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On may 9

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Postcard for May 9: "Bouquet of carnations"

It is always a pleasure to do a greeting card with your own hands. If we are talking about the holiday of May 9, then this, of course, should be a bouquet of carnations from colored paper. A red flower is a symbol of victory, and together with the St. George ribbon it will decorate any card

Brooch "Spikelet of tricolor" from St. George ribbon

Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare: - a satin ribbon of blue, red and white shades, each at least 25 mm wide. - scissors. - thermal gun. - basis for a brooch. - tweezers. - St. George ribbon 2.5 cm wide. - ruler. - white

Brooch on may 9

Victory Day is widely celebrated today in Russia. On this great day, Russians proudly put on their St. George ribbon for their ancestors. This jewelry has become very popular, given the recent rise in patriotism. And of course everyone wants

Brooch "Asterisk" from St. George’s ribbon.

By the Victory Day holiday, everyone traditionally complements their clothes with St. George ribbons. As a rule, they create a loop, securing it with a clip, but it is possible to make a unique and special brooch. To create an Asterisk brooch you need: - a segment of St. George

Patriotic Victory Day Ribbon

Traditionally, on May 9, a parade is held in each city. This holiday is special - it not only symbolizes the Victory, but on this day people remember the exploits of the older generation. One of the symbols of this special day is the St. George ribbon, which
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