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Badges-medals for wedding witnesses

A wedding is a romantic and long-awaited celebration in the life of each couple. Any newlyweds want, try and do everything possible so that their wedding is prepared, organized and held at the highest level. Troubles and vanity of course are rather big,

Honeymoon Savings Book

One of the most interesting and original ways to give beautifully money at a wedding is the so-called savings book. Today, this is perhaps the most ideal and quite creative way to surprise and please, and

Wedding invitation

Today, "Hand Made" is gaining more and more momentum. It is not surprising - the original and exclusive gift will delight anyone and leave a warm impression for many years. Very beautiful, and most importantly unique, invitation

Heart shaped box

Is Valentine's Day on the nose or an important date for your relationship? And you do not know what to give to your loved one. You can make a romantic gift with your own hands. For example, make a heart-shaped box inside which there will be 50 (or another

Wedding bills box

Finally, the summer of 2017 visited us and it brought along the wedding season. After all, basically all couples try to play their wedding in the summer, when it is sunny, warm, everything blooms and smells, when everything is there and everything is available. Well, for sure

DIY wedding album

A wedding is the most romantic and long-awaited holiday in the life of every young couple, because a new family is born. Everyone is trying to make this day simply fabulous, as most often it is the only such day in life that you really want

Wedding envelopes for cash gift

So the long-awaited wedding time spring-summer 2017 has come and we will have fun, joy and congratulations to the newlyweds ahead of us on this solemn day. The color scheme of weddings in 2017 is diverse, as they say for every taste, therefore

Wedding glass

A wedding is an important event in the life of each couple. I want everything to be at the highest level and the guests will remember this day for a long time. A wedding is not only the choice of dresses for the bride and groom, rings, banquet hall, hosts and more. But it would seem

Box for wedding glasses

The most long-awaited, important, romantic and responsible day in the life of every young couple is a celebration of their marriage. A wedding is generally considered a holiday once and for a lifetime. Therefore, accordingly, everything should go not just beautifully,

Wedding wish book album

On a gala wedding day, a lot of interesting things always happen for both the newlyweds and all guests. A sea of ​​flowers, gifts, emotions, congratulations and impressions on this day. Accordingly, to remember everything to the smallest detail and capture on

Glasses for a wedding in lilac

Always fussy and pretty hard to prepare for the wedding. After all, you always want to do better than others. That everything was without a hitch. Now quite a few couples who are going to have a wedding are turning to special

Folding purple card "Happy Wedding Day"

The fashionable wedding color of 2016, probably, as many already know, has become purple-violet. It at the same time seems saturated and very tender. It follows the conclusion that if this is a fashionable color of 2016, then, therefore, a lot

Wish tree with tags

If you have a major celebration, then surely the questions about the place of celebration and the list of guests have already been resolved. But how to complement and diversify the holiday? How to stand out from the crowd and create a fabulous atmosphere? Will come to help in resolving these issues

Wedding gift set: folding card and cash envelope

Each wedding in our time is made out one better than another. Now there is a very rich and colorful selection of wedding accessories, so making your dream wedding is very simple and the occupation is quite fascinating and interesting. Many certainly

Envelope for a wedding disk

To make such a disk, we need to take: Now we will consider a master class on making an envelope for wedding disks. You can use this envelope as a money envelope, and the young ones themselves will invest their disks in it and will have them

We sew a green pillow for wedding rings

Not so long ago, wedding decoration in a single color scheme came into fashion. This means that all accessories and wedding supplies must be carefully chosen using one color or several shades of this color. If you are planning

Wedding card

An unforgettable event that you want to organize as original and unique as possible. In this case, the newlyweds will be helped by the most unique ideas that will bring features to the event. It may concern backgammon newlyweds, ideas for

Wedding invitations

An exciting holiday in the life of every girl, of course, is a wedding. Each one tries to decorate this day in a special way, so that everything blends with each other and at the same time does not strike a sharp eye. In most wedding

Bead tree of love for newlyweds

Sometimes, having received an invitation to a wedding, I want to give the newlyweds a special gift that they will not only like, but also become the talisman of their family life. A tree of love from beads with rosebuds, symbolizing blooming love, will become

Wedding Disc Box

A wedding is a very magical and romantic holiday in the life of every young couple. For most, a wedding is considered to be a celebration and an event that happens once and for a lifetime. Therefore, you understand that you need to prepare it, organize

Envelope Wedding Invitations

Each couple of young people has different ideas for organizing, conducting and preparing for the wedding, as each person’s tastes are individual.Basically, for the full organization of the wedding, the responsible bride, at least for the part in which

DIY wedding champagne

Today, many traditions are changing or supplemented. Wedding attributes do not remain without attention. So, for example, a relatively recent tradition has appeared on the wedding table of the newlyweds to put beautifully decorated champagne bottles, one

Handmade folding wedding card

Whenever we go to the wedding of our friends and relatives, in addition to the present itself, we also look for congratulatory words that we utter to the newlyweds from the heart. After all, he’s like, they handed it to him, and especially since there wasn’t any memory from him, but

Wedding envelope

We are increasingly faced with a problem when we are invited to a wedding, but we do not know what to give. You don’t want to give nonsense, but guessing what exactly the newlyweds need for the first time is quite difficult. Everyone’s taste preferences
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