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Flower from notes

Today we will make a craft - a flower from colored notes. Materials needed: For this we need to take notes of different colors. We had blue, red and white, and also green - on a stalk and a leaf. More to create a flower frame

With a cheerful morning! How in the morning not only to get out of bed, but also to wake up?

In order to set the day in the morning, you need to meet him cheerfully and joyfully. But how to do this if the ringing of the alarm clock causes only annoyance and annoyance? Everything is very simple. You need to follow just a few golden rules so that every morning

Delem race paper

Take a regular sheet of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Then we bend the corners from two sides. Next, add the bent corners so that we get a triangle, the same thing on the other side. After which the bends of the edge to the middle, on both sides ...

Paper Napkin Rose

A paper napkin rose can be made in a few minutes. When choosing material for work, you need to take into account that a finished flower from a dense and multi-layer napkin will be better to maintain its shape, however, it will be more difficult to twist such paper.


Flanelegraf is a convenient device for developing activities with children. This didactic device is quite simple both in use and in manufacture. Children really like to play with him on their own, and an adult is very comfortable with him

Plastic Bottle Earrings

An interesting solution for the partial disposal of plastic bottles is to make ... earrings out of them. Such jewelry looks no worse than ordinary plastic jewelry, and if everything is done carefully, then perhaps better.

Funny octopus

Children are interested in creating from different materials. A separate direction in children's creativity is creativity from improvised junk gizmos. For example, to complete this craft you will need the following materials: cardboard roll-base from the toilet

Wedding champagne

For work, you will need: a bottle of champagne, water-based paint, sponge, a variety of ribbons, beads, cattle or colored adhesive tape, scissors, glue, super moment gel, threads, a needle.


Finally, the children and I decided to make Kusudama, a Japanese ball of paper flowers. In ancient times, the Japanese made and hung such balls over the patient’s bed, for his speedy recovery. In the middle of the ball, a collection of medicinal

Massage foot mat

Orthopedic surgeons often diagnose small children with flat feet. Many people think that this diagnosis is forever. In fact, flatfoot is treated with commonplace physical therapy exercises, massage and wearing the right shoes.

Original card for March 8

Now the stores are full of cards for any event, but the popularity of hand-made does not stop growing. Agree, it's nice to get a card over which the donor may have spent more than one hour creating it personally for you. Present a piece

Needle box - Amanita

There is an old adage: "How to find a needle in a haystack." It is really very difficult. So at home, you need to have a place for the needles.To do this, I propose to do with my own hands to tie a needle bar called Amanita.

Violets on the windowsill

Flowers are a great gift. But there is not always an opportunity, yes, and a desire to buy real flowers, because they will dry so quickly, and a handmade gift will warm your heart for a long time. Today we will do great together

Paper ball

This design is assembled from ordinary office paper, without glue and consists of 30 modules. The ball can be disassembled if necessary, then reassemble. We will need: - office paper of any desired color, even white; - scissors; - a printer

New Year's costume for a child

On the eve of the New Year holidays and matinees, each mother strives to dress her child in an appropriate manner. Unfortunately, today not every family can afford to buy a ready-made carnival costume. But to sew it yourself on the shoulder of any


This snowflake is much more beautiful than ordinary, cut just from a piece of paper, but it is made much more difficult. From the very beginning, I wanted to name my story not just a snowflake, but a snowflake from Oksana. The fact is that this method of making snowflakes

Decorative tree

The greatest joy is the things that you have created with your own hands. I propose to make a decorative tree - they can decorate the interior of your house, present for a birthday or a wedding.

Homemade video from KipKai

If you are a lover of tinkering and love to do crafts, then for sure you often came across video clips that show how to make this or that homemade product. And if so, then you probably know the face of the person depicted in the photo. . .

Simple robots using alternative energy sources

With this article, I open a new category in which I will tell you about interesting Internet resources related to homemade products, etc. You can also send me your finds. Now specifically about the site I came across. I will not

Rocking-chair for the mobile phone

Here is such a homemade product. Rocking chair for mobile phone. An option is to use a rocking chair, say, for business cards. The execution is very simple. . .
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