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How else can you make a square hole

To make a square hole in strong metals without special equipment is not easy. However, this can be done on universal machines. But for this you will have to craft the so-called. Watts drill and template for it.

Compressor jigsaw from the refrigerator

Designing home-made machines based on engines from broken household appliances has already become a classic. Usually, the motor from the washing machine is used for this, but the compressor from the refrigerator can also be used with benefit. Consider option

How to make square holes with round drills, a method available to everyone

In the manufacture of various mechanisms, it may be necessary to drill a square hole. For this, there is a Watts drill, but not everyone has it. If its purchase is impractical, then using simple technology

Parts restoration: rust converter against soda hydrolysis

Often rusty tools or other metal objects can get into your hands, which would be nice to restore. If there is shallow surface corrosion, then after processing from rusty scale, updated parts are quite possible to apply

Dremel broke - it does not matter: it can be replaced by a Bulgarian

This tool with a flexible shaft, which is also called a mini-drill, can perform various types of processing of wooden and metal parts and assemblies in hard-to-reach places. What to do if the electric motor fails, or the drive is dremel?

A universal garden tool with which you can remove weeds, plant or transplant any plant

Work in the country, in the garden or in the garden can not be called easy. Therefore, interest in rational ways of doing things and devices that facilitate and accelerate labor does not wane. Today we consider a method of manufacturing a simple hand tool with

Do-it-yourself bowl of fire

When a bonfire is lit, a burnt place remains on the site, on which grass does not grow for a long time. To avoid this, you can make a bonfire bowl of sheet metal. It will be useful when camping, as it will prevent accidental

How to make a double angular connection of round pipes

This type of connection has an aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it is mainly used in designs in which style refinement is most important. There are other connection methods to ensure strength, but of course

How to easily make an exact cut in a pipe

In the manufacture of various homemade products, sometimes it becomes necessary to drill round pipes. To perform such an operation using conventional twist drills is quite difficult, as this will require painstaking preliminary preparation.

How to make a splitting carrot in a garage

Chopping firewood manually with an ax or a cleaver takes a lot of physical strength, so craftsmen created many designs of mechanized wood choppers with a working body in the form of a carrot - a cone with a slight slope, on which is applied

The working design of a homemade lathe

Even a very used lathe is not affordable for most lovers who need it only for processing small workpieces. If it is necessary to carry out insignificant amounts of work, the machine can be made by yourself from rolled metal.

Homemade flange on an electric motor shaft

If necessary, fasten a grindstone, brush, pulley, blades or other equipment on the motor shaft, a flange is required, which can be difficult to select. In the presence of desire and free time, such an adapter can be made your

How to make a bending machine from a corner and door hinges

It is often necessary to bend sheet metal, which is done without a bending machine, especially when the bending line is long, is not so simple. But such a device is not difficult to make with your own hands using simple tools and quite

How to reduce the diameter of a steel pipe by friction

Today's review will focus on reducing pipe diameter by friction. Will be made threaded pipe in 5 minutes! This is not a joke, and video evidence is attached to the material. For example, the body is taken from the engine pneumatic starter. To him need

Metal cutter from old hacksaw

Old hacksaw, old, unsuitable for regrinding, being a kind of hand saws for sawing wood, is a valuable material for use for any other useful purpose or application.

What can be done from a broken hacksaw

Any tool sooner or later fails. If an electric tool can still be repaired at least somehow and used for some time, then a thing like a hacksaw, a hammer, a chisel and other primitive tools,

Friction welding drill

Lathe is a multifunctional equipment that can be used to perform various tasks, including precision welding of parts by friction. This can come in handy if you need to build a drill or other tool. At

Two ideas for a drilling machine

See how you can make two very useful fixtures for a vertical drilling machine, which will definitely be useful not only to any master, but also to an ordinary amateur.

How to make a difficult sharpener for easy sharpening knives

Like all tools, knives require proper care, in particular, high-quality sharpening, in which it is very important to maintain a constant sharpening angle along the entire length of the blade. Of course, it is not difficult for an experienced grinder to ensure this even with manual

Homemade silencer for motokosa

Everyone knows this terrible sound of a working trimmer, it annoys not only the mower himself, but everyone around him. It’s worthwhile to work as a scythe even for a short time and this ringing just stands in your ears. This flaw was formed as a result of

Friction welding

Most modern welding processes are based on the supply of heat from outside, for example, due to arc discharge. But heat can be generated directly in the welding zone due to friction between the connected parts themselves.Thermal energy can

DIY listogib do it yourself

When performing carpentry and other work, mounting corners may be required. Sometimes they really need a lot, which flies a pretty penny. It is much cheaper to do them yourself, using a miniature listogib. As a material for manufacturing

How to make a hex hole in metal

It is possible that the need for hexagonal holes may appear in the manufacture of improvised devices or repair of faulty equipment. For this purpose, there is, for example, a series of expensive tools. In order not to spend money, you yourself can

How to make an angular connection in three parts

For work, you can take pipes of any section: round, square, but we will focus on rectangular products. The main principle will be the same everywhere: for precise joining of the connection elements, their ends are cut each time at 45 degrees.
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