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DIY template for furniture dowels

This tool is well known for the price of furniture makers and joiners. When you have to drill many identical holes, you can’t do without a template or conductor. Therefore, in a good workshop there are not many of them. Let us and we try to do

How to make a portable battery-powered compressor

In this master class, we will consider the creation of an electric pump for pumping the wheels of motorcycles and bicycles. The main advantage is that the pump is powered by a built-in battery and is small in size. Its construction is such that

How to make an eternal log and how much firewood can be saved with it

The controlled supply of water vapor to the furnace prolongs the burning of firewood and increases the heat transfer from the flame to the brickwork or metal parts of the boiler. To achieve this effect, the “eternal log” device is used. In the presence of

Homemade silencer for motokosa

Everyone knows this terrible sound of a working trimmer, it annoys not only the mower himself, but everyone around him. It’s worthwhile to work as a scythe even for a short time and this ringing just stands in your ears. This flaw was formed as a result of

Do-it-yourself simple greenhouse made of PVC pipes

Previously, frame greenhouses in the country or near the house were made of wooden bars or rolled metal (corners, round or profile pipes) and glazed frames. The design turned out to be bulky, heavy and expensive, and for its construction

Friction welding

Most modern welding processes are based on the supply of heat from outside, for example, due to arc discharge. But heat can be generated directly in the welding zone due to friction between the connected parts themselves. Thermal energy can

Piston compressors for the refrigerator - types and principles of operation

Most modern household refrigerators and freezers are equipped with piston compressors that are optimal in terms of efficiency and energy consumption, as well as ergonomic components (noise, the ability to configure, the cost of equipment). What is located

Putting one headphone out of two

Good, high-quality, original headphones from a popular and well-known brand that give a clear and loud sound are not cheap in the respective stores. Not every person can just go and buy these immediately after the breakdown of their own

How to make a hot glue hammer

Some materials require particularly delicate and accurate handling when working with them. In such cases, a rubber-headed hammer or wooden mallet is best suited. Without them, repair work is often impossible or difficult. They are used,

DIY solar distiller

This simplest solar distiller for distilled water works purely on solar energy and nothing else. It is not difficult to collect it, and everyone can do it. Its final performance is not high, but 100% free. And to solve

Have a house and a son? It's time to learn how to plant trees or how to plant apricot in spring

In fact, apricot can be planted both in spring and autumn. And both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Everyone can decide which option suits him, but this article will be about the spring planting of this beautiful tree with

How to make a solar lamp from a bottle

In the old garage, workshop, utility shed or utility room there is always a nook in which there is no light even on the brightest sunny day. Pulling there the wiring for connecting the light bulb is impractical, as with

DIY listogib do it yourself

When performing carpentry and other work, mounting corners may be required. Sometimes they really need a lot, which flies a pretty penny. It is much cheaper to do them yourself, using a miniature listogib. As a material for manufacturing

Cross connection in half tree

Cross-to-cross joining of timber or boards is one of the most effective and widespread in a carpentry environment. Wherever it is not used: on roofing, in the manufacture of furniture and decorative objects from solid wood, etc. Consider

How to make reliable stubs for your phone

Technological openings of the phone are the most vulnerable places of the device. Water will first flood there, when the apparatus falls into the water, dust accumulates there, if, for example, you do not use headphones for a long time. In the end, there can elementary

How to make a hex hole in metal

It is possible that the need for hexagonal holes may appear in the manufacture of improvised devices or repair of faulty equipment. For this purpose, there is, for example, a series of expensive tools. In order not to spend money, you yourself can

How to make an angular connection in three parts

For work, you can take pipes of any section: round, square, but we will focus on rectangular products. The main principle will be the same everywhere: for precise joining of the connection elements, their ends are cut each time at 45 degrees.

DIY springs

Steel springs can be of different configurations and it is not always possible to get the right type - the product is quite rare on the market. For this reason, for my needs, I make them myself.

The conductor for connection "on a slanting screw"

For joining wooden blanks, various joinery joints and fasteners are used, including nails, dowels and screws. There are a lot of varieties today, and connecting two boards is not a problem. However, the complexity is flat parts,

How to make a flint of two metals

Flinty - a pretty interesting thing. In stores specializing in this kind of goods, of which only shapes, sizes and types they are not. Do not list everything. I acquire flint quite often, as it is indispensable and very practical in the forest. Leaves

Quick glasses frames repair

If the rim of expensive eyewear (with glasses made according to an individual recipe) breaks, there is an easy way to quickly restore them. This will make it possible to fully use them until new ones are made.

How to make a loop on a cable

In the trunk of a car there is often a skein of steel tow rope. At its ends, hooks are usually placed. Under the load, when towing, they can break, after which their heavy fragments accelerated by a spring-loaded cable fly into the car,

The easiest drill lathe

Good day to all! I somehow decided to make wooden handles for my tools - files, chisels, chisels. I began to figure out how to make them. Just planing is too dreary, and it turns out ugly. That would be a lathe on

How to repair a broken gear tooth

In the mechanisms of previous years of production (machine tools, gearboxes, drives), gears and gears were often made of gray cast iron, which at low and medium loads were not inferior to steel counterparts, and the casting process was simpler and cheaper
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