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Children's knitted watch

When the baby or baby grows up, they already know that the watch sounds "tick-tock." Buying a watch for a baby in our time will not be difficult, but where is the guarantee that they are safe, moreover, a child can break them immediately on the first day. I suggest


What will be not only a great gift, but also an interior decoration? Of course, a soft bear made by hand. Therefore, we present you a detailed workshop on the manufacture of a bear from fleece. Of course, you can sew a bear not only from fleece, but

Cosmetic bag "Watermelon slice"

It is difficult to imagine a modern woman without a makeup bag, which contains magical cosmetics that can come in handy during the day. Due to frequent use, the beautician becomes unusable, a woman has to buy a new one.

Knitted colorful costume for a baby doll 25 cm tall

If your baby’s outfit for her baby doll is outdated, I suggest updating it. It looks very original. You can knit a hat for a baby or a set consisting of a hat and a scarf. In this case, they will look very harmonious with the chrysalis. For

Knitted necklace "Rosary"

Learning how to crochet, you can create not only lace blouses, hats and sundresses, but also unique jewelry. For example, you can create a charming rosary necklace. To make it you will need: - scissors. - ball of white yarn

Amigurumi Bear

The art of amigurumi is crocheting small soft toys using colored threads and your imagination. A feature of amigurumi is that the head of a toy is always disproportionately large in relation to the body. Thereby,

Crocheted booties for a newborn

For knitted booties you will need the rest of the thread. Since booties for babies are small in size and are knitted in two colors, the consumption of yarn is very small. The way booties are tied is simple and suitable for beginner needlewomen.

Handbag for a little princess

Every girl needs a handbag, and no matter how old she is, 2 years old or 22! Of course, each age has its own needs, and taking these into account, the handbag should be made of appropriate materials and be of a suitable size.

Easter chicken with eggs

The great Orthodox holiday is approaching - Easter. And I suggest crocheting a very beautiful craft that will complement and decorate your interior. It will be a chicken with colored eggs. It weaves quite simply and does not require special skills

Three-color painting

Today we will perform a very simple and incredibly useful exercise in flower science. All professional artists have gone through this more than once, and, I think, no one regretted it. In an art school, such an exercise is performed in the first year

Basket of plastic bags

Crocheting a basket is pretty simple. Even a child can handle this. But if you knit from ordinary threads, then the basket will turn out to be excessively soft, and will not keep its shape. Have to starch, then dry. You can avoid unnecessary trouble if

Newspaper Stroller

Suppose you are invited to an event: a wedding or a newborn's bride.An original gift is half your congratulations. Do not go shopping in search of exclusivity. A surprise made by you personally will always stand out from the background

Red bloodstream

A handsome kitten, playful funny and awkward - a symbol of a cozy home, good mood, warmth and love. There is nothing more pleasant than holding a fluffy miracle in your hands, listening to his purrs and understanding how you need him. Or create a miracle herself ...

White Rose

All girls love flowers. And the eighth of March is a great occasion to please them with these flowers. But, unlike fresh flowers, which will fade after a couple of days, flowers tied with their own hands will delight their owner for many years.

Children's socks with a Norwegian ornament

For work you will need: 1. A set of knitting needles of 5 pieces, size No. 3. For knitting children's socks, an average length is sufficient. 2. threads for knitting Alize Classic made in Turkey. Composition 49% wool and 51% acrylic. The weight of one skein is 100 grams, the total length is 390

Funny brooch - giraffe

Children like to cling to their things or backpacks funny toys or key chains. You can pamper your child and once a month or even a week make him a new toy - a brooch. In this workshop I will show how to knit a giraffe, but in the same way

Women's mittens with a Norwegian star

For work you will need: 1. A set of knitting needles of 5 pieces, size No. 3, do not choose long models. For knitting mittens, the average length is considered the best option. 2. a special knitting pin (it is better if it is also No. 3, they will not spoil the product and

Big collar jumper

This jumper is designed for a boy of three to four years old and to make it you will need: 3 skeins of yarn (280 meters) in green (50% wool, 50% acrylic). Knitting needles number 2, knitting pin, several auxiliary knitting needles. Decorative button.

Octopus artist

To knit an octopus toy, you need to take 100 g of yarn of medium thickness of pink color, 50 g of the same quality yarn of violet color, floss threads or simple threads of white and black for eyes, red, bright pink for smile and

Knitted Hippo

Knitting is a pleasant activity that perfectly relaxes and distracts from everyday fuss. When there is a desire to craft, an idea that can be realized is not always immediately generated. Today I want to give you one interesting thought -

Knitted horse

A horse is a symbol of 2014, a knitted horse can become a mascot for next year, a wonderful gift or decoration of a festive table. Nice to give handmade souvenirs.

Crochet Christmas tree decoration

You can decorate the tree with handmade toys. It is easy and simple to do, even if you have never before held a hook in your hands. It is enough to carefully read this master class on creating a toy - a ball on a Christmas tree. In front of you

Crochet snowflakes

Knitted snowflake will take its rightful place in the New Year's interior of any apartment. It can be hung under a chandelier or on a window, and also used as a Christmas tree toy. Tie a snowflake under the force of any needlewoman. Even if you first took the hook in

Knitted summer beaded necklace

Every woman wants to look unique and original, especially in the summer.Indeed, in the summer, we can boast not only outfits, but also jewelry. In winter, she is simply not visible from under the outer clothing. I want to introduce you to the related
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