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Yarn spider

Toy Spider from yarn is made very quickly and does not require complex materials. For crafts, you will need: yarn, scissors, glue stick, felt-tip pens, white paper, a small piece of cardboard, wire. First you need to make the body of a spider: for this

How to sew a soft toy dog

In order to sew a soft toy with our own hands, we need two types of cotton fabric, cotton wool for stuffing, thread matching the fabric, a needle, black thread to make a nose and claws, a ribbon for decoration, special

Christmas ball made of wrapping paper

Workshop on creating a Christmas ball from wrapping paper. Making such a do-it-yourself craft is very easy. You can decorate the whole Christmas tree with such balls. To make a Christmas tree stylish and unique, you can change both the size of the toys and changing

Crochet Christmas tree decoration

You can decorate the tree with handmade toys. It is easy and simple to do, even if you have never before held a hook in your hands. It is enough to carefully read this master class on creating a toy - a ball on a Christmas tree. In front of you

White-wing gliders, ceiling tile airplane

Recently, small models of gliders from EPP, in other words from ceiling tiles, have begun to appear in toy stores. Of course, such a toy flies beautifully, withstands many flights and can be launched everywhere, but the prices bite - $ 9 per

Textile dog

Childhood is a very important and special time. While the child is small, he can be quickly and easily taught anything. You can start, as they say, with diapers and do not worry that the child will be difficult. If you teach in the form

Developmental knitted dog

All kids love bright toys. It is especially interesting when such a toy is similar to that drawn with colored pencils. It is such an unusual, funny and very useful toy for your child that we will learn to make today. For manufacturing you will need:

A fun toy for your child

Children love to play, and especially if the toy seems to have come off the picture that the kid just painted. It is not difficult to bring the drawn characters to life and it gives your child a lot of joy and some magic. Today's workshop

Happy cat - a well-fed cat

A toy made of natural wool is not only a stylish element of decor, but also a wonderful gift that is not difficult to make with your own hands, it will give warmth and will cheer you up. Everyone who sees such a cat live will definitely want

Fancy snail

Kids love beautiful and unusual toys. I know that a trip to a store never goes without asking for a new soft friend. Often you can delight your baby not only with store toys. Useful for a child

How to get a special decoration?

Namely, a decoration made of polymer clay, or, as it is also called, plastic (thermoplastics). This material is quite easy to use: it resembles plasticine. Sometimes it is called "adult plasticine." And rightly so, because this material is not at all

Fabric bird

How amazing and limitless are the imagination and mastery of human hands, which make it possible to make something simple, interesting, and sometimes useful and symbolic, from almost any small and nondescript piece of cloth.

Christmas toy from an ordinary light bulb

Everyone loves the New Year. Everyone tries to decorate their homes with garlands, tinsel, and of course toys. Our toys will be unique, as they are completely made with their own hands. To implement this idea, we need: a frosting liquid for glass

Shining ball made of colored paper

Party decorations are not always available. Today, there are many original and simple ways to independently produce decorative elements. We propose to create a shining magic ball from colored paper. Us

Rag doll Snow Maiden

Before the New Year, the stalls of shops selling Christmas toys, Christmas souvenirs and tinsel are decorated with soulless beauties Snow Maidens in identical brocade dresses and Chinese-made funny Santa Clauses resembling Santa Claus.

Toy for sleeping "Dachshund"

What could be nicer than doing something with your own hands for your own child? Especially when a homemade little thing brings joy to a child. This article will tell you how to make a cute sleeping toy. To do this, you need: - soft on

Christmas tree toy from a light bulb

It is impossible to imagine an apartment in which there would be no light bulb. She has long been a habitual necessity. But even after the bulb has served its term, it can still come in handy. From seemingly unnecessary junk, you can make

Felt toys

Felt is great stuff! Anyone who wants to make toys with their own hands can be convinced of this! Firstly, it is very easy to make patterns from felt. Secondly, it keeps its shape perfectly. Thirdly, the felt does not crumble - this means that the edges


The puppy figurine is made of two separate parts. This will not be a flat toy, but a toy that itself can stand on the table without outside help.

How to sew a soft toy from a sock

Probably, absolutely everyone faced such a problem as the disappearance of the second sock. It seemed like there were two socks, and then after washing one was not counted. This happens quite often, and several different socks, pairs

Portable suppressor of television and radio channels

This device was conceived recently, because of the continuous series could not work quietly. And a couple of days ago a good thought came to my mind! assemble a portable suppressor of television and radio channels. The device itself has a fairly simple circuit.

Child protection on a swing cabinet

The "castle" actually has 2 main functions: to prevent the child from opening the closet and distract his attention for a short while. The manufacture of "child protection" will take no more than an hour. This "lock" is, of course, not suitable for all swing cabinets. Pin it on round

Mechanical toy - Tumbling Teddy Bear

This toy differs from factory mechanical toys in that it does not require either a plant or a battery, since it moves according to the laws of physics - the transformation of potential energy into kinetic. The main detail of a tumbling teddy bear is


Here's a toy soldered by my amateur radio father. What is this tricky device? This is theremin. A bit of history, of course, needs to be told.The first theremin was created in 1908 by the Russian scientist and musician Theremin, from where he got his
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