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Why make toys with your own hands if you can buy them? Indeed, but not everyone can afford to please a child with new amusements too often, moreover, it is not known what materials the new purchase will be made of, suddenly it is dangerous

Mobile "Butterflies"

Mobile "Butterflies" will be an excellent decoration for the interior of a children's room, balcony, porch or banquet hall. Embossed butterflies, light, soaring and moving from the slightest breath of air, will make the room even more comfortable and create

From an old nightstand to a dressing table

Recently, home decoration in the Provence style has gained popularity. White furniture slightly touched by artificial antiquity will give a special mood to the decoration of your home. Such furniture may appear in your home,

Craft from pieces of yarn, cereals, pasta

Interesting and unusual creative work can come from materials of different textures. In one picture, you can use cereals, pasta, and trimmings of yarn and thread, and plasticine, and such an interesting paper technique as origami. Such

Frame from newspaper tubes under a baguette

Sometimes even the most simple fake, made by yourself, is much higher than buying from a store. Proof of this is the frame for a picture or photograph, glued from ordinary newspaper tubes. In this master class we will tell you how

Thread Octopus

Want to entertain your child? Take a few minutes for an exciting thread octopus making process. Bring the kid to this entertaining work - he will be delighted.

People of thread

Each thrifty craftswoman at home stores the remains of colored threads. Try to make simple fakes with your own hands for them from children. Funny and kind little men will cause genuine delight in the kids, and the process of their manufacture will entertain

Paraffin candles and natural materials

We will prepare everything we need for the manufacture of candles. You can choose the shape and size yourself. I got a candle measuring 7 by 7 cm and 4 cm in height. In fact, the size of the candle will depend on the parameters of a larger

Composition of colored salt and artificial flowers

To decorate your home with an original composition, it is not necessary to look for it in a store. A handmade decor will surely fill your home with warmth and comfort. Materials that will be required during the work: - transparent vase; - color

Organizer for underwear

Necessary materials and tools: - a box (you can use a box for shoes or small household appliances) - a frame for the future organizer. In order for the organizer to be strong, it is better to use a box of thick thick cardboard. -

Leather passport cover

Do-it-yourself leather covers have long been popular with needlewomen. This thing is quite expensive, since genuine leather is taken for its manufacture and only manual labor is used. I suggest you look step by step

Original birthday card with 3D flowers

It is not always possible to pick up gifts to the liking of friends or relatives, because you can’t guess whether the present will be pleasant or gather dust on the balcony.But there are gifts that will please everyone - these are gifts made by yourself. For example, for

Treasures of the deep sea

Panel from the natural material “Treasures of the deep sea”. Necessary material and equipment: frame thick cardboard or fiberboard (thin plywood can be used); printed base antique color card (physical or pirated); natural material (shells,

Needle box in the form of a doll chair

The height of the needle bar in the finished form is about 15 cm. In order to make the needle bar in the form of a miniature doll chair, you need to prepare the following materials and tools: - curtain fabric of 2 kinds, - synthetic winterizer, - dense adhesive

Legend of one river

Well-illustrated and interesting books are bought by parents for their kids. Reading bedtime stories the child is looking forward to every day. A fairy tale takes you to unknown distances, talks about past events, introduces you to entertaining characters,

Shell Cards

Cards for seating guests at the wedding are simply necessary, they help guests easily find their place at the banquet table, while avoiding the hassle and confusion. Banquet cards can be made in the form of labels, flags, on pieces of cloth,

Embroidery Framing

Each embroiderer dreams of seeing her work in a decent frame. It is not always possible to buy a finished frame, since an embroidered picture usually turns out to be of a non-standard size. And ordering in a baguette workshop is an expensive pleasure. Have to look

T-shirt with a picture

T-shirts and T-shirts with various patterns and prints are currently very popular. Among all this diversity, you can choose something to your taste. However, not many people think that the original t-shirt can be made independently with

Soap rose

Women are very fond of receiving flowers as a gift. But not all men love to give them. Our defenders are often guided by considerations that it is better to give something practical. In this case, the best option is soapy flowers. Yes, yes, soapy. Soap flowers.

Volumetric picture

You do not know what to give to mom, grandmother or teacher for her birthday. We propose to complete the picture with a three-dimensional pattern in the form of a flower. The craft is made of inexpensive materials. The technology shown in the master class will allow you to create paintings

Cup stand

From colorful balls of woolen threads, you can make bright coasters for cups in the form of small woolen rugs, which are likely to be useful in the household. To make the stand you will need: - threads for knitting white, red and yellow

We draw a portrait with acrylic paints

Learning to paint a portrait with a photo is better in black and white. Print the photo in black and white, it is advisable to print a photo of the size that you plan to make a picture, but this is not necessary. After you printed

DIY gift box

How many things that seem to us completely unnecessary at first glance and often create a mess in the house, actually disappear in vain. Indeed, in the skillful hands of a creatively thinking person, any little thing is able to turn into an original, and most importantly,

Satin and satin ribbon brooch

An adornment to any dress or dress is undoubtedly an additional accessory. It can be either a beautiful necklace or beads, as well as some beautiful brooch. A brooch that will be made by hand will look very exclusive.
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