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Contactless key

In this article I will tell you about how to make a simple and reliable contactless key. To begin, I will explain what this key is, the bottom line is that there is a transmitter on the battery and a receiver built into the device we need

Homemade video from KipKai

If you are a lover of tinkering and love to do crafts, then for sure you often came across video clips that show how to make this or that homemade product. And if so, then you probably know the face of the person depicted in the photo. . .

Gas welding

Jewelry gas welding machine on plain water. Hydrogen when mixed with air forms an explosive mixture - the so-called explosive gas. The combustion temperature of hydrogen is 2800 degrees. Celsius. It is on these facts that this gas welding is collected. Basis

We cut ordinary glass with ordinary scissors

Somehow I watched a video on the Internet where they cut ordinary glass with ordinary scissors under water. And under the video gathered more than a dozen comments. Some said it works, others said like all nonsense. I naturally decided in the spirit of destroyers of legends

1978 Step Down Transformer

At home, I found a 12 volt power supply used to charge the batteries. It looks like this. . .

Tesla coil on a single transistor or Brovin kacher

I present to you a very small Tesla coil on a single transistor or a Brovin kacher. In the Tesla coil, a very high alternating voltage of high frequency is supplied to the primary winding, and as a primary winding it feeds the collector current

Thread and Button

A very funny and very simple toy can be made of thread and buttons. Delov just nothing, but how many positive emotions. . .

Glow disk

Just a cool toy, and you can use it at discotheques, the design is very simple, we need: 1 Power supply (charging for the phone) 2 Cassette drive pulley from a Sonata series recorder 3 The drive motor fits perfectly into the pulley. four

10 Watt LED Downlight

LEDs can be very effective and economical in long-term use. 10 Watt LED bulbs can replace 100 W or 30 W incandescent bulbs with a compact fluorescent lamp. Despite the relatively high

DIY Soldering Extractor

When working with a soldering iron, there are many different compounds floating in the air, which naturally do not favorably affect human health. Most radio lovers work indoors and often literally breathe these harmful

Spider robot

Spider robot is a bit complicated in terms of moving parts, unlike other robots it has more than 4 moving supports, that is, legs. A very funny toy, will delight anyone. . .

Ferromagnetic fluid

A ferromagnetic fluid is a fluid that strongly polarizes in the presence of a magnetic field. In other words, when an ordinary magnet approaches this fluid, it begins to make certain movements: it jumps up like a hedgehog, sticks to a magnet, rises

Scrub bot - robot cleaner

As part of my efforts to make our lives easier through robots, I made an inexpensive bot for cleaning. This modern robot cleaner is great for polishing floors and shiny glass tables (provided that you apply a soap solution).

Glowing ice

Glowing ice does not melt, does not cool, but glows. Video instruction for making such a glass with glowing ice.

Beetle robot

Robot - a bug, believe it or not - it’s easier than a robot !!! Electronics - 0% Radio components such as transistors, microcircuits and others - 0% What is needed? - a pair of motors, buttons and batteries. Yes, I almost forgot - the presence of the brain and hands :-)

Simple multimedia projector

The time of the USSR is a thing of the past and left behind a variety of trinkets that are now no longer needed by anyone. For example, you probably have a slide projector or a filmoscope in the pantry. Nobody needs him anymore, but it’s a pity to throw away ... Let's give him a second

Cooler Windmill

A cooler windmill is more of a toy than a real one. It produces 1.5 - 2 volts with a breeze of 4 km / h and a current of 20 mA, which is enough to charge one battery. But you can do more than one, so there is still a prospect. . .

Funny paper cube

A funny cube replenishes our collection of interesting paper toys. A great way to spend your free time, no matter how old you are. It can be assembled both at school and in the office, everyone will envy. Video manufacturing instructions.

Magic wallet

Very funny little thing this wallet. Such wallets are sold in stores of unusual things. It looks very funny. And to make such a craftsmanship for the strength and the child, look at the diagram or video clip is very simple.

From a webcam ... detector? ... DPS?

In the article I will tell you about two designs from a conventional webcam: the first is a counterfeit banknote detector, the second is an infrared camera that sees in 100% darkness.

Lpt color music

Lpt color music is a simple construction of LEDs and resistors connected in series. For the manufacture does not require any knowledge in the field of electronics. Therefore, everyone can make it.

Animation engraving

Much new has been discovered in modding over the years. The technique has become more perfect, and modders gained a lot of experience. But as then, today most often one sheet of acrylic is used for engraving. But you can work with several. It may

A system of home and outdoor video surveillance using a webcam.

Sitting at a computer in a complete creative process or at a game, my faithful dog often distracted me with his bark, I had to tear my fifth point from my favorite chair, go out into the yard and look who was there. . .

Microscope without lenses.

Over its nearly 300-year history of development, the microscope has probably become one of the most popular optical devices widely used in all areas of human activity. It is especially difficult to overestimate its role in the education of students
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