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Funny sunflowers

Recently, wandering aimlessly around the needlework store, I came across a funny and warm picture. It was a motif of sunflowers on a decoupage napkin. And before that, she liked me, which I immediately decided to reproduce as a picture.

Fluffy rug

Carpet - an indispensable thing in everyday life. It is he who creates the comfort of the apartment and keeps warm. Despite the fact that more and more people are laying parquet and linoleum on the floor, floor mats are also popular and in demand. They are located mainly in the bathroom.

Memorial ribbon for Radonitsa

After Easter, all Christians prepare for the bright day of Radonitsa. On this day, painted eggs and cakes are left on the graves of deceased relatives. In addition, they leave any gifts and flowers - living or artificial. But you can decorate the graves

Souvenir easter egg

The main symbol of Easter is an egg, which is customary to paint and give to friends and acquaintances for the holiday. The traditional color of the Easter egg is red, which has a basis. The fact is that according to the Bible, Mary Magdalene after Christ

Embroidered Notebook

A creative person always tries to put a little originality in any gift. How can I turn a regular notebook for culinary notes into a gift? This will require the ability to embroider a cross and some inspiration! The method described below

We embroider a picture "Stripes"

As you know, cross-stitch was very popular among our great-grandmothers, but modern girls are happy to do this needlework. The process of creating paintings with your own hands is interesting, for many it becomes not just

Baby apron

I am more than sure that most people don’t sew such a dowry as an apron, but rather they buy it in specialized stores. Buying a finished apron is much easier and faster than stitching in person. But believe me, the baby will be much nicer

Valentine is me

Before Valentine's Day, every girl in love begins to panic: I want to give something special and symbolic. Well, what can I think: you can just give a funny Valentine. Well, of course - Valentine! Just not simple, but
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