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Easter crafts

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Plaster Easter Magnets

On a beautiful and bright holiday - Easter, I want to give my loved ones not only a good mood, but also spiritual gifts. And what could be better than a handmade gift? A beautiful and memorable gift will be a magnet in the form of an Easter

Easter souvenir from plaster "Egg on a stand"

What to give dear people for the bright holiday Easter? Of course - a souvenir made by yourself. Handmade products are most suitable for a gift. They are filled with kindness and warmth. By Easter, a souvenir in

Thread interior pendant

In recent years, more and more Western traditions began to pour into our traditional Easter customs to celebrate this Bright Holiday. First of all, it concerns the use of thematic decor in interior design. Easter garlands

Easter bird and easter bunny

On the eve of the holiday of Easter, I had an idea about what can be done before the holiday, except for traditional Easter cakes and egg painting, for decoration. And it occurred to me to make a toy Easter bunny, a bird and an openwork cross,

5 best natural dyes for easter eggs

If you want to make Easter paints, it is not necessary to resort to chemical dyes. In every kitchen there are available ingredients that will color the eggs in bright and saturated colors. Red cabbage gives a beautiful blue tint.

Curd Easter with Chocolate Top

In the monastery’s old books and home cooking books, many recipes for the festive Easter cheese - “thickened milk” are stored. Any of them can be strictly observed or used as a source of inspiration. The simplest version is not

Easter basket with eggs

What souvenir to give to a loved one for Easter? Of course, one that is made by hand. There are many ideas for Easter decorations and souvenirs. Consider one of them - a basket of eggs. To make such a souvenir you will need materials: 1.

Easter card

On the bright holiday of Easter, I want to please my loved ones with pleasant surprises. An excellent gift will be a handmade postcard. What could be closer to the Easter theme than a basket filled with fresh spring grass and colored eggs.

Easter bunnies made of fabric

It was almost already that we spent the first spring month of March and very soon we were waiting for the onset of April, which brings with it a celebration of spring, joy, but also sadness, the feast of Easter, the feast of the resurrection of Jesus

Cloth bunny eggs for the spring holiday

Spring is very fresh, bright and the long-awaited time of the year by all of us. She is probably the favorite time of the year for many, as everything around is green, smells, blooms, sings and flies. Spring freshness, funny trills of birds flying from distant warm lands,

Easter egg holder "Chicken"

To beautifully present colored eggs on the festive Easter table, you need an original stand. Many housewives buy special plastic utensils with recesses for eggs, but such products do not look very presentable. If your

Easter egg made of felt

Creative people strive to show imagination in preparation for the holidays. From what material Easter eggs do not create: wood, fabric, satin ribbons. The classic color is red, but all the colors of the rainbow are perfectly acceptable. Why not stitch

Easter paper basket

On the eve of Easter, you can make a basket of colored paper with your child. She will serve not only children's fun. A decorative basket will be appropriate in family or child photography. And you can put an Easter present in it, and not

Paper table decoration

Easter is the first among Christian holidays in the life of a believer. A wonderful symbol of Easter are flowers. Therefore, the best decoration for the table is Ekibana made of paper flowers, which is made by hand. To do this, we

Easter tree

The bright holiday of Easter is approaching, I want to properly prepare for it. You can decorate the interior of the room with the help of an Easter tree. There are many variations of this decorative item. As a basis, branches of any

How to decorate easter eggs

The first mention of the decorative technique of decoupage dates back to the 15th century, they are associated with medieval Germany. After that, the technique of sticking various pictures and ornaments on furniture and household items spread throughout Europe. Now old

Cover for dishes "Chicken"

An interesting idea for decorating a festive table for Easter! Such a chicken can temporarily hide a vase with sweets or pastries “under its wing”, and at the end of the dinner give your guests a pleasant surprise. Use and application of this bag

Easter basket

Spring always brings with it a lot of bright and joyful holidays, including the feast of the resurrection of our Almighty Jesus Christ, the Feast of Easter. This is one of the greatest church holidays, on the day of which, actually

We decorate the house for Easter with children

The celebration of Easter lasts a whole week. Since the holiday falls in the spring, everyone wants to decorate the house in the spring bright and colorful. Easter wreaths, colored eggs, and what else can complement the interior of the apartment? We offer to decorate the house with ordinary,

Chicken egg test stand

Easter idea for a beautiful decoration of your home! The original stand in the shape of a chicken will make the holiday bright and unforgettable! First of all, it is necessary to prepare bright and dense fabrics that, when cut, will not fray or

Miniature Easter Egg Basket

A great option for single-piece packaging of Easter "paint". A basket with refreshments can be presented to friends, relatives, colleagues, but it will become a particularly valuable gift for children. They will gladly accept it and will certainly be interested in the contents.

Painting wooden egg "Golden patterns"

In preparation for Easter, we pay special attention to the coloring of eggs. But this symbol of the holiday can be immortalized by replacing a chicken egg with a wooden one. I propose to paint a blank from solid wood in the form of an egg as an Easter souvenir. Basis

Basket of satin ribbons

A quick way to create an original basket for the festive table in honor of Easter! Now serving “krashenka” will be twice as pleasant, and guests will definitely remember such a present for a long time. To make a small basket with your own hands,

Decorative wreath for Easter

Each time a big significant holiday is approaching (New Year, Christmas, Easter, etc.), there is a desire to decorate your home so that the festive atmosphere is felt in every little thing. Various thematic paraphernalia, decorative
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