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Numbers for birthday from napkins

Such a significant event as a birthday is always worth celebrating with a bang. And holiday design plays a key role here. Beautiful and voluminous DIY birthday figures are a popular element of decor. The numbers will give a chic look and

Workshop on manufacturing figures

My granddaughter will soon turn one year old, and on this occasion I decided to give her a present - a large volumetric figure, one that can decorate the room, and also be used when photographing the birthday girl. I found a suitable circuit on the Internet

Folding birthday card

Scrapbooking is an amazing technique that allows us to create incredible masterpieces for absolutely any occasion. Here you are going, for example, to a colleague or friend for your birthday and decided to give money. As they say money is money,

Bright gift box "Happy Birthday"

Despite her age, every woman is young and young, so she loves to receive cute little things and gifts for her birthdays. No one can argue with the fact that every woman is also a great fashionista who tries to have an outfit, shoes,

Soft envelope for disks for the birth of a boy

When a baby is discharged from the hospital, there are always very positive, vivid and unforgettable emotions that always try to shoot everything on video. After a few years, you can turn on and review this video, and then show the son himself how he was

Shabby-style Happy Birthday Cards

Nowadays, the technology of modern needlework scrapbooking is more and more in demand, and products made in this technique are now the most common and common. You can make a bunch of different souvenirs and a gift with absolutely

Birthday chocolate girl

It is always pleasant to give gifts to friends, relatives, colleagues, and therefore a piece of soul and your love should be enclosed in each gift, so that it is especially pleasant. For example, you were invited to a birthday and you are at a crossroads

Pop-up box-card "Happy Birthday"

A beautiful postcard can be made not only with the help of a luxurious and rich decor, but it can also be made unusually beautiful and thanks to its interesting shape. One of the interesting styles and varieties of complex postcards are the so-called

Greeting card for dad.

The most beloved and dear person after mom is dad. For many, dad is not just a parent, but he is also the closest friend with whom you can share the most intimate, who will listen, give advice and support in difficult times. Other children

Birthday card"

A card with sincere congratulations - this is the best present for absolutely any holiday.Souvenirs and gifts can be completely different: perfume, cream, shower gel, sweets, flowers, even some kind of thing, worn down or

Children's folding birthday card

The most beloved children's holiday, which they expect every year with great impatience, is their birthday. Many of them simply associate this holiday with a huge amount of sweets and gifts, not understanding exactly its meaning. Already over the years they

Children's folding card "Happy Jam Day"

Birthday is the most beloved children's holiday that they expect every year. This holiday is loved by everyone, but especially by children. On a birthday, everything surrounds children with a cheerful and festive atmosphere, which is accompanied by cheerful children's music,

Box in the style of Pop-Up "Happy Birthday"

Anyone, of course, is very fond of receiving surprises and pleasant gifts on his birthday. Someone love sweets very much, another love flowers and souvenirs, and still others just love something so unusual that they simply did not even expect

Congratulatory envelope "Happy Birthday"

Most often, we’re used to giving money for birthdays, especially if it's not just a birthday, but a round date, anniversary. After all, guessing the tastes of a person is quite difficult if, for example, it is some distant relative or little-known colleague in

Jubilee Envelope

More and more often, when we go to congratulate our friends, relatives, girlfriends, parents in the name day, we literally sense to ourselves, we start to puzzle over. Here's what you can give to make it useful and enjoy the birthday? Some
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