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On February 23

Master classes:

Gift for men - a bouquet of socks

Socks - a gift for men, which was a tradition, a reason for jokes, but at the same time remains an unchanged option during the holidays. When there is no time to look for something unique or there is simply not enough imagination, women will certainly recall this

How to get a bottle of champagne by February 23

The holiday is on the nose, I want to tell and show how in a short time you can prepare an original surprise for your man. My husband is a radio operator, so I faced a difficult task, but I did it! I need: a bottle of champagne, glue,

Bouquet of cowards - an original gift for February 23

February 23 is just around the corner. Most women puzzle over a gift to their beloved man. I want it to be unusual and memorable. Many ladies give their halves underwear. But how to pack it so that the gift is

Men's gift boxes for February 23

The last month of winter has already come, February, which brings us another serious and last winter holiday, this is a male holiday called February 23. This holiday is quite serious and responsible, since in fact it is

Men's mini gift box

To prepare for any celebration you need in advance not only the birthday, but also the guests who will be invited to it for the holiday. It doesn’t matter what the event will be: birthday, anniversary, professional worker’s day, March 8, Defender’s Day

Men's shirt card

Choosing gifts for men is always not an easy task, so you need to think through mainly for each individually. Here, for example, is already quite close to such a rather solemn and serious men's holidays, as February 23 or

Men's postcards

Women very often face such a problem: how to congratulate their man on his birthday, February 23, or on a professional holiday. The point is not even in the event, but precisely in what can be presented to him so special. Well, imagine

Simple rocket

The idea of ​​this easy and not time-consuming fake was born when February 23 was on the nose. My husband served in the missile forces, so my daughter and I decided to make a rocket. I’ll say right away that this work of art can be done by a child himself,

Making a card by February 23

The proposed card can be made by children of primary school age at labor lessons, and with the help of adults, even children 6-7 years old who attend kindergarten will make such a gift. Such an original craft will be nice to receive on Defender's Day
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