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Original Envelope Hand Made

In such an original gift envelope, you can, say, give money. Write a letter of recognition to your beloved, he will certainly be delighted with such an envelope. Gifts in the style of "Hand Made" are always original and unique and in no case are not comparable

Plywood watch

Clock from plywood “Orange mood”. Ordinary wall clocks can be purchased at any store, the choice is wide enough. But a thing made to someone as a gift with their own hands will look much more spectacular. In addition, it will serve as a reminder

Postcard with silhouettes and volumetric details

What materials will be needed for work? - The basis for the postcard (thick paper or cardboard) - Thick paper for the silhouette (half the size of the basis for the postcard) - The silhouette printed or painted on its own - A napkin of bright color -

Gradebook Cover

For the student, the most important document, which should almost always be with him, is a record book. This document is considered not only as a kind of diary for assessments, but also considered to be its face. It must be on the cover in order to

Icon Jesus Christ

An unusual master class will open to everyone who wants to master this type of art the subtle world of icon painting with its own rules and regulations. To understand this skill is not so difficult if you approach the matter with patience and love. For creativity to us

Photo frame made from old buttons

Everyone at home probably has a lot of old buttons, and it is in this article that we will explain why. To make the frame itself, we need: • Cardboard or very thick paper; • Glue (preferably a moment); • Pencil; • Ruler. For

Bouquet of chocolate and sweets.

Choosing a gift for any holiday, you always want it to be unusual, but preferably inexpensive. We offer to surprise the hero of the occasion with such an original bouquet of chocolate and sweets in the form of a piece of cake.

Monkey from children's tights

Sewing toys for your children is a very exciting activity. The child will always appreciate your efforts and will be happy to play with a new toy. For the manufacture of toys we need: -Children plain tights. -Big scissors. -Syntepon or

Fabric and seashell photo frame

It is unlikely that you know a person who does not like the sea. And it doesn’t matter, it’s the one who regularly goes to resorts, has been there at least once in his life or just dreams of warm waves and golden sand under his feet. What is brought home from the sea? Souvenirs,

DIY napkin rings

When we are preparing for the arrival of guests, we always want to give them a warm welcome. So I want to surprise people close to us not only with delicious food, but also with the original table setting. The hostesses take out the most beautiful dishes, prepare their signature dishes and

Felt cat

To sew such a cute cat you need quite a bit of materials and time. You will get a nice souvenir as a gift to friends or as a keychain for keys or a bag for yourself. The pattern can be increased and sew a cat-pillow.


The Domovenok is the key to your peace of mind! Does your brownie live? If not, be sure to settle it in your home. He will bring you good luck and will be the guardian of the family hearth.A do-it-yourself little house, will be a good defense against all misfortunes.


In order to make such a hairpin, you will need: • Three satin ribbons 5 cm wide. • A piece of organza 25? 5 cm. • Cardboard. • Scissors. • Ruler. • Candle or lighter. • Moment glue or glue gun. • Rhinestones, beads. • Scrunchy


Basis: slats made of bamboo, pine, linden or plastic sticks from balls. Cloth: adhesive tape with a width of 2 cm; string, fishing line from 0.5 cm, strong thread; paper, fabric, tight polyethylene, oilcloth; scissors; ruler, cargo, knife

Unusual mural on the wall

List of required materials: - A sheet of paper. - Paints. Gouache is preferable, since when drawing with gouache, less water is required than for watercolor, respectively, and the paper will deform less. - Brush - Jar or glass with


What will be not only a great gift, but also an interior decoration? Of course, a soft bear made by hand. Therefore, we present you a detailed workshop on the manufacture of a bear from fleece. Of course, you can sew a bear not only from fleece, but

Greeting card "Flower meadow"

Hand-made postcards always pleasantly surprise. Especially if you know what the person who donated it did, it is always doubly pleasant. Today we will create just such a greeting card that will definitely cheer you up

Needle bed

Each of us has at least once in a lifetime faced with the problem of the loss of a needle, followed by a lengthy search in a panic. So, to prevent this from happening again, I suggest you make a needle bed with which you will always know where your

Making a passport cover

To make a textile cover for your passport, you will need cardboard with a density of 200g / m2, scrap paper, office paper in purple, cotton checkered and floral fabric, lace, jewelry, PVA glue, glue stick, transparent polymer glue,

Fabric rose

From the fabric you can create very original flowers and even floral arrangements. Such flowers from textiles serve as decor for any surfaces: clothes, postcards, caskets, curtains, hair bands, etc. In this master class you will learn how to create

Napkin holder

Today I will show you how easy and simple it is to make a napkin holder from materials that are likely to be found in every home. For the manufacture you do not need any additional skills, so if you wish, you can use the child. What to us

Needle bed

It seems very simple to sew a needle bar in the form of a square pad. But the needlewoman always wants something unusual and this is even necessary for creative inspiration. More sophisticated needle cases include sewing soft toys in the form of

Powder Box Mirror Decoration

More than once I encountered a problem when the blush or powder ran out, I had to throw away the packaging along with the mirror. But recently, I lost my favorite mirror and it occurred to me to have a wonderful idea - to decorate the old one to get a new one! AND


A small wooden stool will find application in every home. With such chairs, children rush with great joy. Sitting on such a stool it is convenient to peel potatoes and perform other “sitting” work. However, they decide to buy a small stool
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