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Miniature drilling machine

Small-scale work related to the manufacture of non-serial and small products does not require the use of specialized locksmith equipment. It is enough to use a small drilling machine. In order not to spend money on its acquisition,

Improvised sled

As soon as the first snow fell, it turned out that the house did not have such a necessary winter freight vehicle as a sled. Children’s sleds have long gone on a well-deserved rest to a pile of scrap metal, and they would have been weak for transportation

How to make a smokehouse from barrels

The presented model of the smokehouse is made quite simply. The necessary tools are a grinder with a metal disc, a drill or a screwdriver, a standard set of pliers and screwdrivers. The use of a welding machine is not required. Life time

Smokehouse from a cylinder

Once, a couple of my friends and I decided to build something interesting. Glance fell on a pair of gas cylinders, standing in the corner. It was decided to make a smokehouse for hot smoking of meat, lard or sausages. We decided to start. I want to add right away that none of

Knife anticorrosion coating

Everyone knows that almost any carbon steel is susceptible to corrosion to one degree or another. And if you made the knife with your own hands, sooner or later traces of rust will appear on it. Moreover, the knife does not even need to be used and he still

Folding camping mini cooker for tourism

I will tell you how to make a simple, lightweight and foldable tile - stand for cooking. You can put a frying pan or pots on it. It is also possible to use the stove as a barbecue. Camping stove can work as a liquid

Saw Blade

This cleaver was designed and manufactured for use in hiking. It is useful to chop branches, or to carve some shrubbery, tree branches, etc.

Pocket barbecue

I present to you a homemade grill grill - the perfect solution for camping, mountaineering or hiking. It fits easily in a pocket, in a backpack or bag. With the help of this simple brazier you can cook meat, vegetables or

Wheel grill without welding

When I bought my SUV, I found that there was a “killed" spare tire in the trunk (they forgot to tell me about it before buying). I did not know what to do with her, and left her lying in the trunk until one day an interesting idea came to my mind -

How to make a barbecue grill from a barrel

Finally, I managed to pick up an empty 200-liter barrel, which I had been waiting for a long time. However, the wait did not become a reason for rejecting the idea of ​​making your own barbecue grill.

DIY socket wrench

Each time I independently changed the oil in my van, I had difficulty replacing the oil filter. The reason is that to replace it, you need to unscrew the cover, on top of which there is a hexagonal nut similar to a nut

Quality DIY kitchen knives

A custom-made knife is the main attribute of most professional chefs and chefs. Its cost can vary from $ 200 to $ 3,000. However, you can make yourself the same for only $ 10, while the work will be done only

Non-ferrous metal casting in sand

Today we’ll talk about casting non-ferrous metals into sand. In one of my previous articles, I talked about blacksmith furnace, the temperature of which is enough to melt non-ferrous metals. I melted aluminum. As an example, I will present a small statuette for the anniversary

Rocket plate

I like rocket stoves ... For those who aren't in the know, this is a great wood-fired cooking device. The effectiveness of the idea lies in the fact that the tree burns quickly and with high heat dissipation. This way you limit distribution

Camping rocket furnace

I like hiking. I also like to cook. But I am negative about burning non-renewable energy sources. So what alternatives can you offer? Obviously, you can just light a fire, but this is not in all places

Tourist ax

This summer I went with a few friends on a 5-week hike to the Alps. Spent time left a lot of positive impressions. But during this journey, I found that I forgot one very important tool - an ax. After a long day

Simple file knife

I found an old file at the flea market and decided to make a knife out of it. I had no desire to heat it up or to polish the blade for hours. Therefore, with minimal processing, I constantly kept the temperature of the blade cold. Work

Hot smoked gas cylinder

For several years I wanted to get a roomy smokehouse. I could not afford it because of the high price, and finally decided that the most affordable way would be to make it myself. As the main material, I chose a couple of old gas

Circular saw knife

I decided to write an article on how to make a knife. The main idea is that all work will be carried out manually (with the exception of drilling and heat treatment). The idea arose because there are many articles that say that for

How to recover a bat

Very often, the cross-shaped bits for a screwdriver, or for a screwdriver with interchangeable nozzles, fail. Namely, that part of the bit that contacts the screws and screws is characteristically ground. This characteristic wear is familiar to anyone who has ever

Knife bluing in citric acid

Burnishing is the process of producing an oxide layer a few microns thick. It is also called oxidation, blackening or blueing. This is a dark, almost black coating, but there are other shades. Mostly burnished is used as a decorative

Hardening the cutting edge of the knife with graphite

I will tell and show you a simple way of hardening any knife at home. And then, I will not temper the entire knife, but only its cutting edge, which greatly simplifies the task. If you go into details, it will be more likely not hardening, but cementation,

Transfer a picture from a computer to metal

Hello! I will show you a method of electrochemical engraving, with which you can transfer a picture printed on a laser printer to a knife, cleaver, any other metal surface. I will transfer the drawing from the computer to the spatula for

How to temper a screwdriver bit

Our market is simply overwhelmed with low-quality Chinese tools. And the point here is not even in the manufacturer, but rather in the resellers who massively carry cheap Chinese screwdrivers, passing them off as a brand. There is also an excellent, high-quality Chinese
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