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February 14th

Master classes:

Postcard "Heart with eyes"

Favorite people need to be pleased all the time, but when there is a reason, it is simply necessary. Valentine's Day involves small gifts - valentines. But their value is not in value, but in the attention shown. That's why

Heart shaped candy bouquet

A box of chocolates has long been a classic present. But if we are talking about a special recipient, sweets can also be presented in a more beautiful package. A bouquet of heart-shaped sweets is a surprisingly beautiful and romantic gift. Such

100 reasons why I love you

In this master class, you will learn how to decorate a jar with pleasant notes about, for example, love. To create a jar of notes, take such materials and tools ...

Heart shaped box

Is Valentine's Day on the nose or an important date for your relationship? And you do not know what to give to your loved one. You can make a romantic gift with your own hands. For example, make a heart-shaped box inside which there will be 50 (or another

Greeting card "Heart with a baby palm"

On the eve of the wonderful romantic holiday of Valentine's Day, many people buy valentines as gift cards (heart cards). But it’s quite possible to make valentines with your own hands from available materials at home. Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine with roses

Valentine's Day on the proposed master class can be made with the children. She does not require the use of complex materials, because much for her there is in every home. For work, you need to take a thick sheet of red paper (or cardboard), pink

Bunny Lyubasha

The best gift for any holiday is a DIY craft. Shelves of shops are full of the same toys, faceless products do not please the soul. Moreover, they have a high cost. It is much better to sew a simple toy with your own hands. it

Master class on making a volumetric heart

The heart symbolizes love, tender feelings. Decorating the premises with hearts of different shapes and colors does not lose its relevance for romantic evenings and holidays, as well as for ordinary days. Do-it-yourself heart, a great gift option to

Volumetric satin ribbon valentine

To create this volumetric valentine you will need: - a sheet of paper 10x10 cm in size. - a narrow ribbon of red and lilac colors. - scissors. - rhinestones burgundy. - glue gun. - cardboard box...

Greeting card Valentine "Letter of love"

The most romantic holiday of the year is approaching. All lovers think about how to confess their tender feelings to their soul mate. Passion, love, affection, attraction inspire the search for unusual gifts designed for one, for himself

Giraffes in love

A valentine in the form of a paper heart with declarations of love is banal and unromantic. Love pictures look much more interesting. They can be depicted seals, birds, butterflies and even giraffes. Don't be surprised giraffes in love

Workshop on the production of cards for the day of St. Valentine

Valentine's Day is a relatively young holiday for our open spaces, but loved by many people. Of course, you need to talk about feelings beloved constantly, but it is so nice to get a special additional reason for this. On this day soaked

Master class caskets with a lily

The base is made of a container, and the flower is made of shiny plastic suede. In work we will use: - a small plastic container with a screw cap. - paper tape. - scissors. - pink fabric for casket ...

What to give for Valentine's Day? Sew a primitive bear with a heart

Make your loved ones happy with a handmade gift. A soft valentine bear only 15 cm high, filled with love and kindness will always remind you of you. To make such a primitive gift you will need a small piece

Folding valentines

Winter brought with us not only amazing and magical New Year holidays, but also gave us such a romantic and tender holiday as Valentine's Day. We started celebrating this holiday more than 25 years ago, and now we are

Picture for Valentine's Day

I always want to congratulate my beloved one especially. And February 14th is a great occasion to show all your imagination. Whatever valentines are: from paper, fabric, plastic, sweets or dough. But the main thing is that they are always nice to give,

Heart shaped box

If you often use tape, then pay attention to the paper reel, which is located inside. Usually, when the tape ends, the paper piece is sent to the bin. But real needlewomen never throw anything away and skillfully

Soft plush souvenir decorated with a rose

Let's start making the heart. From the fabric we cut out two details of the desired shape measuring 7 x 9 cm. And sew with a needle and thread into small stitches, leaving a hole for turning out. And when the heart is turned to the front, it follows through this segment

Craft for Valentine's Day

From simple and improvised materials, you can create a large and beautiful craft for Valentine's Day. Despite the fact that this holiday is not ours, Russian, and it is not necessary to celebrate, many of our people who know this holiday, if desired

Valentine card - magnet

Valentine's Day is the most romantic holiday! On this bright good holiday, there is an excellent occasion to please loved ones, relatives and friends with pleasant surprises, gifts, as well as confess to them in love or sympathy. The main symbol of this

Postcard with voluminous details

A card with voluminous details is a great addition to a gift. But in order to please a loved one with an original valentine card, it is not necessary to stand in lines in stationery. A beautiful and stylish card with voluminous "hearts" can be

Postcard to the day of lovers

Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer. It’s time to prepare Valentine’s cards for your loved ones. If you want to please your soulmate, then there is nothing better than to make such a card with your own hands!

Valentines of different shapes

The readiness for February 14 is already in full swing, so we are in a hurry to prepare many valentines to congratulate not only our soulmate, but also for the rest of our family, as well as for friends, colleagues and various relatives. For the first

How to make a pink elephant

How to make a wonderful pink elephant with a wish for Valentine's Day! Many of us love to celebrate the holidays. And to give good gifts on these holidays. A handmade gift is always pleasant. Let's consider today a master class on
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