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Telescopic pickup with magnet and backlight

Making repairs in the apartment, hanging a picture or sconce on the wall, or installing curtains over window openings, we always use a stool or stepladder. And who will pile up on the table! Install curtains, for example - pleasure, softly

Cotton wool snowman

We all look forward to the New Year. It is this holiday that gives adults and children real magic. When a forest beauty is brought to our house, the whole family has a festive mood. Today it has become popular to return old

DIY winter decor

In the warm season, the house or apartment can be decorated with fresh flowers and other natural materials. They collected the composition, and the room became beautiful. And what about winter? How to decorate the room so that it is elegant, and stylish, and creative? For help

Mushroom on a Christmas tree made of cotton

There is very little left before the New Year, and it's time to think about how to decorate the Christmas tree. Many of us are already tired of buying monotonous Christmas decorations in stores and want individuality. Making a forest beauty unique is easy, if you recall

How to make a keyway on a lathe

Typically, a lathe is used for boring, threading, reaming, countersinking and drilling, but their capabilities do not end there. I propose to consider a way how to use it to recess the keyway on the sleeve. For this i

How to drill a quick cutter - P18 steel

It is possible that a specialist in metal processing will have to drill high-speed steel grade P18. This will require a drill, the characteristics of which must exceed the material being processed. The P18 quick cutter is tool steel,

How to make dumbbells yourself

In this workshop I will tell you how I made homemade cement dumbbells for home sports. At the cost of manufacturing, this will be several times cheaper than purchased dumbbells.

How to make a ball mill with your own hands

Spherical milling cutters of industrial production are rarely found on the market and are usually designed to perform a specific operation on a particular part. Usually they cannot be used to process other products. Yes and

Original bench made of wood

A country house with a plot opens up many opportunities for its original design and improvement. Having a large amount of dry lumber available, I decided to make a bench of solid oak. Selecting a suitable log using

Drill sharpener

One of the main parameters of a twist drill is the apex angle, which for hard metals (steel, cast iron, solid bronze, titanium, etc.) is approximately 120 degrees. Deviation of this angle up or down from

New Year's window decor

On New Year's holidays, I want to create some kind of magical fairy tale in my home interior.Needlewomen decorate the Christmas tree or pine with homemade toys, hang tinsel on the walls, attach a Christmas wreath to the front door. But the windows are often

Wall mounted key holder

Who did not feel irritation, looking for a particular wrench in the drawer of a bench or in a special box where they are usually located in a chaotic mess? There is an opportunity not to spoil your mood, improve culture

Plastic Barrel Sled

Making yourself a classic sleigh according to all the canons will be quite difficult and will take a lot of time. And in terms of costs, it can fly a pretty penny. Another thing is a non-standard product, which is not inferior in terms of reliability, capabilities and safety.

How to make a Christmas tree in origami technique

Using the modules, you can build a voluminous Christmas tree for the New Year 2019, which will delight you with its festive look, if it is then decorated. Also, the craft will be useful for children, because the origami technique will allow you to develop imagination, accuracy and motor skills.

How to make a high-quality saddle pipe for tapping angled

Today I will tell you how to make an almost perfect saddle when you need to connect pipes at right angles. In fact, the technology is very simple and does not require special skills and tools, all that is needed is a band saw (preferably)

How to hide a screw in wood

Sometimes there are situations when you need to fasten two boards or a bar, but there is a desire to hide the screws with which the connection is made. Today I will show a simple and quick way how to make such a connection and make it at the same time.

3 tricks when working with wood

Today it is rarely possible to find products made entirely of solid wood. Most often you have to deal with wood-particle panels or laminated materials such as plywood. The surface of such slabs, especially finishing ones, on the front side is usually

Gas cylinder wood-based heating battery

Heating garages and workshops is a big problem, which is usually solved by buying a factory solid fuel boiler. I propose another solution - the manufacture of a wood-fired heating battery from four gas cylinders. Such a stove could well

Full-size metal barrel grill

Have you seen the prices for a normal grill? So I saw and decided that I would do it myself with an ordinary metal barrel, which would definitely be much cheaper. In my opinion, it turned out very beautifully, and most importantly, reliably. I’ll tell you in more detail how I did ...

Homemade Boxing Bag

In a professional boxing training room, you can find dozens of varieties of boxing bags and pears that are necessary to develop the strength and technique of kicking or kicking. Professional bags cost a lot of money. Any man

Repair torn loops

We have a rare thing in our family - a stereo system in a wooden case with a glass facade. Unfortunately, during transportation, the top cover was broken from the canopies. I decided to restore it, at the same time making a small instruction, because the used

Transferring a drawing to a coin

Each pet owner knows how important it is to have a token with the owner’s address or phone number, be it a cat or a dog, because a beloved pet, even the most intelligent and obedient, can be lost during a walk. But if there is a pet on the collar

How to make a beautiful loop on a braided rope

Creating a loop on a rope is very simple.To do this, there are a large number of nodes that make this element. However, the nodes themselves sometimes interfere with the work, and some of them do not meet the security parameters. Therefore it is better to produce

Knife in the style of "Tan That"

Not so long ago, I gave light how to make a handle for a knife from cold welding. Some "critics" asked - why sawdust? I answer; I used sawdust for a larger volume, as well as to reduce the weight of the handle, and to save cold welding.
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