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How to make a barbell with your own hands

The current prices for sporting goods reach sky-high values, so it is much more profitable to make high-quality equipment at home. The barbell is an optimal athletic projectile for the development of various muscle groups. Not required

Car Barbecue Grill

How I love to cook at the stake, to inhale this unique aroma of fried meat and vegetables. Food at the stake, contrary to popular belief, is more wholesome, since when cooking excess fat drains. I will tell you how I made a barbecue grill from

New mirror from an old pan

The service life of some pans is quite limited: some fail after a year and a half of use. To get rid of the received kitchen utensils, not everyone raises a hand. Take your time throwing out the pans you

Production of metal barbecue without welding

Brazier is an open type stove operating on wood and coal. Thanks to this device, you can cook such a tasty and aromatic dish as barbecue. The article will provide information on various models of frypots, varieties and

Smokehouse design for home

It is not difficult to make it, the smoking process is quite simple. So that many can afford it. And when you put on the table fresh smoked products with your own hands, beckoning with a great smell, pleasing to the eye with your appearance, you and your guests will be in

New barbecue from an old barrel

In today's smoky bustle of time, the main sign of a weekend is outdoor recreation. And oxygen saturation of the body stimulates the gastrointestinal tract. Then, in the choice of the composition and usefulness of the dishes - the flight of fantasy is not

Making a decorative gun

Everyone would like to have something special in the country, at home. Such, what would passers-by, neighbors, friends admire. In this article I will describe the process of making a decorative gun. If I did, then you will succeed. It’s enough to have at least some skills

Country alcohol factory

I want to share some of my experiences. I have been practicing bees for five years and every year I take out my small apiary to the country house 40 km from the city. I’m leaving at the end of April and back in October, so I spend almost half a year in nature with my pets.

Bunk bed

I bring to your attention the step-by-step process of manufacturing a two-story flowerbed. It will be especially useful if there are weaving flowers. So, for the manufacture of a two-tier flowerbed, we need the following material ...

Barbecue from improvised materials

From time immemorial, people have literally adored food prepared with the help of fire - over coal or flame.Ah, what an appetite is being played out! Nature, smoke, meat ... But to cook it at the stake, helpers are needed. The most common of

Homemade folding barbecue

We all love spring, summer ... the time when you can go out of town on a picnic with family and friends. But what a picnic without barbecue? Not always in the place where you arrive, there is material for the construction of a stand for skewers, barbecue. Therefore I decided

Universal bench with racks

A universal bench with racks is a simulator for the main strongman disciplines: bench press with a negative and positive tilt of the bench, French bench press, squats, including Scott's desk bench bench press for biceps. In order to make this simulator was

Gazebo with a stationary barbecue made of bricks

The construction of a street gazebo begins with the choice of place and materials of construction. The best way is to build from various materials. The frame is welded from a corner and a metal profile. Exterior finish is made from siding type

Candlestick Ideas

Those who like to craft beautiful things with their own hands can find these ideas useful. The first option can be used even in artwork classes with children of almost any age. The second is more time consuming, but the result is worth it. Let's get started?
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