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Keyless Eccentric Vise

Without a metalwork vice it is impossible to imagine a car repair shop or a home workshop, regardless of what material you have to work with: metal, plastic or wood. Usually everywhere use a classic vise with a collar, which

3 proven knife burner methods

Today we’ll talk about burnishing, oxidation or blackening of steel. This is a surface coating method for steel with a thin layer of iron oxides. It protects the metal from corrosion, and also gives an attractive tint to the product.

How to make a keyway on a lathe

Typically, a lathe is used for boring, threading, reaming, countersinking and drilling, but their capabilities do not end there. I propose to consider a way how to use it to recess the keyway on the sleeve. For this i

How to drill a quick cutter - P18 steel

It is possible that a specialist in metal processing will have to drill high-speed steel grade P18. This will require a drill, the characteristics of which must exceed the material being processed. The P18 quick cutter is tool steel,

How to make a ball mill with your own hands

Spherical milling cutters of industrial production are rarely found on the market and are usually designed to perform a specific operation on a particular part. Usually they cannot be used to process other products. Yes and

Drill sharpener

One of the main parameters of a twist drill is the apex angle, which for hard metals (steel, cast iron, solid bronze, titanium, etc.) is approximately 120 degrees. Deviation of this angle up or down

How to make a high-quality saddle pipe for tapping angled

Today I will tell you how to make an almost perfect saddle when you need to connect pipes at right angles. In fact, the technology is very simple and does not require special skills and tools, all that is needed is a band saw (preferably)

Gas cylinder wood-based heating battery

Heating garages and workshops is a big problem, which is usually solved by buying a factory solid fuel boiler. I propose another solution - the manufacture of a wood-fired heating battery from four gas cylinders. Such a stove could well

Full-size metal barrel grill

Have you seen the prices for a normal grill? So I saw and decided that I would do it myself with an ordinary metal barrel, which would definitely be much cheaper. In my opinion, it turned out very beautifully, and most importantly, reliably. I’ll tell you in more detail how I did ...

Transferring a drawing to a coin

Each pet owner knows how important it is to have a token with the owner’s address or phone number, be it a cat or a dog, because a beloved pet, even the most intelligent and obedient, can be lost during a walk. But if there is a pet on the collar

Crutch Hammer

To perform small work in the form of engraving and embossing, it is important to have a special tool, one of which is a small hammer. Its dimensions and low weight allow you to: perform small work without fear of damaging other elements; work

Magnetic corner for welding

During welding, there are times when it is necessary to simultaneously grab the part and hold it at a certain angle. For such work, two people or a special tool is needed. Most commonly used

Potbelly stove from old disks

Today I will tell you how I made a potbelly stove for my workshop so that you could work in it in the winter, but at the same time not to wind the electricity with oil heaters. For these purposes, I got 3 discs from the truck. One of them was smaller in diameter,

Three ways to remove a rivet

Many industrial products use rivets as a way to securely and quickly fasten a knot that will not be further disassembled. Often rivets connect thin sheet metals. If you need to remove the rivets and do not

Simple brush with metal bristles

Many masters consider the presence of such a brush a relic of the past, preferring modern tools. However, a true specialist understands the real merits of such a product, and always keeps it at hand. Moreover, for some operations

The easiest tool for sharpening knives at 30 degrees

I continue to sharpen the knife. I already showed my homemade device to make descents (tapering surfaces of the blade). At the same time he made a polishing disc, stitching several discs together so as not to diverge. Next was the task of sharpening

How to make a hole in hardened steel without drilling

In such a simple way, you can make not only a round hole in red-hot steel, but also a hole of any other shape in without too much effort. The chemical method will help you out and facilitate the task. The method does not require expensive chemicals, all

Railroad Anvil

One of the necessary attributes of a home master is a small anvil. It is useful to anyone who likes to do everything on their own: often you need to level some piece of iron, which requires a flat and heavy surface, on which without fear

Furnace heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is installed on the chimney of any furnace and increases its manufacturer and efficiency by more than 2.5 times. Which significantly increases fuel economy, reduces warm-up time. The essence of the work is simple: through the chimney of the furnace, in addition to smoke, it is emitted

How to unscrew a chip pin with an extractor

There are a lot of ways to extract a fragment of a broken stud or bolt. But this method can be called traditional or classic. Here, you will not need any initiative or ingenuity, but all just a simple implementation of a certain, long

How to drill the puck smoothly

Those who were engaged in plumbing, various repairs of cars and motorbikes would surely find themselves in a similar situation when it was necessary to drill the washer evenly to the desired diameter. It would seem, take it and drill it, what's the problem? But not so

Broken Pliers

Surely in your garage, if you are looking solidly, you can find broken pliers that should be thrown away a long time ago. This workshop is just about the fact that you don’t need to do this, but you need to turn an unnecessary little thing into a very useful tool,

The most effective way to remove broken pin

Broken studs are one of the common defects that a motorist may encounter. Studs are used in many parts of the car. But if you do not have a car, then this does not mean that you will never get into this situation, because to break

How to make a nail drill

I will show you how to make a simple drill from an ordinary nail, with which you can drill steel, wood, plastic, etc. Yes, you read it right, with this drill you can drill thick steel of the order of 5 mm. Savvy thing is good, always
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