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A simple tool for sharpening knives at a fixed angle

There are many descriptions of how to make a knife sharpener yourself. Most of the proposed designs, in my opinion, are too large or difficult to repeat. Of course, you can buy the finished product in the store,

Making a threaded socket using a drilling machine

For durability and long service life of wood products, such as chairs, tables, cabinets, shelves and others, spikes are used as fasteners, which reliably connect the bars to each other through holes called nests. Making nests for spikes in

Restoring the bearing seat

Small 2-stroke single-cylinder low-power engines are widely used in everyday life. They are used on chainsaws and motor mowers, in motor-ice drills and gas-electric units. As well as in other models of technology.

Cache in a desk drawer

The need for a simple and reliable home cache is obvious. The false bottom in the drawer of the desk is easy to make yourself. This is a very effective cache.

Tricks of a bayonet knife that not everyone knows about

The military bayonet-knife for the legendary AK-74 entered service in the 60s of the last century and since then remains a reliable assistant to the soldier, not only in the Russian army. Moreover, not everyone, even those who served and went on guard, knows what

Brazing Technology

The method of durable soldering of products from various metals is carried out by heating the soldered parts with a gas burner and using brass as solder. With the massive spread of copper automotive radiators, brazing was

A method of shortening a hacksaw blade for metal

There are shortened hacksaws for metal, for which special short-length cloths are needed, which today are almost impossible to find on the shelves of our stores. You can get out of the situation by shortening the standard hacksaw blade, which has

Brazing various metals with Aliexpress

There is a wire on Aliexpress that is called welding. With it, you can solder not only aluminum, but almost all metals! This three-meter wire with a melting point of 360 degrees Celsius will cost about 11 dollars 54

Recovering broken holes for door hinge screws

The internal doors in our apartments and houses have served for more than a dozen years, but if there are young children who love to ride them, this period can be significantly reduced. Screws connecting the door leaf with hinges break the tree over time and can

How to remove a dent in wood

The strength and hardness of wood is several times less than that of metals, even as soft as aluminum. Therefore, when working with wood, especially at the final stages of its processing, you should be especially careful.

Airlift of a backpack type from the Ural chainsaw

The device, hereinafter referred to as the satchel, is intended for movement on ordinary skis on a flat surface without a thick, fluffy snow cover.Frozen river floodplains, rolled roads with a slight slope are best suited.

How to make a reliable electrode holder

Anyone who has ever encountered a welding business must have paid attention to the electrode clamp - one awkward movement, and the rod changes the angle, or it may even fall out. Of course, professional welders do not have such situations, but

Movable bracket for securing the ball from the ball joint

After the car repair, worn-out parts and assemblies that are unsuitable for direct use remain, but which are of some value, both with their material and residual functionality.

How to stop hair loss and make it thicker?

Thick hair was always one of the main indicators of beauty. And it doesn’t matter who it is, a woman or a man. Some representatives of the stronger sex shave their bald hair, motivating this by following fashion. At the same time, none of them would refuse

Recharge of used pepper spray

You, or your household, had to use the available pepper spray, protecting yourself from dogs or not quite adequate citizens. Of course, you can go to the nearest weapons or hunting store and buy a new one. However, gas prices

Modification of gas soldering iron

During operation, it is impossible to monitor the gas level in the tank. It remains unknown how much gas has been consumed, how much is left, and when it is worth refueling a soldering iron.

A simple way to transfer a screwdriver from nickel-cadmium to lithium-ion batteries

Probably, every owner of a screwdriver had such a problem at least once: you charge your old battery, but after 5 minutes of operation, it sits down again. This is very unpleasant, but we are able to solve this problem with our own hands.

How to find the center of a circle

In the manufacture or processing of wood parts, in some cases it is necessary to determine where their geometric center is located. If the part has a square or rectangular shape, then this is not difficult to do. Enough

Master class: do-it-yourself wooden box

Wooden caskets today are very popular with the fair sex. After all, they are very practical and roomy. In addition, such a box fits perfectly into the interior and is a real decoration of any room.

Extruding characters on a tree

Quite often, in the manufacture of wood crafts, it becomes necessary to apply various signs, for example, letters and numbers, to the surface of wooden products.

Wago terminal blocks: purpose, decoding of markings and subtleties of application

Twisting and soldering is a very reliable way to connect wires, but such methods are not always convenient. When wiring, many people prefer to use Wago clamps. They quickly connect the wires and allow for multiple disassembly with

How to make a wing bolt from a regular bolt and a PET bottle

Wing nuts, like regular hexagonal products, are standard hardware that can be easily purchased at any store selling building materials or metal products.

How to drill any high-speed steel with a tile drill

How to drill high-speed steel grade P6M5 or HSS according to the European designation? For example, we made a knife from a blade from a mechanical saw, and it is required to drill holes with a diameter of 5-6 mm under the pins for installing and securing the handle pads.

Methods for extracting torn and broken wood screws

By screwing a self-tapping screw into a solid tree, you can encounter tearing a notch on his hat or tearing off the head itself. As a result, a screwdriver or screwdriver can no longer unscrew damaged hardware. Despite such difficulties, removing the damaged
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