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Weld aluminum without argon

Hello friends! I will show how to weld aluminum without argon, a conventional inverter. The whole process will be completely identical as in electric arc welding styles, with the exception of one small change. With this method you can easily

How to properly shorten the bolt

Good advice and useful tricks on how to shorten a bolt, stud or screw. The fact is that if you cut the thread in the usual way, then you will not be able to tighten the nut back onto the threads. All this is due to the fact that the threaded turns are wrinkled.

DIY harvester

In late August, it is time to collect lingonberries. Both lovers of berries and pickers for sale will fall into the forests. In order not to linger in the taiga for longer than necessary and not to feed mosquitoes, a berry harvester will help you. To make one yourself

Restoring completely rusted cleaver

I am sure that many of you in your life have found antique knives, forks, dishes, etc. So I, sorting the rubble in the old barn, I found a kitchen cleaver, or rather its blade, since the handle has long rotted. He was in a terrible and almost unusable condition.

How to drill a bearing

Hello! I decided to show a carbide drill test, which can be purchased at about $ 1. It is popularly known as a “feather” (feather drill) and is intended originally for drilling tiles and tiles. In practice already

Tool for welding profile at any angle

With the help of such a simple device you can conveniently weld a metal profile at any angle. As a result, labor will be facilitated, the quality of welding will increase. I think that you should spend two dozen minutes and make yourself such a thing,

Than to drill hot steel

What is better to drill red-hot steel? - The question that masters are asked when such a need arises. For example, there was a need to check a red-hot steel blade ... I will show you how I personally do it and which drills I use.

Hard steel phone case

Covers are different. Plastic and metal, rag and leather, light and heavy, all of them are designed to protect the gadget from moisture dust and scratches. But you do not have to buy this useful product in the store! Much nicer to wear the phone

Meat grinder knife sharpener

With this simple tool, you can quickly and correctly grind your meat grinder knives. Quickly, because a drill, machine or screwdriver is used to rotate the knife, but right, because the device gives optimal force

A simple way to solder aluminum

This is an incredibly simple way to solder aluminum you can imagine.With the help of it, anyone, at home or in the garage, can easily repair and restore any aluminum products, without any argon welding. You will be without difficulty

Simple clamp

A very useful and simple little thing can be done for your workshop in just a few minutes - this is a clamp from a piece of profile. Using it, you can fix workpieces from both metal and wood. So if you suddenly needed to pinch

Simple stand for grinder

A very simple rack for the grinder can be made of just a few pieces of a rectangular profile in a couple of tens of minutes. And in the end, you get an excellent cutting machine, with which you can smoothly and quickly cut metal workpieces.

Wall-mounted gas boiler mini oven

A gas boiler is undoubtedly a necessary and useful thing, but alas, it is not eternal. Unfortunately, many modern household appliances are made with the expectation that repairing them costs the consumer more than purchasing a new device and a gas boiler

Cutting nozzle on a drill from a disc of a grinder

A very useful drill or screwdriver head made from a used grinder disc. With the help of such a device, it is possible to cut metal or process its surface. This cutting tool can be very useful for those who do not

Mini gas cylinder stove

Food prepared in the open air always turns out to be much tastier, as it seems to me. I really like to cook in the garden and for this I made a special mini stove. It turned out to be much better than the purchase and has a beautiful view.

Simple pipe cutter

Such a simple device for cutting pipes can be done by every craftsman who has the skill to work with metal. The design of the pipe cutter is simple, and its production will take no more than 20 minutes.

Sheet Metal BBQ

This invention is dedicated to all lovers of outdoor recreation. It can be called the crown of cultural cooking at the stake. Cook food for friends and family, enjoy the heady flavors of food from a campfire, and even keep warm from the blazing heat

Decorative metal etching

As you know, metal is quite difficult to process at home without special skills and tools, especially if it is such a solid metal as steel. Nevertheless, you can call for help chemistry: there is such a chemical process -

Cold Smoke Generator

I want to tell how to make a very simple smoke generator for cold, home smoking. The design of the generator does not require much effort or time from you. I love smoked products, and if you choose between hot and cold smoking, then

Cold smoked electric smokehouse from a barrel

I wanted to make myself a simple and large cold smoked smokehouse so that I could smoke whole sausage, cheese, chicken and turkey whole. Moreover, I wanted to do something automatic, so as not to constantly monitor the temperature and the whole process

Pocket stove

Camping is relevant at any time of the year. Hunting, fishing for many are a real hobby and hobby. And which of us does not like to just wander through the woods or go with a family to a river or lake. This is where they become relevant

Tin Can Blower

A can blower is small, but a little distant! Any master knows how important the order in the workshop is. But to clean this room clean sometimes is not such an easy task.This is especially true for inaccessible places - tiled seams,

Stand for grinder or pendulum saw from angle grinder

Miter or electric miter box is often used by craftsmen to speed up the process of trimming various parts. He was chosen not only by large industries, but also by private workshops. After all, they can easily and quickly saw off almost any chassis

How to make an inexpensive propane hearth

If you are tired of using your brazier as a hearth, then this project is for you. New and used materials can make inexpensive propane forge.
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