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DIY springs

Steel springs can be of different configurations and it is not always possible to get the right type - the product is quite rare on the market. For this reason, for my needs, I make them myself.

How to make a loop on a cable

In the trunk of a car there is often a skein of steel tow rope. At its ends, hooks are usually placed. Under the load, when towing, they can break, after which their heavy fragments accelerated by a spring-loaded cable fly into the car,

How to repair a broken gear tooth

In the mechanisms of previous years of production (machine tools, gearboxes, drives), gears and gears were often made of gray cast iron, which at low and medium loads were not inferior to steel counterparts, and the casting process was simpler and cheaper

Homemade threading machine

Among detachable connections, threaded connections are especially common. If necessary, they allow you to disassemble the assembly into parts without damage, and then reassemble them together. For this reason, they are designed and produced in large quantities.

Screwdriver gear from a broken grinder gearbox

Any instrument has its own deadline. But this does not mean that it needs to be thrown into the landfill, because some of its parts can still be used. For example, as in today's case with a failed grinder (angle grinder). Let's try to make it interesting

Rail rivet block

Hammer rivets An alternative to welding or threaded connections. To keep them secure, you need to choose them correctly. Standard rivets are not always suitable, so sometimes it is preferable to do them yourself.

Handmade hinge

An urgent need was a hinge on an iron door from a square pipe to the utility room. I didn’t find it in the workshop, but I didn’t want to go to the market, and then I figured out how to easily and quickly get out of the situation. In addition, the time taken to replace

How to make a manual uprooter for bushes and small trees

Usually unnecessary or unnecessary plantations are removed manually, using common means (shovel, chopper, ketmen, etc.), with a large expenditure of physical effort and time. At the same time, you can make a homemade uprooter to remove small

Thread Repair Tool

Hello! I am a senior citizen and love to mess around in my home workshop. I assemble different devices with my own hands, implement life hacks, and sometimes experiment. Like any home craftsman, I never throw away used hardware - screws,

How to make a square hole

How to make a square hole in any workpiece? Everyone can drill a round hole, but sometimes it becomes necessary to make a square hole. I needed to make a big square hole in the round billet to

How to harden steel - a visual experiment

Steel familiar to everyone is an alloy of iron and carbon. Pure iron is malleable and soft, its scope is limited. A variety of rolled steel and steel products significantly change the hardness and ductility during various heat treatments ...

How to make a saddle for a pipe at an angle of 90 degrees

Sometimes in summer cottages, garage or home conditions it is necessary to weld two pipes, so that the end part of one fits tightly, without gaps, to the cylindrical generatrix of the other. Only in this case, the connection by welding or soldering will be durable and

Restoring the bearing seat

Small 2-stroke single-cylinder low-power engines are widely used in everyday life. They are used on chainsaws and motor mowers, in motor-ice drills and gas-electric units. As well as in other models of technology.

Brazing Technology

The method of durable soldering of products from various metals is carried out by heating the soldered parts with a gas burner and using brass as solder. With the massive spread of copper automotive radiators, brazing was

A method of shortening a hacksaw blade for metal

There are shortened hacksaws for metal, for which special short-length cloths are needed, which today are almost impossible to find on the shelves of our stores. You can get out of the situation by shortening the standard hacksaw blade, which has

Brazing various metals with Aliexpress

There is a wire on Aliexpress that is called welding. With it, you can solder not only aluminum, but almost all metals! This three-meter wire with a melting point of 360 degrees Celsius will cost about 11 dollars 54

How to make a reliable electrode holder

Anyone who has ever encountered a welding business must have paid attention to the electrode clamp - one awkward movement, and the rod changes the angle, or it may even fall out. Of course, professional welders do not have such situations, but

Movable bracket for securing the ball from the ball joint

After the car repair, worn-out parts and assemblies that are unsuitable for direct use remain, but which are of some value, both with their material and residual functionality.

How to drill any high-speed steel with a tile drill

How to drill high-speed steel grade P6M5 or HSS according to the European designation? For example, we made a knife from a blade from a mechanical saw, and it is required to drill holes with a diameter of 5-6 mm under the pins for installing and securing the handle pads.

Do-it-yourself sealed container for kindling

Trinket containers, as a rule, are very small so that they are more convenient to carry with keys. Such capsules are intended primarily for transporting tablets. For people who need constant medication. But this

Simple do-it-yourself tape dispenser

There is probably nothing more tedious and annoying than looking for a cut-off end on a roll of adhesive tape. Occupation is not one of the most exciting. Especially in artificial lighting. Dispenser for scotch tape - a thing not just necessary, but with it everything

Making a long cutting rack for the grinder

You can get a full-fledged machine for cutting sheet material even on the meringue of an ordinary grinder, which I will demonstrate. I made a linear guide, using which you can cut metal, wood, plastic and even ceramic

Barbecue from the drum of a washing machine

Rest in the country, in a country house or in nature takes on special charm and colors if it is accompanied by a light trail of haze from the barbecue and the aroma of barbecue grilled on fire. Usually a stationary barbecue is used for this purpose, and with it

Press without welding from a car jack

Very simple construction of a hydraulic press from a conventional car jack. When repairing a car, motorcycle, as well as performing various types of work, it becomes necessary to use a press. Use it to do
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