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Decorative plate "Bees on flowers"

A decorative plate can be made from any object of a suitable shape or, as in this case, from a regular disposable plate. Beautiful and unusual product will make the original composition. Will it be your own idea or borrowed

Icon Jesus Christ

An unusual master class will open to everyone who wants to master this type of art the subtle world of icon painting with its own rules and regulations. To understand this skill is not so difficult if you approach the matter with patience and love. For creativity to us

Unusual mural on the wall

List of required materials: - A sheet of paper. - Paints. Gouache is preferable, since when drawing with gouache, less water is required than for watercolor, respectively, and the paper will deform less. - Brush - Jar or glass with

Magnet "dog" made of cold porcelain

Beautiful magnets can be easily made with your own hands. For this, polymer clay or cold porcelain is suitable. And in today's master class you will learn how to create a magnet for a dog. Materials: -Stack for sculpting -Magnet -Cold porcelain -Gouache

Garden sculpture of a cat

To make papier-mâché waterproof and lightweight garden sculpture in the shape of a cat, you will need newspaper and gray toilet paper, flour paste, wire with a diameter of 5 mm, masking tape, building plaster, alkyd enamel of different colors,

Newspaper flower pot

The selection of flower pots in supermarkets is very large. But every housewife wants to have an original pot without big material investments. And the solution to this problem. You can weave yourself a nice pot for indoor plants using

Frame from newspaper tubes under a baguette

Sometimes even the most simple fake, made by yourself, is much higher than buying from a store. Proof of this is the frame for a picture or photograph, glued from ordinary newspaper tubes. In this master class we will tell you how

Composition of colored salt and artificial flowers

To decorate your home with an original composition, it is not necessary to look for it in a store. A handmade decor will surely fill your home with warmth and comfort. Materials that will be required during the work: - transparent vase; - color

Terry violet from beads

To make terry violet from beads you will need: - Beads No. 10 of the preferred color, in this case blue, cyan, green and a little yellow; - Wire 0.2 or 0.3 mm thick; - Florenta or green thread floss;

We draw a portrait with acrylic paints

Learning to paint a portrait with a photo is better in black and white. Print the photo in black and white, it is advisable to print a photo of the size that you plan to make a picture, but this is not necessary. After you printed

Papier-mâché vase

We will need: A mold for a future vase; Newspapers White paper; PVA glue; Disposable gloves; Polyethylene film; Gouache; Glossy varnish for coating; Gouache and varnish brushes.

Fish on a plate

The application is made of pasta of various shapes on a plate.As a basis used ordinary plasticine for children's creativity. Motivated to create crafts a huge assortment of pasta on the shelves of supermarkets,

Three-color painting

Today we will perform a very simple and incredibly useful exercise in flower science. All professional artists have gone through this more than once, and, I think, no one regretted it. In an art school, such an exercise is performed in the first year

Salt Dough Angry Birds

Angry Birds have actively entered our lives. Where you just will not meet. But, what could be better than a do-it-yourself thing. Today we’ll try to make two pendants on a satin ribbon with Angry Birds. That's how it all will look in the end

Decor bottle "Golden Sunflowers"

Beautiful things attract attention. And beautiful things made by hand are pleasant not only for the eyes, but also for the soul. There is no factory stereotyping and facelessness in them, but there is always a place for creative imagination and a non-standard approach to standard

Heart magnet

Valentine's Day is a wonderful and bright day for all lovers. According to tradition, on this day, lovers should give each other valentines and all kinds of trinkets in the form of hearts. But made with your own hands, it becomes even nicer and more expensive. Try to do

Applique for clothes "owl"

Recently, I decided to make an applique for clothes. In fact, painting on fabric is simpler and somehow faster, but if the plan was not successful, the thing can be thrown away. So I decided to tell you how to make an owl application. It will take: and

Fridge Magnet Machine

After an interesting trip or a memorable event, the collection of souvenir magnets is replenished on our refrigerators. Funny or thematic, bas-relief or rectangular - they all remind us of pleasant moments of life. Sometimes there are so many


From the simplest objects, you can make interesting and unusual home decorations. Take, for example, cardboard rolls left over from paper towels or toilet paper. From such simple, and seemingly absolutely unnecessary material,

Openwork basket

The standard idea and the most non-standard embodiment of this idea into reality, the solution of an ordinary problem in an original way - is the life of a creative person. A made openwork basket can be a wonderful decoration of the kitchen interior and cute

Cheerful decor

New Year is a time of joy and fun. What could be better than a sincere company of friends and relatives in which you can have fun and relax? Of course, nothing. I want to share with you my idea of ​​how to make New Year's Eve even more fun.

Salt Candlestick

To create such a wonderful candlestick, ordinary large edible salt is used. Of course, he looks so mysterious only by candlelight. It is worth confessing that in the light of day it is not so spectacular. But we are going to use it for

Volumetric plate

Antique stylization: a decorative plate with a three-dimensional image. I really like antiques. There is a mysterious charm of time in them: once they decorated the interior of the estate, they witnessed the fate of its inhabitants, and then

Cutting board decoupage

Decoupage technique has recently become increasingly popular. It is a varnished application of napkins, postcards or various paper pictures.You can decorate absolutely any surface with decoupage - from furniture to
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