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Crafts from plastic pipes

Master classes:

How to make a cool PVC pipe lamp

Creative ideas often arise unexpectedly and, seemingly, from scratch. But their material realization gives such dividends that the costs of translating them into reality seem meager. Today we’ll try from a pipe that is not ordinary-looking

How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

This need arises in the event of a temporary lack of money for the purchase of new furniture. This table is done within 25-30 minutes, if necessary, it can also be quickly disassembled.

How to make a skirt (funnel) at the end of a PVC pipe

Plastic pipes are very favorably different from steel pipes: they do not rust, they are quick and convenient to work with. Somehow I did a drain for the house and I needed a pipe with an extension at the end in the form of a funnel. I did not find such on sale, I decided to do it myself and how

3 homemade PVC pipes

After the repair, PVC pipes may remain, which can be used with benefit by making a few simple home-made products. When heated, polyvinyl chloride acquires plasticity, so working with it is a pleasure. For the manufacture of the proposed homemade products

A simple device for collecting fruit from a height of PVC pipe

Owners of suburban areas know how many difficulties arise during harvesting from tall trees. Using a stepladder is dangerous and not always possible, the earth is soft and falls through. Apply the old method and shake the tree

How to make a chain from a PVC pipe

Some crafts seem, at first glance, useless, because the practical outline of their application is not immediately apparent. For example, for what purpose is a PVC chain needed? But sometimes the process of making homemade products or

How to turn a round PVC pipe into a square

Sometimes there is a need for a square PVC pipe of short length. You could buy it in a store, but they won’t sell a small piece there, but it’s a little expensive to buy a pipe with a cross section of 150 × 150 mm and a length of at least two meters. Compared to Round

Do-it-yourself simple greenhouse made of PVC pipes

Previously, frame greenhouses in the country or near the house were made of wooden bars or rolled metal (corners, round or profile pipes) and glazed frames. The design turned out to be bulky, heavy and expensive, and for its construction

DIY folding table for fishing

Going fishing, you have to get by with minimal equipment. During long fishing it is very inconvenient to constantly bend to the ground to take bait, bait or other equipment. I suggest, as quickly as possible from cheap

Do-it-yourself hanging bed in a greenhouse

Hello, lovers of agriculture, part-time craftsmen.Recently, the secrets of homestead activities related to the cultivation of fruit and berry crops have been more often revealed. I wanted to say vegetables.

Visor for the house from plastic pipes

Hello! In this master class, I will show how to make a simple and easy canopy such as a canopy over the entrance to your house. Everyone knows the problem when during rain, water flows in a large stream from the roof, in addition to the rain itself. That's just to

Plastic bottle brush

Household brush with wooden handle and bristles from ribbons of plastic bottles. I can’t say that the whole process is straightforward simple, but also not very complicated. So anyone who wants to can repeat it if desired. This is an ordinary brush that can be used to clean the workplace.

How to make a water pump from PVC pipes

Irrigation and water supply in summer cottages is vital. Without good watering and irrigation of crops, even on fertile land, it is unlikely that anything will grow. A water pump is the main element of such a system. It automates the movement

Fans air pipe from plumbing fittings

The excitement of the game attracts and fascinates millions of sports fans. Everyone has long been accustomed to such a phenomenon as fans. During matches, loud noises are heard, similar to some kind of wind instrument. It is simple

Water pump without power

This is not a joke or a practical joke. The water pump in question does not really need electricity, gasoline or anything else. He does not draw energy from the ether and does not catch free energy. With all this, it is able to raise a column of water

A simple greenhouse made of PVC pipes

With the advent of spring, the season of summer residents and gardeners begins. At this great time, there is no time for rest, because you need to have time to plant and grow seedlings in order to please yourself and loved ones with homemade vegetables from your own garden. In order not to be disappointed in the fruits

PVC pipe stool

Furniture design is increasingly pleased with unusual innovations, expanding the traditional perception of things. So today we bring to your attention a homemade stool made of PVC pipes, which any master can do. Go!

Folding table made of PVC pipes

The workplace for any master is of particular importance. For some specialties, a desktop is simply necessary. But what to do when you often have to move and work at various facilities? You can’t drag a table from the workshop behind you, but

Plastic tube dryer

Such a dryer will be useful in absolutely every home, especially for those who have small children. Since for them you need to constantly dry the diapers and vests. A dryer is made in 15-20 minutes from polypropylene pipes. This is not a standalone design,

PVC pipe compressor

A compressor with a receiver made of PVC pipe - it is really possible! Surely none of the masters will argue that the compressor in the workshop is simply irreplaceable. For these devices today there are many available tools. Yes, and economically he

Large laundry basket made of plastic pipes

After our cat once again marked the underwear, my wife and I agreed that we needed a new basket that would not be available to him. The result of my work was a five-bag laundry basket made of plastic pipes,

How to make a small wind generator

So, we are going to make a small wind generator. It can be made at home. 90% of the parts are made of plastic pipes and fitting, so it can easily be disassembled for transportation and reassemble. Let's start.

PVC pipe tool holder

I decided to make a stand for screwdrivers and pliers. It should be attached to the table, since in the near future it is planned to move the workplace. I also wanted to be able to change its size depending on the number of available

PVC pipe flower stand

This is an inexpensive, simple and interesting stand for indoor flowers. It is great for accommodating small plants. If you change the dimensions of the elements of the pipes, then you can get a new form of stand.
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