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Cardboard decorative raised fireplace

On the eve of the New Year festivals, I want to create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort around me. Outside the window there is a snowy landscape, and fragrant candles flicker in the house, a blanket with forest deers invitingly beckons, the aroma of mulled wine and gingerbread soars in the air. For

How to make a Christmas tree in origami technique

Using the modules, you can build a voluminous Christmas tree for the New Year 2019, which will delight you with its festive look, if it is then decorated. Also, the craft will be useful for children, because the origami technique will allow you to develop imagination, accuracy and motor skills.

Newspaper wicker vase

Have you ever tried weaving from paper tubes? If the answer is yes, then you know exactly how exciting this activity is. If not, then it's time to master this simple technique. This article reveals all the important secrets.

Napkin Bow

Many people prefer to give handmade gifts. In this case, the packaging of such a presentation is often not worth it. After all, it can also be done independently. For example, wrap a gift in beautiful paper, and decorate with a bow on top,

Carton Block

To make a recording block with your own hands in the technique of cardboard, you need a sheet of binding cardboard (2 mm) measuring 20x20 cm, cardboard 1 mm thick (20x20 cm), two cuts matching the color of the fabric (20x30 cm each), lace, whatman paper (format A3)

Paper sunflower

Sunflowers bloom only in the summer, but if you make them from color paper modules, you can enjoy them at any time of the year. To assemble the craft using the modular origami technique, you should prepare 210 elements in size 1/32 of a sheet of A4 format: 56

Volumetric paper flower

The development of fine motor skills is always beneficial for both adults and children. Therefore, this type of creative work, such as creating a 3d flower from paper, will have a beneficial effect on fine motor skills. Well, a bonus is still useful somewhere else, as an option, as

How to make a big Kinder Surprise out of paper

All children love Kinder Surprise eggs. And, most likely, not because they are sweet, but precisely because of the surprise that is hidden inside. After all, it is always so exciting - to open the package, eagerly getting to the toy, to find out what is there

Cardboard Christmas House

New Year holidays must be spent with children. And so that fun is also beneficial, it is worth doing New Year's crafts. A house made of thin cardboard looks very original and interesting. It can be decorated with a wide variety of shiny

Simple 3D Christmas paper background

Preparing for the New Year, you can not be limited to decorating the main big Christmas tree. Small Christmas trees, including those made of paper, will also look beautiful.In particular, in our master class we show the step-by-step process of creating a 3D Christmas tree from

Tunnel cube "Winter landscape"

Winter is the favorite time of the year for all children. They enjoy sledding, sculpting snowmen and skiing or skating. But needlewomen in winter draw inspiration. Amazing snow-white landscapes I just want to convey in


With the help of air ballerinas, you can not only decorate the room, but also create a special mood for the holiday. Such a decorative element as a paper ballerina is suitable for the room of a little princess, to create a New Year's mood or decoration


The new school year is just around the corner. Soon, tens of thousands of students will sit at their desks. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance. In order to make it more convenient to read a book or find the page you need, you need a bookmark. Bookmark helps you navigate by

DIY cute greeting card

Tired of the same, monotonous postcards? Do you want something unusual? Then let's draw a card ourselves. Make it very simple and easy, it does not require any costs and artistic experience. Getting started!

DIY Christmas paper background

In order to decorate a room for the holiday, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive garlands, artificial Christmas tree branches or glass balls. You can make a Christmas tree from ordinary office paper. Even used. It will look no worse

Little roses

The beauty of a rose can be admired forever. In the garden, this plant blooms for only three months, and the rest of the time you have to enjoy exclusively purchased flowers. If you do not want to spend extra money on buying roses, then do it yourself.

Crepe Paper Asters

Asters are lush flowers with a large yellow center. They bloom in late summer and delight the eye before the onset of cold weather. But if you want to admire the beauty of this flower all year round, then make it from corrugated paper. Today you

How to make a photo album with your own hands

In modern times, photographs have become an integral part of our lives. We take pictures daily. But it is very important to save moments dear to the heart not in the phone or computer memory, but on paper. There are photo albums for storing such photos,

Heart shaped box

Is Valentine's Day on the nose or an important date for your relationship? And you do not know what to give to your loved one. You can make a romantic gift with your own hands. For example, make a heart-shaped box inside which there will be 50 (or another

Basket "Heart" of thread and toothpicks

Instead of sitting and bored, you can engage yourself in a useful business, which in addition will bring a lot of pleasure. Let's take and weave a heart-shaped basket from threads! The task before us is simple, even a child can do it. Such

Greeting card with volumetric roses in a wicker basket

If you like roses, then this master class will definitely interest you. He will teach you how to create an original postcard with a wicker basket and voluminous miniature roses. Before starting work, it is necessary to collect such a set of materials and

Beautiful and delicate postcard

Often for a gift we give a greeting card, with pre-prepared verses. Such cards are similar to each other. Over time, looking at her it is difficult to remember who gave it to her. Surprise with such a card will not work. Another thing if

Stylish notebook for men

Notepad is a great option for recording current issues, new ideas, and interesting suggestions. Many people prefer to have a notebook at hand. How to make a notebook not only convenient, but also look beautiful? I suggest to issue

How to make a quilling bee

The transformation of thin strips into a variety of figures and compositions is known as quilling. To master this technique is not difficult, but it is better to start not with the creation of paintings, but with its individual elements. In this workshop we will show how to make a bee.
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