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Crafts from foamiran

Master classes:

Dressing the headband for the girl

For such a rim, you need a simple plastic rim without decorative elements. The remaining materials are all that are in the house: the remains of a multi-colored foamiran, nail polish, super glue and a glue gun.

Orchid - Christmas decoration for hair

Quite a bit is left before the beginning of the New Year and it is time to think about a festive dress and a hairstyle. Recently, it has become very fashionable to decorate hair with flowers, but they are not cheap. In the master class, we propose to make a stiletto orchid flower

Pink Foamiran Gerbera

Gerbera is a flower that can activate the energy of love, attract positive and good luck in life. And a lonely girl, if she puts a pot of pink gerberas at the head of the bed, will be able to find her soul mate. In this workshop

Workshop orchid twigs

The flowers are made of plastic suede without the use of special tools. Products made from this material are durable and easy to use. And in order to make a twig, we should prepare the materials: - yellow plastic suede. -

Making hairpins with flowers from foamiran

Not so long ago, new material appeared on the creative goods market. It is called foamiran, plastic suede, foam, leather, fom eva, faux suede. It looks like sheets of foam rubber of various thicknesses, velvety to the touch and very

Workshop clamp "Orchid"

Decoration for hair made of plastic suede. To make such a product, you will need materials: - clamp duck 12 cm long. - oil pastels. - lighter. - foamiran white, green and slightly red in a thickness of 1 mm ...

Hair clip from foamiran "Chrysanthemum"

Summer is just around the corner, which means that the girls will soon have the very time when you can do your hairstyles, weave braids or just create a romantic look with your hair loose. Neatly arranged curls look beautiful on their own, and if they

Soft plush souvenir decorated with a rose

Let's start making the heart. From the fabric we cut out two details of the desired shape measuring 7 x 9 cm. And sew with a needle and thread into small stitches, leaving a hole for turning out. And when the heart is turned to the front, it follows through this segment

Candy cake

Cake has always been the main attribute of any holiday, whether it’s a wedding, the birthday of a child or an elderly person, a birthday or a tea party. Without a cake, fun is not fun, and a feast is not a feast. Delicious sweet treat everyone is waiting at the end.

Master class brooches "Emily"

Decoration for clothes made of plastic suede, 14 cm high. Such a brooch will adorn both a jacket and a dress. Such a bouquet consists of three roses and two buds. And for work we take materials: - acrylic paints. - foam rubber in red and green. -

Foamiran flower headband

On the rim, small flowers are located on one half, made of plastic suede without special tools. To work on the decoration we take the materials: - bezel. - acrylic paints. - scissors. - wire. - plastic suede pink and

Foamiran Headband

The rose is made of plastic suede. The height of the flower is 6 cm and a diameter of 11 cm. For work, we take materials: - a sheet of paper. - plastic suede yellow and green. - scissors. - thin wire. - the rim. - a set of acrylic paint ...

Bow of Foamiran

Foamiran is an excellent material not only for creating toys and flowers, but also for brooches and hairpins for little ladies. The beauty of the material is that accessories can be wiped or even washed, it does not wrinkle, does not lose shape, does not fade, unlike

Master class rim with dandelions and daisies from foamiran

Such a hair ornament will be a great addition to everyday clothes. For the manufacture of such a composition we take materials: - plastic suede in white and green and yellow. - scissors. - the rim is iron. - satin ribbon 1 cm wide. -

Workshop clamp "Dahlia" from foamiran

Such a floral arrangement will be an excellent decoration for hair and clothes, because it is made of light plastic suede, which is not afraid of either water or the sun. To work on the product you will need: - pink and green plastic suede.

Master class pendants in the shape of a heart with a bunny

Such a souvenir measuring 10 x 12 cm is made of fabric using the technique of primed textiles. Used flowers from foamiran. For work we take materials: - white coarse calico. - sewing machine. - scissors. - pencil ...

Master class pendant-heart "Spring"

Woven heart from newspaper tubes and decoration with a bouquet of tulips from foamiran. To work on the product, we will prepare the materials: - newspaper. -glue PVA - acrylic paints. - wire. - plastic suede in orange, white and green ...

Hairpin "Dandelions"

Dandelions are bright and spring flowers, like the sun, capable of warming with just one look. These solar hairpins will decorate any hairstyle. Such hairpins are not only beautiful, but also practical, foamiran is not afraid of water, does not break and does not wrinkle, he

Pendant manufacturers "Burn my star"

Pendant-heart from newspaper tubes with a flower from foamiran. To work on the product you will need: - a newspaper. - PVA glue. - blue acrylic paint. - polymer glue "Titan". - red and green foamiran. - scissors ...

Candlestick "Sakura"

The composition is based on a tall glass with flowers from foamiran. For work we will use materials: - a transparent champagne glass. - a small twig of birch. - colorless furniture lacquer. - pink plastic suede and a little

Master class candlestick "Tenderness"

On the basis of a wine glass, 17 cm high, a candle holder is made with flowers from foamiran. For work we take: - plastic suede of white and green color. - the glass is transparent. - any candle. - scissors. - a toothpick. - oil art paints. -

Candlestick "Margarita"

It is made on the basis of a champagne glass. Used roses from foamiran, collected by yourself. Both small and wide candles will fit the candlestick. To assemble the composition we take the materials: - a transparent champagne glass on a short

Ribbon Basket

The souvenir 12 cm high is made of satin ribbons, decorated with flowers from foamiran. For its manufacture, we take the following materials: - a piece of thick foam.- satin ribbon 1 cm wide bright green in color, 3.5 meters long. - pins with

Hair clip "Dahlia"

An original and bright hairpin, made by yourself, will decorate the appearance of a little fashionista, complement the image with sophistication and zest. A hairpin can be created in just 1 hour. For this you will need: • Fameran pink and green, • Itself
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