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Jewelery and jewelry

Master classes:

Orchid - Christmas decoration for hair

Quite a bit is left before the beginning of the New Year and it is time to think about a festive dress and a hairstyle. Recently, it has become very fashionable to decorate hair with flowers, but they are not cheap. In the master class, we propose to make a stiletto orchid flower

Lace and pendant choker in 10 minutes

Such a choker of delicate lace will be a great accessory for a schoolgirl. He is sweet, not vulgar. The lace itself is very similar to that used for sewing school uniforms. But! It is beautiful to wear both to a tracksuit and to a dress.

Lace choker

Women began to decorate the neck in ancient times. Since then, jewelry has evolved from primitive bone to sophisticated jewelry. But the fashion is fickle, and has the property of returning. Recently, chokers or

Handmade beads

Handmade stylish beads can be made of simple materials. For example, from wooden beads and a cord for needlework. Moreover, the decoration of beads with a cord will give such an accessory a solid look. These beads can be worn with an evening dress, as the color

How to weave an “X” bracelet from cords

The weave of this bracelet resembles the Latin letter “X”. It is best to take contrasting colors of the cord to accentuate the pattern to create such an ornament. Step-by-step weaving of this bracelet is presented in our master class.

Wild Flowers Headband

Guilloche headband with camomiles and cornflowers. And for this, the following materials and tools will be required: - an iron rim. - double-sided thin tape. - blue thin ribbon for the rim. - scissors. - lighter. - soldering iron with

Black Lagoon Hot Glue Bracelet

An ordinary hot glue gun can be used not only for gluing various parts, but also for creating various crafts and decorations. Do not believe? Let's make a hot glue bracelet. Even a beginner can handle it.

DIY do-it-yourself bracelet

Ah, this prom night! Feast of sadness and joy. In the life of every student, graduation is the most significant and most solemn day. And the girls with pigtails are now beautiful girls who shine with their beauty and tenderness. After

Plastic container icon

The first badges on clothes appeared in ancient times. They served as a distinction, which reflected belonging to a certain layer of society. Then the badges became symbols of the election campaigns, student societies. But gradually became

DIY brooch with Ukrainian symbols

More recently, a flower was added to Ukrainian symbols, which is now a symbol of Ukraine, it is a poppy. Therefore, all the holidays are now associated with this flower, which is an ornament on different objects. These are rushnyks, embroidered shirts, wreaths,

Leftover Ribbon Flower

Each needlewoman is faced with a problem, a few centimeters are left, and it is a pity to throw out. But they also have an application. Even from the small remnants of ribbons, you can make a beautiful hair clip with a flower. To create such a flower you will need: -

Master class set "Apple Blossom"

Hair band and brooch made of plastic suede. And start with a selection of materials for making a wonderful kit. Prepare: - plastic suede of white and olive color. - scissors. - basis for a brooch. - an iron rim. - thin two-sided

Workshop clamp "Orchid"

Decoration for hair made of plastic suede. To make such a product, you will need materials: - clamp duck 12 cm long. - oil pastels. - lighter. - foamiran white, green and slightly red in a thickness of 1 mm ...

Making a jewelry holder

Any girl or woman likes jewelry - earrings, rings, bracelets, so such a gift as a holder for jewelry will always be in demand. Especially if it is in the form of a fragile mannequin in a chic dress. As already mentioned, this

Hair clip from foamiran "Chrysanthemum"

Summer is just around the corner, which means that the girls will soon have the very time when you can do your hairstyles, weave braids or just create a romantic look with your hair loose. Neatly arranged curls look beautiful on their own, and if they

Master class brooches "Emily"

Decoration for clothes made of plastic suede, 14 cm high. Such a brooch will adorn both a jacket and a dress. Such a bouquet consists of three roses and two buds. And for work we take materials: - acrylic paints. - foam rubber in red and green. -

Bracelet “Bright Autumn”

I want to tell you about the easiest bracelet to perform according to the technique - it consists of rhombs, which is formed, in turn, from diagonal nodes - nodes from tatting. You will need: 1. Buttons orange and green shiny 1 * 1.5 cm - 2 pieces.

Pendant "Black Hematite"

Sometimes there is a need for new jewelry, and the best solution would be to do something new with your own hands! You can diversify your look and complement the clothes in blue and black colors. This pendant is especially suitable for a dress. To make such

Grid Chess Strap

Today I will tell you how to make such a nice belt. As can be seen from the photo, this belt (or belt) can also act as a tie and bracelet, if you reduce the diameter of the threads. But this master class is specifically about the belt, since

How to make a bracelet from pins

When gray cloudy days come, I so want to cheer up, even with bright colors in jewelry! Bright, yellow as the sun, multi-colored bracelet - it immediately makes you come to life and smile. Moreover, it’s not difficult to do it and

Foamiran flower headband

On the rim, small flowers are located on one half, made of plastic suede without special tools. To work on the decoration we take the materials: - bezel. - acrylic paints. - scissors. - wire. - plastic suede pink and

Workshop on the manufacture of a clip "Bouquet of tulips"

The following materials will be required to create the “Bouquet of Tulips” jewelry: - a large hair clip. - a ribbon of brocade of silver color with a width of 25 mm. - stamens with large beads on the edge. - white cabochon with a diameter of 12 mm. - tape

Necklace "Solar mood"

In this master class, you will learn how to make a bright and sophisticated necklace. No special manufacturing skills are required. Material for work: - metallized fishing line diameter 0.35 mm; - thin-nose pliers and nippers; - pins ...

Bezel “Evening” with chiffon flowers

Flowers are made of chiffon and nylon, treated with a solution of gelatin.For work, we will use: - Chiffon fabric "Brown Chameleon" and nylon brown. - a pack of instant gelatin. - scissors. - lighter. - wire. - foil.
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