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Champagne in Christmas tree dress

Do not know how to make an original decoration for a New Year's table with your own hands? Then this master class is for you! On each table on New Year's Eve there is a bottle of champagne, right? To originally present this, it would seem,

New Year's multi-colored meringues on skewers

Meringues on skewers - light airy candies consisting of egg whites, citric acid and sugar. Colorful sweets will make up an elegant composition that can be put on the festive table. Not only children will appreciate such a sweet surprise,

Metallic crepe paper herringbone

This handmade small artificial Christmas tree will be an excellent decoration of the office table for the New Year. It can also be placed on the windowsill or on the coffee table in the apartment. Such a decorative Christmas composition will be an excellent replacement

How to make a big "Kinder surprise"

How wonderful gifts for children for the New Year! What marketing ideas do not come up with in order to attract the attention of not only boys and girls, but, of course, their parents. But we all know the cooler the packaging,

Cotton wool snowman

We all look forward to the New Year. It is this holiday that gives adults and children real magic. When a forest beauty is brought to our house, the whole family has a festive mood. Today it has become popular to return old

DIY winter decor

In the warm season, the house or apartment can be decorated with fresh flowers and other natural materials. They collected the composition, and the room became beautiful. And what about winter? How to decorate the room so that it is elegant, and stylish, and creative? For help

Mushroom on a Christmas tree made of cotton

There is very little left before the New Year, and it's time to think about how to decorate the Christmas tree. Many of us are already tired of buying monotonous Christmas decorations in stores and want individuality. Making a forest beauty unique is easy, if you recall

New Year's window decor

On New Year's holidays, I want to create some kind of magical fairy tale in my home interior. Needlewomen decorate the Christmas tree or pine with homemade toys, hang tinsel on the walls, attach a Christmas wreath to the front door. But the windows are often

How to make a Christmas tree in origami technique

Using the modules, you can build a voluminous Christmas tree for the New Year 2019, which will delight you with its festive look, if it is then decorated. Also, the craft will be useful for children, because the origami technique will allow you to develop imagination, accuracy and motor skills.

Christmas decoupage champagne bottles

A good gift, and just the decor of the festive table, will be a bottle of champagne, decorated using decoupage technique. Materials needed for work: 1. Bottle of champagne. 2. Alcohol and cotton pad ...

Christmas tree LED garland

On New Year's Eve, I would like to decorate my house in an original way: so that it’s not like the neighbors, and, of course, not like “the last time”. With the help of LED garlands on sale, you can create interesting compositions, but the price of the question crosses out the bold

Ikebana for New Year's decor

Ikebana from spruce branches - a wonderful decoration of the New Year's table. It creates a festive atmosphere, while taking up very little space. This is surely appreciated by those who every year think about how to fit a Christmas tree in a small apartment. For the basics

Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath is an indispensable attribute of the New Year holidays, a beautiful decoration that will not leave anyone indifferent. But, how tired, the usual wreaths of fir branches or tinsel. So I found a way out! I propose to do Christmas

Christmas tree toy "Snowman"

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with toys has been around for a long time. Recently, DIY toys have been especially popular. They can be made of cardboard, felt, cotton wool or even waste material. And I propose to make a Christmas tree toy

Christmas cone candlestick

New Year is a magical holiday. Therefore, I want a good mood, a new fabulous atmosphere. Let's create a cozy festive atmosphere at the New Year's table. This can be done using a candlestick made by yourself. Us

Champagne for the new year

Today I want to show and tell how to make an original and practical decoration for a bottle of champagne for the new year. I will need the following materials ...

Christmas packaging in the form of Santa Claus

New Year holidays attract many, but especially children. Indeed, miracles happen on this magical night - Santa Claus comes and brings gifts. At the same time, beautifully packaged gifts will delight adults. We offer to make packaging in the form of

Furry guest

New Year is always associated with tangerines, snowflakes, garlands, tinsel and gifts. Each list is supplemented in accordance with their expectations and childhood memories, but it will certainly continue with a mention of fluffy and

How to make a bottle of champagne for the new year

Today I want to tell and show in detail how to arrange bottles of champagne for the New Year's celebration. I need the following materials: A4 white felt sheet, centimeter red and blue satin ribbons of 5 meters, five centimeter

Santa Claus made of paper and cotton pads

Preparations for the New Year bring joy to many. But most of all, children are waiting for this magical holiday. They are ready to learn not only a rhyme for Santa Claus, but also make various crafts. We propose to make Santa Claus together with children

Christmas tree made of beads

Needlewoman for beadwork inspires every season. For example, to create a festive atmosphere right now, you can make a herringbone from beads. If you choose the right materials, then the tree turns out to be very realistic. Combination of two

Little christmas tree

During the New Year celebrations, I would like to supplement my congratulations with small souvenirs that cannot be bought in any store.Small gifts are also valuable because they do not require serious investments, except for the perseverance and warmth of the soul of the master.

Christmas felt mitten

Very soon, everyone’s favorite holiday, which gives magic and faith in a fairy tale, is the New Year. For many years in a row it has been customary to put a beautiful Christmas tree and decorate the house. But store toys of the same type - it’s much nicer to do something with your own hands, because

New Year card with Christmas tree inside

We all perfectly remember the magical children's books in which there are three-dimensional images. Why not use this technique to make New Year's cards? In the presence of a small amount of time, simple devices and with
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