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Crafts from metal

Master classes:

Wood splitter from an old flywheel and a washing machine engine

Manual chopping of wood chocks, especially knotty ones, is quite difficult and rather slow. Today, this physically difficult work can be accelerated by shifting to the shoulders of a factory-made mechanical splitter. Here is just one problem:

Homemade crimping for crimping tubular lugs on a cable

For crimping tubular lugs on a wire, a special crimper tool is required. Usually it is only for those who are engaged in electrical installation professionally, in other cases, its purchase is impractical. For small volume

How to quickly make a bearing housing out of a pipe

When working on a makeshift device, a bearing may be smaller in diameter than an existing socket or bearing. Transitional housing will help to get out of this situation, which will compensate for the discrepancy of actual sizes

Which cutter will take the bearing

Sometimes there is a need to groove the outer ring of the bearing along the diameter or end. Given the high hardness of bearing steel, which cutter should be selected for this operation on a lathe?

Connection of metal with rivets

Electric rivet welding is widely used in industry for joining thin sheet metal structures. For domestic purposes, it is often easier to cook with a regular seam, but there are exceptions. Spot welding may be necessary when

How to make an anvil from an old piece of rail

The anvil is a supporting blacksmith tool on which cold and hot processing of metals associated with plastic deformation is performed. It is not necessary to buy a small anvil; you can make it yourself mainly from the old

How to cut and grind new teeth on an old saw

After many regrinds, the teeth of a hacksaw on a tree lose their shape, become smaller and become ineffective. Will you really have to buy a new saw tool? But with this you can wait and try to cut new teeth on the old saw, after sharpening

Collar method of welding the insert of pipes of different diameters

The easiest way to embed a pipe of small diameter into a pipe is obviously large. To do this, we put the first perpendicular to the second and draw the contour of the smaller pipe on the large surface. Cut a circle, insert a small pipe into it and scald the place

How to cut a flat hole with a grinder

At home, only a grinder will help to quickly and accurately make a large diameter hole in steel. Of course, you can drill it around the perimeter with a thin drill, and then grind the perforated edge for a long time, but this takes time.

Powerful milling machine from the washing machine engine

Milling machines are widely used in furniture production and, since they belong to professional equipment, are not cheap.Among them, the most versatile and widely used - submersible (vertical or bar) milling cutter, which can be made

How to make a gate with a secret: open your own, no stranger

Everyone wants to protect their site from the penetration of unauthorized persons, for this, various fences are erected, gates and gates are made. A lock is installed on the gate, it is used for long-term care from home. Daily use

How to make a super grinder from an ordinary grinder yourself

The purchase of a factory-made belt sander is costly. Also, the industrial grinder has large dimensions and for its installation a significant area may be required. But there is an opportunity to make this

Awesome viking ax from an old rusty do-it-yourself ax

Many in the garage or pantry are lying around an old rusty ax without a handle, which for a long time had to be thrown away or brought to mind. I propose an interesting solution for its restoration and transformation into a stylized Viking ax.

DIY electric grinder

The grinder is an excellent tool for improvement. Its design is well suited for connecting various accessories that completely change the functionality of angle grinders. Many of these nozzles can be made with your own hands. An example of this is a removable reciprocating

2 tricks: how to cut a thread with a bolt and sealing with copper wire

Sometimes it becomes necessary to restore the thread in the hole of the body part, the nut, or even cut it into not too hard metal. When at hand there is a suitable tap with a snap, then it is not difficult to perform these operations. But how

Simple folding do-it-yourself clothes dryer

This is a very convenient clothes dryer that will not bother anyone, because at the time of inactivity it easily folds. Very simple design for repetition. In order to extend the life of clothes and linen and at the same time maintain their presentation, they should not be

Simple bike rack for bicycle

In the presence of angle grinders, you can cut, grind and cut many materials - wood, metal, stone, tile, etc. But what about when you need to cut long lashes into pieces and ensure accuracy of trimming. This requires complex and

Homemade manual chain link bending machine

The industrial production of chains is carried out on automated machines, but before they appeared, the links were bent manually using a special jig. Consider how to make such a jig to make chains at home.

How to turn a bolt into a combination lock

Some crafts are interesting not only for their purpose, but also for the original technical device. These, of course, include a combination lock. The work consists of three stages: manufacturing of parts and assemblies, assembly and installation of a code combination

How to increase the functionality of a grinder with a removable snap

The versatility of angle grinders or grinders can be judged by at least the most popular equipment for it - discs that are divided into cutting (abrasive and diamond), peeling (cord brushes), cleaning, grinding (with a thickness of 6 mm or more), grinding and

Do-it-yourself steel rose

The rose itself is a very beautiful, luxurious plant. Ordinary roses do not last long and quickly fade.A rose could be made from many other materials, but it seemed to me that it was a rose made of metal that would look most graceful and elegant.

Do-it-yourself trimmer motor-drill

The trimmer is a special tool. Its purpose is to fight weeds, shrub stalks and grass of lawns in places inaccessible to lawn mowers. Can motokosa drill holes in various materials? Today we look at one of

Removable tool for cutting circles in sheet metal using a grinder

You can cut a circle in sheet metal with scissors for metal, making accurate cutting, and possessing extraordinary skills. Do not do without additional edge processing. You can also use the hand tool - a nozzle on a drill HC2 EV Malco

How to turn a bolt into a beautiful small souvenir hunting knife

Not always hunting knives are made for a utilitarian purpose. Sometimes this is just a souvenir or gift, attracting, first of all, attention to itself with the harmony of forms and quality of decoration. Let's turn a stainless steel bolt into a compact masterpiece together,
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