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»Practical jokes and jokes

Practical jokes and jokes

Master classes:

How to give magnetic chewing gum for hands or clever plasticine

Smart plasticine, also known as chewing gum for hands, is one of the most popular polymer children's toys for the development of finger motility. Games with him sin even adults. Let's look at a way to give magnetic clay smart

How to cook an egg yolk out

Do you want to play and surprise your family or friends? Nothing is easier! Boiled eggs are an indispensable component of many dishes. Each housewife uses them in their dishes and separately. We offer a very original way to give the dish

How to put a ladder in a bottle

Many of us admire the various crafts in glass bottles - the size of objects is much larger than the diameter of the neck, which causes a lack of understanding of how they ended up there. Such an elementary craft can be done with your own hands, and for this

How to bend the neck of a glass bottle

Everyone in the household has glass containers, it is a pity to throw away, but I do not want to reuse it because of the unpresentable appearance. There is an easy way to give the bottle an original look.

Cooking Fried Cucumbers

Cucumbers are salted, fermented, pickled, and most often eat fresh just like that or in salads. But such exotic things as fried cucumbers can be tasted only when traveling in eastern countries. And even if someone had a chance to try this unusual dish,

How to make an aquarium from an old TV

It is customary to discard obsolete household appliances. But what if there is an idea that will help to apply it to good use? Today we will look at how you can adapt an old TV to a very unusual aquarium. And most importantly, this creative

How to make a huge LED

Have you ever held a huge LED, the size of a human fist? Of course not, because there are none. I will show how to make such an original little thing with my own hands. This LED will look exactly like its small

How to make a flying ball

A flying balloon is perfect for any holiday event. Typically, purchased flying balls are filled with light volatile gas such as helium. At home, it is almost impossible to get such gas without special equipment. But helium is not

Bill pig

We are all accustomed to piggy banks in the form of pigs, in which they scrupulously stack money. If you want to accumulate a certain amount for the purchase of the thing you need, then the piggy bank will certainly help. But you have to wait. In the same lesson proposed

Toothy dessert

Your guests will simply be torn to shreds with surprise if you give them this truly terribly beautiful dessert. Such a dish will definitely be remembered for a long time. Usually this is done for Halloween, but no one bothers to diversify boring everyday life and a little

Hanger in the style of STAR WARS

Today I would like to talk about an unusual and beautiful hanger, which will appeal to all fans of Star Wars and not only. It is made in the technique of string art. This type of art is becoming more popular and crafts made in such

Do-it-yourself column in a book

He sat one evening with a book in his hands and a crazy idea came up. Column speakers have become boring. So I decided to collect an unusual column, not like everyone else. It can be taken in nature or used in the garage, in the country. Found an old one in the barn

Hard steel phone case

Covers are different. Plastic and metal, rag and leather, light and heavy, all of them are designed to protect the gadget from moisture dust and scratches. But you do not have to buy this useful product in the store! Much nicer to wear the phone

Do-it-yourself headphones

Surely every house has a box with any outdated or broken headset from a variety of gadgets. Among this rubbish, there will probably be old or inoperative vacuum headphones that can be given a second life and a completely different

Fruit caviar

If you suddenly decided to surprise your family and friends, especially the kids, then this truly unique recipe is for you. I will tell you how to make a sweet, completely natural caviar from fruits. It will be very similar to the real one, and therefore it will be possible

We translate the drawing on a T-shirt, mug or smartphone cover

If you want to make a T-shirt that no one really has, then this is not a difficult workshop for you. I’ll tell you how to easily transfer any color pattern to a fabric, mug, cell phone case or other surface. For it is not

Wireless LED

I will show you a way to make the LED glow without connecting wires to it. For this, it will be necessary to assemble a simple device on one transistor. And you can play friends by showing them your magical abilities.

Gift for men - a bouquet of socks

Socks - a gift for men, which was a tradition, a reason for jokes, but at the same time remains an unchanged option during the holidays. When there is no time to look for something unique or there is simply not enough imagination, women will certainly recall this

Origami pyramid - do-it-yourself model from a dollar bill

The small pyramid is a kind of talisman that draws silence, luck and financial prosperity to the house. And if this pyramid is made of real money, then bills will be attracted to it, as if with a magnet. Make small

Remote Control Smoke Generator

This is a short workshop on how to make a relatively small, inexpensive, and fun smoke machine that you can use for practical jokes, magic tricks, air flow research, and anything else that comes to your mind.

Universal IR remote control from a smartphone

The smartphone has long migrated from the category of ordinary phones, which are used purely for calls. Hundreds of different applications allow you to turn your smartphone into various digital devices, thereby greatly simplifying our lives. So today, I

Mini BBQ grill

Here is such a wonderful miniature barbecue grill I made from an aluminum can from Coca-Cola. It easily contains a sausage, which I love so much.

Handle shocker

A shocker pen is a great way to prank a friend. Imagine your friend asks you for a ballpoint pen. You give him a spare. And as soon as he presses the paste extension button, a small discharge of current will hit him. You can also leave the pen unattended and

Master class "Bottle-Monstro"

A spectacular gift - a bottle decorated with leather with your own hands. For the birth of a bottle decorated with leather, named Monstro, take the following materials and tools: - a glass bottle; - a pair of plastic eyes for toys; - thin dark skin
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