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Homemade threading machine

Among detachable connections, threaded connections are especially common. If necessary, they allow you to disassemble the assembly into parts without damage, and then reassemble them together. For this reason, they are designed and produced in large quantities.

Screwdriver gear from a broken grinder gearbox

Any instrument has its own deadline. But this does not mean that it needs to be thrown into the landfill, because some of its parts can still be used. For example, as in today's case with a failed grinder (angle grinder). Let's try to make it interesting

Rail rivet block

Hammer rivets An alternative to welding or threaded connections. To keep them secure, you need to choose them correctly. Standard rivets are not always suitable, so sometimes it is preferable to do them yourself.

Handmade hinge

An urgent need was a hinge on an iron door from a square pipe to the utility room. I didn’t find it in the workshop, but I didn’t want to go to the market, and then I figured out how to easily and quickly get out of the situation. In addition, the time taken to replace

How to fix woodworking defects

Compared to metals, wood is not hard enough. Therefore, during its processing, small errors are possible that spoil the overall impression of the product. The ability to eliminate defects that have arisen is a sign of a skilled carpenter or carpenter. But for

Wood milling cutter for through and blind blind holes

Imagine that you are facing a specific task: to make a dull hole in a tree under a bearing. To press it in, you need a certain diameter of the cutter, not the fact that a tool of this size will be in the store. Therefore, it’s easier and cheaper to do

Original painting of the guitar with your own hands

Creative people have personality. A bright, memorable image, like a gemstone cut, is able to emphasize the talent of the artist, to make him recognizable among his admirers. Today we will talk about unusual painting technology.

How to make a manual uprooter for bushes and small trees

Usually unnecessary or unnecessary plantations are removed manually, using common means (shovel, chopper, ketmen, etc.), with a large expenditure of physical effort and time. At the same time, you can make a homemade uprooter to remove small

How to make a simple handle for a broken knife

I have a folding knife with a ceramic blade. He repeatedly helped me out on trips to the country and on picnics. Perfect sharpness of the blade, which does not require sharpening, hygiene and lightness. In general, I became attached to him. After all, it happens that with some

Thread Repair Tool

Hello! I am a senior citizen and love to mess around in my home workshop. I assemble different devices with my own hands, implement life hacks, and sometimes experiment. Like any home craftsman, I never throw away used hardware - screws,

VA, RCD, AVDT - What to choose?

Electricity creates comfort, but becomes dangerous if an accident occurs in the power supply. A short circuit of potentials sharply increases the current in excess of the permissible value. The wires overheat, which can cause a fire. Decline

How to make a square hole

How to make a square hole in any workpiece? Everyone can drill a round hole, but sometimes it becomes necessary to make a square hole. I needed to make a big square hole in the round billet to

Simple trap for small rodents

In a personal house, on a plot of land, pests, mice and rats multiplied? It's time to declare war on them! Of course, it is easiest to use poison, but rodents quickly get used to it, in addition there is a danger of poisoning pets, birds. Spring loaded

Chainsaw grinder attachment

Many people have unnecessary old chains from a chainsaw lying around, from which you can make a kind of milling cutter-nozzle on a grinder for wood processing, needed in the household.

We assemble a chisel with an electric drive from a drill

There was a need to process a large piece of wood, for example, to create a sculpture for a garden or an armchair from a stump. An ordinary chisel, all this will be done for months. A branded tool is not cheap, you have to go somewhere and buy it. After

Crack repair in a tree

Small cracks in a tree are not dangerous and natural. It is bad when the defect reaches a width of 3-5 mm and spreads in length over the entire surface. Moisture that has fallen into the crack leads to decay of the tree. Bark beetles that settled there will undermine it from the inside.

Do-it-yourself grinding and cutting nozzle for a screwdriver

A cordless angle grinder is a rather specific tool, and it is not practical to acquire it without a specific amount of work (that is, for amateur purposes). However, in the presence of a conventional screwdriver on batteries and an old grinder,

We make a tap for a tree from a bolt

The need to cut internal thread in the holes of wooden parts may arise when performing various types of work, for example: when assembling furniture; during the construction of shelves or supports in the utility rooms or garage; during assembly

How to restore a knife if the handle breaks off

Sometimes the knobs of the handle break off at the knives, especially if they are made of plastic. It is a pity to throw out the knife plate, especially when the blade can still serve for a long time. We will first discuss two ideas for restoring a knife handle, and then

How to make an electric trap for mice and rats

Mice and rats accompany humans everywhere. They destroy products, crops in summer cottages and fields, carry viruses of severe infections and even bite signal wires in devices.

Dismantling, prevention and assembly, rear hub and ratchet

Not far off is the beginning of the next cycle season, and mentioning the proverb about the sleigh and cart, it would be nice to prepare your "great" for him now. Not in every village there is a bicycle service, where "experienced" (sometimes) masters, for the "symbolic"

Mini vacuum cleaner from an old hairdryer

A hair dryer breakdown is a rather rare case, since there is nothing special to break there; It consists of a plastic case, a motor with a propeller, a heating element made of a nichrome spiral, and a switch. Well, a couple of screws. And they change the hair dryer, buying a new one,

How to harden steel - a visual experiment

Steel familiar to everyone is an alloy of iron and carbon. Pure iron is malleable and soft, its scope is limited.A variety of rolled steel and steel products significantly change the hardness and ductility during various heat treatments ...

How to make a saddle for a pipe at an angle of 90 degrees

Sometimes in summer cottages, garage or home conditions it is necessary to weld two pipes, so that the end part of one fits tightly, without gaps, to the cylindrical generatrix of the other. Only in this case, the connection by welding or soldering will be durable and
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