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Crafts from natural materials

Master classes:

Covers for documents from birch bark

With modern technology and a variety of miniature information carriers, however, sometimes we have to use ordinary paper documents. For transportation and storage of such documents, there are many different folders,

Christmas cone candlestick

New Year is a magical holiday. Therefore, I want a good mood, a new fabulous atmosphere. Let's create a cozy festive atmosphere at the New Year's table. This can be done using a candlestick made by yourself. Us

Painting in eco style

Now crafts from natural material are in incredible demand in the needlework market. Ecostyle can be found anywhere: at exhibitions, in offices, in residential premises. So why not keep up with the current fashion? Today you will learn how to do

How to just make skeletonized leaves

What are skeletonized leaves? These are leaves in which only the "skeleton" remains - that is, veins, and all the soft tissues are removed. Under natural conditions, such leaves are obtained if, for example, they lie all winter in a stream or on moist soil. But you can

Scarlet Point

Have you decided to bring a playful kitten to the house? Then you should take care of its contents. A special place in the life of a pet is occupied by necessities. Today we are going to talk about a scratching post. It is so arranged by nature that cats feel the need

Christmas wreath of twigs and sticks

Decorate your home for the New Year holidays with a stylish wooden wreath. To make it, you will need only a few branches, which you can easily find in a neighboring square or park. Work on a wreath does not take much time and does not require

Christmas composition

On the eve of the New Year, I want to completely immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the holiday. The sparkle of tinsel, the radiance of Christmas toys, multi-colored garlands add a touch of magic, give hope for a miracle. It is in the New Year that the most cherished dreams come true.

Autumn tree

Autumn is more beautiful than ever. And a very large number of crafts can be made from natural materials in the fall. Everything will do: seeds, nuts, leaves, chestnuts. An amazing and very realistic tree can be made, for example, using dry

Chestnut Topiary Workshop

Today, a very fashionable hobby for needlewomen was the creation of topiary trees - potted trees made from improvised materials. A topiary can be made of anything, but the tapes, coffee beans,

Decorative wreath for Easter

Each time a big significant holiday is approaching (New Year, Christmas, Easter, etc.), there is a desire to decorate your home so that the festive atmosphere is felt in every little thing. Various thematic paraphernalia, decorative

Nut monkey

Of course, they do not become talented needlewomen or craftsmen, but are born. Creative natures have three times more sense of colors, shapes and textures than ordinary people. However, if the creative gift is not developed, do not create for it

Decorative autumn wreath

With the advent of autumn, yellow-red carpets made from fallen leaves and flowers are spread in city parks, squares and in the forest. Leaves collected in the park are excellent material for creating various compositions, fakes and paintings that can

Painting "Lady with a Bouquet" of dried flowers

The use of natural materials in crafts and fine arts is gaining more and more popularity every year. Pressed floristry (mistaken) is an ancient Japanese technique for creating paintings from dried flowers. Using various
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