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Crafts from felt

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Christmas felt mitten

Very soon, everyone’s favorite holiday, which gives magic and faith in a fairy tale, is the New Year. For many years in a row it has been customary to put a beautiful Christmas tree and decorate the house. But store toys of the same type - it’s much nicer to do something with your own hands, because

Gift box made of felt

A beautiful gift box can be made not only of paper, but also of felt. Crafting is very simple and fast, and the result is a wonderful functional thing. You will need to find 30-40 minutes of free time and the following

Children's Pikachu felt wallet

A wallet is a fashionable and practical accessory because children like to carry their pocket money in them, as well as keys and other little things. Let's make little mods happy and sew Pikachu's children's wallet out of felt. This wallet is especially

Felt cactus in a pot

Such a decorative felt cactus with a bright flower can be a wonderful decoration on your table. It can also be used as a needle bed. Making a cactus in a pot requires a minimum of sewing skills.

Cute gnomes to decorate the Christmas tree or decor

Christmas holidays invariably bring with them a warm atmosphere and good mood. Maybe that's why I want to fill the house with cute little things and decor. Hand made creations are suitable for this - spiritual, positive and

Snowmen made of felt - Christmas tree pendants

Making these fun and positive snowmen is a snap. They can be used as pendants on a festive tree or put on a shelf with other Christmas decorations. To make a pair of snowmen you will need ...

How to sew a dragon from felt?

Who among us does not like to do wonderful DIY crafts ?! This fun activity can bring a lot of positive emotions to every person. Let us consider in this short article a method for making a beautiful good dragon out of colorful felt.

Autumn bouquet of felt

Autumn time is beautiful in its own way. Golden foliage covers the streets, bright orange clusters of mountain ash adorn the city alleys. And also autumn is a time of harvest, harvesting. Today’s workshop for fans to decorate their home, because we will

We sew a toy palette for shadows from felt

There are probably no girls who, each at one time, would not be interested in cosmetics. Numerous jars, boxes, tubes and bottles of mother’s cosmetic bag sometimes fascinate little beauties even more than beautiful dresses,

Decor flower pots with viscose napkins

It is not necessary to purchase decorative flower pots, spending a lot of money on them. Indeed, for these purposes, you can use a variety of containers, it is enough only with a imagination to approach their decoration. We took the plastic bucket in which we were previously

Easter egg made of felt

Creative people strive to show imagination in preparation for the holidays. From what material Easter eggs do not create: wood, fabric, satin ribbons. The classic color is red, but all the colors of the rainbow are perfectly acceptable. Why not stitch

Mobile felt

An original floral mobile will decorate any interior, but it will especially look good in a children's room, in the kitchen or in the country. Such a mobile will also help out when arranging a kindergarten group by spring or summer. For making a mobile

Giraffes in love

A valentine in the form of a paper heart with declarations of love is banal and unromantic. Love pictures look much more interesting. They can be depicted seals, birds, butterflies and even giraffes. Don't be surprised giraffes in love

What to give for Valentine's Day? Sew a primitive bear with a heart

Make your loved ones happy with a handmade gift. A soft valentine bear only 15 cm high, filled with love and kindness will always remind you of you. To make such a primitive gift you will need a small piece

A piece of felt cake

Children love to play with toy food, because to feed a child is a doll, or to play a real “Shop” or “Restaurant” is so cool! With such games, children develop faster, and adults can directly participate in them. Sew a piece

Christmas felt toys

New Year's mood and New Year's bustle is wonderful! Despite the abundance of Christmas tree decorations in stores, DIY toys are always the best. And if the pens of your favorite children help to make them, then even more so. Make a Christmas tree

Christmas pendant - felt orange

On New Year's Eve, we are thinking about what to give to our loved ones, colleagues, how to decorate your home or what theme crafts to do with your child. A pendant in the shape of an orange slice will be the best option for all these cases,

Creating a New Year's toy "Drum"

To create a toy you will need: - an album sheet of paper. - a piece of yellow felt. - glue. - scissors. - a thin cord of black color. - cotton buds 2 pieces. - brown eye shadow.

Toy cheese made of felt

Toys made of felt are considered the safest for children, and if they are sewn by the hands of mom, then also the most beloved. As a material, felt looks great in products, it is easy to sew from it, it does not need processing, and the color palette in which it

Volumetric felt snowflake

White, sparkling, openwork and surprisingly symmetrical snowflake always attracted the eyes of children and adults. It is so beautiful that people try to repeat it in a wide variety of materials. Paper snowflakes are made by children of all ages.

Christmas tree decorations made of viscose napkin

New Year is a magical holiday for every family. On the eve of all houses set up a Christmas tree and decorate it. But children often smash Christmas balls, which is very dangerous. For such cases, there are safe Christmas toys that can be made and

Christmas tree made of viscose napkin

On New Year's Eve, everyone is stocking up with interesting items to decorate the house. These are all sorts of garlands, rain and Christmas toys. But if you fancy a little imagination, then you can create something interesting. For example, make such a charming Christmas tree

Christmas toy made of felt

New Year’s decor plays not the last role in preparing for the most magical holiday, and handmade jewelry is a part of magic. Just imagine, with the help of fabric, scissors, threads and ribbons you can create extraordinary

Felt cabbage

Felt is an amazing material from which you can sew a lot of gizmos, including vegetable or fruit crops. They will be useful in the house where there are children, because such felt things help in the education and development of children. And also with
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