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Crafts from plastic bottles

Master classes:

How to make a dispenser nozzle out of a plastic bottle cap and use cases

This life hack is definitely useful for everyone from a housewife to a car mechanic. Such a nozzle dispenser can be used in many sectors of our life. To make it very simple even in nature, in order to sprinkle kebab with water and this

How to make sturdy file handles with a plastic bottle

Wooden file handles tend to dry out and crack, so sometimes they have to be changed. Often, new handles do not serve in the best way, as they are whipped up from under-dried wood. Since the file shanks

A new mosquito net handle in just 5 minutes from a plastic bottle

Industrial pens are made of plastic, it is a fragile material and quite often breaks. Without them, removing the grid is a problem, and throwing it away and buying a new one is expensive. The way out is to make a pen yourself. This will require a minimum of time, financial

Free fishing line for trimmer

It’s not necessary to buy a rope for a trimmer, you can make it yourself from a PVC bottle. The finished rope is strong, able to withstand significant loads. For the manufacture of fishing line we use a bottle cutter, a screwdriver, a hairdryer.

DIY solar distiller

This simplest solar distiller for distilled water works purely on solar energy and nothing else. It is not difficult to collect it, and everyone can do it. Its final performance is not high, but 100% free. And to solve

How to make a solar lamp from a bottle

In the old garage, workshop, utility shed or utility room there is always a nook in which there is no light even on the brightest sunny day. Pulling there the wiring for connecting the light bulb is impractical, as with

How to make a wing bolt from a regular bolt and a PET bottle

Wing nuts, like regular hexagonal products, are standard hardware that can be easily purchased at any store selling building materials or metal products.

Clamps (ties) from plastic bottles

A clamp or plastic screed is a very useful little thing, with which you can clean up the computer table by collecting all the wires in a heap. Of course, now someone reading the article will say that the screed in the store costs a penny. I want to

Shrinkable bundles of plastic bottles

I had an idea how to make heat-shrinkable clamps that could be used for various household purposes.The idea is based on the ability of PET plastic to compress when exposed to hot air. Empirically, I came up with three types

Twisted plait for wires from a plastic bottle

Wiring harnesses that are very useful and necessary for the household can be made from a plastic bottle. Harnesses can be of almost any size and any number of wires can be laid in them. Everyone who has a computer at home, I recommend taking

Knife for cutting tape from plastic bottles

Bottles of drinks today can be found anywhere. From food containers, they often turn into garbage, littering public places - parks, beaches and other places of recreation. However, some people find special use for them, considering them far

Tape cutter for plastic bottles

A plastic bottle is probably the most common craft material. Brushes and brooms made from such bottles are especially popular. To make a brush or brush, a plastic bottle must first be cut into ribbons.

Plastic Bottle Broom

A very simple and durable broom for the home can be done with your own hands in a very short time. I think everyone has plenty of material like a plastic bottle. Sweeping such a broom is just excellent. To clean your yard from trash is better

Amplifier for Wi-Fi from a plastic bottle

Hello! I want to tell you another way how to effortlessly increase the communication distance with your Wi-Fi router. The idea is very simple: we will make a reflector or reflector from a plastic bottle and foil. Next, add it to the existing one.

Large table made of plastic pipes

This is not the first time I am making something from PVC pipes. And I decided to share a new creation. As the name of the master class shows, I will tell you how to make a large table out of a hollow door and plastic pipes. Such a table can be used as you like:

PVC pipe screwdriver holder

In this workshop I will tell you how to make a holder for a cordless screwdriver out of PVC pipes. For this project you will need the following. Materials: PVC pipe with a diameter of 75 mm.

Fishing with a plastic bottle

The method of catching fish with a plastic bottle does not require much effort and time for you to make simple fishing tackle. Such a trap can catch fish in almost all regions and in all continents where there is a river with fish. All you need

Container - thermos from a plastic bottle

A very simple container with the effect of a thermos can be made in a short time from a plastic bottle. This homemade product carries two functions: a shockproof case for transferring fragile things, such as a camera lens and a thermal container such as a thermos,

Christmas boot

The holiday is coming. It's time to make presents. The candy bag is very relevant. And if it is not a package? And the wonderful Santa Claus boot full of sweets, also made with your own hands. From the bottle cut off the neck and bottom.

Styrofoam and plastic decorations for decorative stakes

Summer is a special time. In addition to daily needlework, many hostesses are also accepted for the improvement of a summer house, garden or suburban area.After all, beautiful flower beds, even beds, as well as developing areas for summer children's fun are the same

Basket of plastic bottle with knitted roses

Plastic bottles, freed from their own, in needlework become an excellent material for any basis. With their help, you can give shape, make a shape for a small volume, such as caskets, baskets, etc. Based on plastic

Plastic bottle birds

If you live in a private house or you have a summer house, then you must have come across a desire to transform your flowerbed or front garden. The easiest way is to go to the store and get a nice little plaster figure. Yes, she decorate your yard, but

Small container

One of the most popular and useful things for hand-made manufacturing is a container for small items. There are a lot of source materials from which they can be made. And every time the jars for storing all sorts of things are special, not

Basket with a bouquet

Plastic bottles make wonderful floral arrangements. At the same time, multi-colored material does not need to be decorated or additionally processed. The main thing is that the fantasy does not fail and in time gives colorful ideas. For crafts
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