its essence. It’s easy to make a simple flower, but to create a complex two-story flower is not

Plastic bottle pencil

All parents are familiar with the situation when, after drawing, pencils are scattered on the children's table. Boxes for pencils are made of cardboard, and, as a rule, do not last long. Therefore, so that the child has order on the table, you can make an original

Pictures from straws - "Sailing journey"

Sea voyages evoking a storm of emotions - a limitless dream. For a long time sailboats were associated with their amazing freedom and extraordinary romance. Appearing back in the era of ancient civilizations, these majestic, beautiful ships,

Openwork body

For weaving a bodywork with an openwork pattern on the walls, you will need: -122 journal tubes; - a sheet of cardboard measuring 15 x 29 cm .; -scissors; - a simple pencil; -knife; -PVA glue.

Ferret House

] Ferrets, like other pets, except dogs, love to sleep in a secluded place. To make the ferret more comfortable sleeping in his cage, you can make him a house with your own hands. Of course, it can be purchased at the store, but it is not reliable. House for

Magazine tube topiary

To create a topiary, you will need: - Journal tubes - 39 pieces; polypropylene tube - 30 cm; - sewing threads; cardboard sheet; -scissors; -PVA glue; - paper napkins of green, red, pink and yellow; glue "COSMOFEN".

Basket of plastic bags

Crocheting a basket is pretty simple. Even a child can handle this. But if you knit from ordinary threads, then the basket will turn out to be excessively soft, and will not keep its shape. Have to starch, then dry. You can avoid unnecessary trouble if

Stone box

If after repair you still have decorative textured plaster, soil with quartz filler, empty bobbins from adhesive tape, do not rush to throw them away, all this can be useful for making a casket. First you need to make a basis for

Weaving laundry baskets

The laundry basket, indispensable in the household, is a symbol of order in the house. Any self-respecting hostess appreciates these items and, of course, wants to have it at her disposal.Today we’ll try to do it with our own hands. For this we need: -

Balloon from an old light bulb

What do you usually do with a blown bulb? Are you taking it for recycling, just throwing it in the trash? I propose to give the bulb a second life and, thereby, save nature from excess dirt harmful to it. Ask how else you can use the light bulb,

Stroller envelope

Why do you need ordinary envelopes for money? They are already somehow tired of the order ... You yourself can make a very original little masterpiece - a gift, envelope and memory. Especially on the occasion of the birth of a child.

Casket weaving

It has become quite popular to weave a variety of things and objects from newspaper or magazine tubes. And this is not surprising, since the material is available to everyone, and the products are extremely beautiful. In this article we will weave a box with a lid in

Newspaper Stroller

Suppose you are invited to an event: a wedding or a newborn's bride. An original gift is half your congratulations. Do not go shopping in search of exclusivity. A surprise made by you personally will always stand out from the background

Miniature chest of drawers

For most needlewomen, the question often arises of how to place all the necessary little things. I also encountered such a problem when I decided to try to create jewelry with my own hands. All shvenzy and other accessories necessary

Corner shelf

Corners in the room almost always remain unoccupied, but meanwhile there is enough space there to accommodate a small shelf, shelving or suspension. From a design point of view, angular arrangement gives some advantage, because similar

Smart keychain

Such a thing in his everyday life as a keychain can tell a lot about a person. A small flight of fancy, hanging peacefully on keys or a telephone, somehow corresponds to the inner qualities and desires of its owner. For people negatively

Elastic band for hair Hat

Each girl’s mother knows how to weave pigtails and make ponytails. When doing a hairstyle for her daughter, mother wants her hair to be decorated with beautiful hairpins, elastic bands, bows. You can independently make a beautiful elastic band for hair from viscose. This material

Making a beer keg

To make a barrel for drinks you will need: • an empty beer can; • newspaper tubes - 52 pieces; • PVA construction glue; • scissors; • stationery knife; • sewing threads; • a circle of cardboard; • Glue "COSMOFEN".

Valentine card "Arrow of Cupid"

Want to quickly and easily make an unusual Valentine for your soulmate? Now I will tell you how to do it! Everything is very simple, believe me, even a child can handle it.

Casket from the book

On the eve of such a family holiday as the anniversary of my beloved mother, I had a serious question for a gift. The fact is that mom does not like expensive and pathos things. Even a standard bouquet of roses is a waste of money for her. Especially

Heart shaped photo frames

Photos of our beloved awaken rainbow feelings in us. Insert the photo into the photo frame, made in the shape of a heart, with our own hands. This photo frame can be put on the table, or can be attached to the wall. The highlight of your interior will be a wall decorated with
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