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Piggy-bear cub

Each of us has dreams and desires, the fulfillment of which sometimes lacks funds. Therefore, many acquire piggy banks that help to save money for a dream and not spend it on anything else. But buying a piggy bank is not necessary, it can be

Newspaper Stroller

Suppose you are invited to an event: a wedding or a newborn's bride. An original gift is half your congratulations. Do not go shopping in search of exclusivity. A surprise made by you personally will always stand out from the background

Parrot toys

Nature gave the parrots great curiosity and interest in everything new that appears in their cages. So that your feathered pet doesn’t look for activities on its own, direct his talents to the desired direction, namely, if the bird loves

Kitten Ginger

Children always like small soft toys. Kids enjoy playing with them, take with them for walks and to kindergarten, go to bed with them. Such a wonderful soft friend can be sewn together with the child, and then he will be

Wool bunny

To create a toy hare, it took no more than 100 grams of gray wool, and a very small amount of yellow and pink. In the process of felting, needles No. 60 and No. 45 were used. To create a head, an amount of wool is taken, which

Fun Balloon Toys

Today I want to offer you to make toys from improvised means. To make them, you will need: elastic balloons of various sizes, preferably made of dense latex, thin markers, a funnel, flour, pencil and various types of decorations.


Having looked at a photo of a toy owl from a foreign magazine, there was a desire to sew the same. The pattern from the magazine was not accurate enough, so I had to make some adjustments and improvements. Part templates are scanned in A4 format, and

Aries figurine with a jigsaw machine

Artistic sawing of wooden crafts is one of the most popular types of decorative art available to a creative person who does not have special education and training. Original master-sawmakers create from wooden

Soft book

Sew a soft developmental book of fabric under the strength of any mom. To create it requires minimal sewing skills, patience and time. The pleasure of the process is guaranteed - to the mother while she is creating, and to the baby when he is playing. Let's decide on the plots


Such a toy will certainly appeal to girls. It will take a little patience and free time to sew it. For work you will need: fleece of yellow, white and orange and black colors, striped cotton fabric, thread, needle, scissors, cotton or

Prababushkin cat

Our ancestors played with such or similar animals. For the most part, children's toys were home-made, made from improvised materials. First, the parents gave the “master class” for fun, and then the children made it themselves, creatively

Advent calendar

For the first time the advent calendar appeared in European countries, later it began to be used in America. In Ukraine, such a calendar is just beginning to become popular. The idea of ​​a special calendar is for children, it shows

Christmas tree toy

Today in the market you can see a lot of low-quality goods. And so I want to avoid any trouble. Therefore, on the eve of the New Year we will make an environmentally friendly, absolutely safe Christmas tree toy. For the manufacture of Christmas decorations


Kids really love cute stuffed animals. And toys made by mother’s hands are especially expensive. You can also please your baby by stitching a cute ginger kitten.

Octopus artist

To knit an octopus toy, you need to take 100 g of yarn of medium thickness of pink color, 50 g of the same quality yarn of violet color, floss threads or simple threads of white and black for eyes, red, bright pink for smile and

Mouse bag

Please your little one with a pretty little thing, and a master class will help you with this! This is not only a toy, but also a handbag (or purse, as you want) for various little things. Here you can wear a scarf, or hide sweets, or you can store hair clips and

Baby elephant

Funny, cute toy elephant calf will appeal to everyone! A small, bright, funny miracle will bring a lot of joy to the kids. Well, who will not be pleased to have such a cute animal that can be easily put in your pocket, hidden in your purse or

Master class on creating a New Year’s toy, a ball from CDs.

All of us are waiting for the New Year celebration, it is better to prepare for it in advance. Let's create New Year's toys ourselves from improvised means. A ball of disks will be a wonderful decoration for the Christmas tree, spruce branches in a vase. And you can decorate the house with such balls: put on

Christmas boot

Ideas to make toys for decorating a Christmas tree come completely unexpectedly. So it happened this time. Seeing the empty packaging from under children's socks, I wondered how they looked like boots hanging by the fireplace. So persistent formed

Christmas snowflake decoupage

Soon the New Year and we want to create some kind of toy or decoration for our New Year guest - Christmas trees with our own hands. Toys using decoupage technique look very good. Consider a detailed master class with a step-by-step description of the whole process.

Cute turtle

Does your child like toys? Each mother tries to pamper her child with new soft friends. Imagine how pleasant it will be for a child to receive a toy that his mother made herself and especially for him. Now I will show you how to do

Original Christmas toys - it’s not difficult

New Year's holidays are approaching and many have already begun to put Christmas trees and decorate them with toys. In this workshop I want to share an interesting idea with you. I will teach you how to sew wonderful horses to decorate the Christmas tree. New 2014 will be the year of the Horse,

Christmas tree toy

Before the New Year is always a festive and high spirits. Most often we create it for ourselves. But sometimes the surrounding things can do the mood. And if they are made with their own hands, then the soul is light and joyful, and a sense of pride is simply

Rubber frame

It is no secret that the harmonious development of a child requires a variety of external stimuli. In other words, the intelligence of the child should be developed, not hoping for nature.It is used by numerous manufacturers of children's toys, designed to
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