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Crafts from wood

Master classes:

How to make sturdy file handles with a plastic bottle

Wooden file handles tend to dry out and crack, so sometimes they have to be changed. Often, new handles do not serve in the best way, as they are whipped up from under-dried wood. Since the file shanks

Mini circular table based on a drill

In the manufacture of small crafts from wood, even dissolution of boards and slats is required, which can be done on a circular table. For the average master, this is an excessive tool that takes up a lot of space. A compact alternative will be

Two-in-one drill stand: drill and grinder

Not everyone can afford to buy a drilling machine in the garage for amateur use, because for self-made ones I offer my step-by-step instructions for making a wooden stand for a drill, a bonus is the possibility of processing with

Very simple grinding machine made from available materials

The disc grinder from the entire list of workshop equipment has the simplest design. In this regard, such a tool can be done independently, and the money saved can be spent on something else. Homemade Grinding Machine

How to make a shovel handle using an electric drill

With even basic tools, you can make almost anything. To do this, you need to apply imagination and allocate a little more time than when doing similar work on specialized machines or devices. One example

Home-made jigsaw base - perfect cutter

Performing a straight, straight cut with a budget jigsaw is not at all easy. The reasons are simple - backlashes in a jigsaw, file removal, a little experience of the master. All these reasons can easily be eliminated with a homemade bed with guides for the base.

4 useful ideas for a home master

Useful ideas and accessories for an amateur carpenter or a home craftsman. Without professional carpentry, it is completely disadvantageous to buy a special tool for this. However, it is possible to work accurately and comfortably if

A home-made marking surface gage is an indispensable thing for a carpenter, carpenter and others

When cutting sheet material, it is very important to apply even marking. For this, a special tool is used - a marking surface gage. It will be useful to roofers, carpenters, joiners, drywall workers and other craftsmen. Reysmus has a very

How to make simple carpentry vise for a workbench

A workbench without a vise is no more than just a table. Joiner's vice is a necessary adaptation for each master. They provide reliable fixation of wooden and metal parts during their processing.The basis of the design taken

How to make hanging shelves in a garage or workshop that do not take up space

Not every car owner or master has the opportunity to have a spacious garage or workshop and store all the tools and small parts in it, and this causes a lot of inconvenience. Sometimes the rooms are so small that to put ordinary shelves near the walls

DIY stand for a child from 1 year to 7 years old for 276 rubles

It just so happened that our children grow up and eventually become independent. In this regard, a device is required so that our child can independently reach the washbasin, wash his hands, and brush his teeth. It's about how to do it yourself

How to quickly make a tool for sharpening drills

Not only speed and quality of drilling, but also safety precautions depends on the sharpening of the drill. Only professional toolmakers can manually sharpen a drill by eye, everyone else will either make the wrong angle of the cutting edges, or

How to replace the old ax with a new one. Use oil instead of wedge glue

Sooner or later, an ax of wood has to be changed, since the metal head of an ax is stronger than a wooden handle, both mechanically and in opposition to external adverse factors.

3 ways to remove scratches of any depth from a wooden surface

Scratches on a wooden surface, as well as chips and other defects are very striking. Their presence is unpleasant, but does not affect the functionality in any way, so changing the board for such minor reasons is inappropriate. To improve the external

How to make a simple and unusual box of alder and burl

I propose to create such an unusual box from a tree that is completely familiar to all of us - alder, and burl - growth, which is quite common in the forest. In this box you can store absolutely any things, various little things, jewelry. The main thing with

Making a new handle for a hammer

If the wooden handle of your hammer or ax is broken or you decide to just upgrade it, then this workshop is for you. I found an old broken hammer and decided to restore it. It all came down to replacing his pen with a new one. The process is not complicated and

DIY template for furniture dowels

This tool is well known for the price of furniture makers and joiners. When you have to drill many identical holes, you can’t do without a template or conductor. Therefore, in a good workshop there are not many of them. Let us and we try to do

Cross connection in half tree

Cross-to-cross joining of timber or boards is one of the most effective and widespread in a carpentry environment. Wherever it is not used: on roofing, in the manufacture of furniture and decorative objects from solid wood, etc. Consider

The conductor for connection "on a slanting screw"

For joining wooden blanks, various joinery joints and fasteners are used, including nails, dowels and screws. There are a lot of varieties today, and connecting two boards is not a problem. However, the complexity is flat parts,

The easiest drill lathe

Good day to all! I somehow decided to make wooden handles for my tools - files, chisels, chisels. I began to figure out how to make them. Just planing is too dreary, and it turns out ugly. That would be a lathe on

How to fix woodworking defects

Compared to metals, wood is not hard enough.Therefore, during its processing, small errors are possible that spoil the overall impression of the product. The ability to eliminate defects that have arisen is a sign of a skilled carpenter or carpenter. But for

Wood milling cutter for through and blind blind holes

Imagine that you are facing a specific task: to make a dull hole in a tree under a bearing. To press it in, you need a certain diameter of the cutter, not the fact that a tool of this size will be in the store. Therefore, it’s easier and cheaper to do

How to make a simple handle for a broken knife

I have a folding knife with a ceramic blade. He repeatedly helped me out on trips to the country and on picnics. Perfect sharpness of the blade, which does not require sharpening, hygiene and lightness. In general, I became attached to him. After all, it happens that with some

Chainsaw grinder attachment

Many people have unnecessary old chains from a chainsaw lying around, from which you can make a kind of milling cutter-nozzle on a grinder for wood processing, needed in the household.
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