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Crafts from fleece

Master classes:

Denim fleece boots

Who would have thought that an old denim skirt could find a new life in the form of fashionable and very comfortable homemade fleece boots? But remaking old things is always creative. The idea that has arisen captivates and, it seems, leads itself, it remains only

What to give for Valentine's Day? Sew a primitive bear with a heart

Make your loved ones happy with a handmade gift. A soft valentine bear only 15 cm high, filled with love and kindness will always remind you of you. To make such a primitive gift you will need a small piece

Fleece Cockerel

So the year 2016 is coming to an end. Although it was quite difficult for many, because many difficulties and changes had to be overcome, the New Year is always a joyful and long-awaited event, because there will certainly be changes, and certainly

How to make slippers from a slap

Today I want to tell you how easy it is to make wonderful slippers out of ordinary slaps. Their advantage is that they do not have foam, which accumulates microbes, and coughs from washing and, in fact, is short-lived. That is, slippers can

New Year's cap from fleece

New Year is coming, let's meet it with fun and fun. For this, I suggest you sew here such a simple and easy-to-use cap. which will be not only an ornament, but it can be worn instead of a hat, as it is made of fleece

Fleece snail

I bring to your attention an original toy from fleece "Snail". Even a child can sew it, and in an extremely short time. All you need for creativity is a piece of fleece (or thin felt) of any color, threads to match, handmade

Polar Fleece Bear with Heart

February 14th is a wonderful holiday - Valentine's Day! Do not take this date too seriously, on the contrary, make it easy and fun. Give each other gifts for Valentine's Day, write "Valentine". No need to get hung up on


What will be not only a great gift, but also an interior decoration? Of course, a soft bear made by hand. Therefore, we present you a detailed workshop on the manufacture of a bear from fleece. Of course, you can sew a bear not only from fleece, but

Toy dog

From fleece, you can make a new cute toy for your child. It will take a little time to make it, and the result will surely please your baby. Materials: fleece of black, light brown and dark brown colors, synthetic winterizer for


Kids really love cute stuffed animals. And toys made by mother’s hands are especially expensive. You can also please your baby by stitching a cute ginger kitten.
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