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On march 8

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Tulips - Tilda do it yourself on March 8

Soon March 8th. The most popular gift are flowers. But they fade so quickly, and no memory remains of them. But what if you create an unusual bouquet that will never go bad and will please the eye for many

Satin Ribbon Tulips

What could be more beautiful than a bouquet of tulips on a beautiful spring day? A cute bouquet can decorate a vase or hairstyle if you make a hair clip of them. You can decorate a basket with tulips and present such a gift to your family and close to spring

Eight of Satin

To create a souvenir you will need: - a blank sheet of paper. - a pencil. - ruler. - cardboard box. - scissors. - glue gun with interchangeable shaft. - satin ribbon of violet color not less than 50 mm wide. - narrow lilac ribbon. - green

Greeting card for March 8 in 6 steps!

Do you still think that making a gift with your own hands is difficult or dreary? Then you here. Today we will make a beautiful card for March 8 in just 6 steps! First, let's talk about what tools and materials we can use,

Beautiful card for March 8 do it yourself

So spring came, and with it one of the most beloved, especially by women, holiday - the eighth of March. If you have not yet chosen a gift for your beloved mother, grandmother or sister, you should think about a handmade gift. Today's speech

Bunny Lyubasha

The best gift for any holiday is a DIY craft. Shelves of shops are full of the same toys, faceless products do not please the soul. Moreover, they have a high cost. It is much better to sew a simple toy with your own hands. it

Eight of foam and satin ribbons

On holidays, it is always nice to receive original and unusual souvenirs, especially handmade ones. But it’s even more pleasant to give such souvenirs. After all, creating something beautiful and elegant from improvised means is not only interesting: it is extremely inspiring

Complicated cards for March 8

Ahead of spring, which brings a wonderful and joyful holiday for all women and girls, is March 8. Spring is blooming and very beautiful, so the impressions with this holiday fully correspond to the very time of the year, spring. Need to

Openwork figure eight made of paper

On the eve of the beautiful holiday on March 8, representatives of the stronger sex are preparing unusual, pleasant presents for their beloved women: mothers, sisters, friends. And what can be better and more expensive than a handmade gift. From simple

Postcards in the form of figure eight for the holiday "March 8"

Ahead, very soon, with the arrival of such a wonderful and flourishing time of the year in the spring, one of the most favorite holidays of the year, International Women's Day, March 8, comes to us. All girls, women, grandmothers, and little princesses

Postcard to the eighth of March

Many have been looking for and picking up gifts for women for a very long time on March 8th and also cannot decide on a postcard for a long time. But what if you do it yourself? Do not know how? Here's a good example: Just say that this card is far from stereotypes and

Original gift for the eighth of March

International Women's Day is approaching and there is not much time left for the purchase of unique gifts! Moms, grandmothers, teachers, friends or just work colleagues should not be the “victims” of indifference on this day. For the upcoming congratulations

Postcard with voluminous details

A card with voluminous details is a great addition to a gift. But in order to please a loved one with an original valentine card, it is not necessary to stand in lines in stationery. A beautiful and stylish card with voluminous "hearts" can be
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