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Plastic pipe hammock

Everyone loves to enjoy their vacation, and a hammock is perfect for this. For centuries, various types of hammocks have been used around the world. But I did something unusual that the light had not yet seen - a hammock made of PVC pipes. He is strong

PVC pipe stand

Typically, a garbage bag is placed in a bin and spread out to the sides. This is a familiar way for all of us to collect household waste. There is one significant drawback - the package is usually larger than a bucket, as a result, part of the net volume

Gymnastic Swedish wall made of polypropylene pipes

A do-it-yourself gymnastic wall at a cost is about 10 times cheaper than a purchased one. Although not much different from the purchase. You do not need to be a great specialist in soldering pipes to assemble it from polypropylene pipes. This

Organizer for wires

This is not a tricky little thing made of PVC pipe, organizes the order in those places where there are large clusters of wires. For example, under a table where a personal computer is standing, usually there are several wires on the floor, and this is only for an ordinary user.

TV stand made of PVC pipes

This TV stand is very easy to manufacture. This kind of stand can be assembled in a couple of hours, the size of almost any flat-screen TV. In this particular project, I will install a 32-inch flat-screen TV.

Clothes dryer for fastening from plastic pipes

Make a portable clothes dryer that is mounted on the stairs of the motorhome and has many undeniable advantages: 1. It is very durable and takes up little space, and you can hang a lot of clothes on it, especially using hangers and

Plastic Pipe Drilling Machine

This design of the machine for those who want to quickly make a small drilling machine, while not having the desire or ability to work with iron. A plastic pipe drilling machine has several advantages compared to an iron machine:

Cases made of plastic pipes

It is good when a thing has its place and a case that protects it from mechanical damage and dust during transportation or storage. Consider how and from which you can make original cases for storing, for example, an expensive drill,
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