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How to make an effective trap for wasps from a plastic bottle

The hornet's nest at home is a real danger to people and pets. Wasps zealously protect him and are ready to attack anyone who approaches the nest. Their bites are quite painful and often cause an allergic reaction. They can

How to make a double angular connection of round pipes

This type of connection has an aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it is mainly used in designs in which style refinement is most important. There are other connection methods to ensure strength, but of course

3 ways to remove scratches of any depth from a wooden surface

Scratches on a wooden surface, as well as chips and other defects are very striking. Their presence is unpleasant, but does not affect the functionality in any way, so changing the board for such minor reasons is inappropriate. To improve the external

How to easily make an exact cut in a pipe

In the manufacture of various homemade products, sometimes it becomes necessary to drill round pipes. To perform such an operation using conventional twist drills is quite difficult, as this will require painstaking preliminary preparation.

How to make a splitting carrot in a garage

Chopping firewood manually with an ax or a cleaver takes a lot of physical strength, so craftsmen created many designs of mechanized wood choppers with a working body in the form of a carrot - a cone with a slight slope, on which is applied

The working design of a homemade lathe

Even a very used lathe is not affordable for most lovers who need it only for processing small workpieces. If it is necessary to carry out insignificant amounts of work, the machine can be made by yourself from rolled metal.

Homemade flange on an electric motor shaft

If necessary, fasten a grindstone, brush, pulley, blades or other equipment on the motor shaft, a flange is required, which can be difficult to select. In the presence of desire and free time, such an adapter can be made your

How to make a bending machine from a corner and door hinges

It is often necessary to bend sheet metal, which is done without a bending machine, especially when the bending line is long, is not so simple. But such a device is not difficult to make with your own hands using simple tools and quite

How to make a simple and unusual box of alder and burl

I propose to create such an unusual box from a tree that is completely familiar to all of us - alder, and burl - growth, which is quite common in the forest. In this box you can store absolutely any things, various little things, jewelry. The main thing with

Baby octopus soup

In fact, this is an ordinary soup with meatballs, but instead of boring meat balls, funny "octopuses" settled here, sweeping their legs from long noodles or spaghetti. Children from this interpretation are simply delighted!

Home technology manufacturing recycled plastic handles

Sometimes the old tool loses its native handles, without which its use is significantly complicated. If desired, they can be restored in various ways, including by molding from plastic. It is especially good to do it from HDPE

How to turn a round PVC pipe into a square

Sometimes there is a need for a square PVC pipe of short length. You could buy it in a store, but they won’t sell a small piece there, but it’s a little expensive to buy a pipe with a cross section of 150 × 150 mm and a length of at least two meters. Compared to Round

How to reduce the diameter of a steel pipe by friction

Today's review will focus on reducing pipe diameter by friction. Will be made threaded pipe in 5 minutes! This is not a joke, and video evidence is attached to the material. For example, the body is taken from the engine pneumatic starter. To him need

Metal cutter from old hacksaw

Old hacksaw, old, unsuitable for regrinding, being a kind of hand saws for sawing wood, is a valuable material for use for any other useful purpose or application.

What can be done from a broken hacksaw

Any tool sooner or later fails. If an electric tool can still be repaired at least somehow and used for some time, then a thing like a hacksaw, a hammer, a chisel and other primitive tools,

Friction welding drill

Lathe is a multifunctional equipment that can be used to perform various tasks, including precision welding of parts by friction. This can come in handy if you need to build a drill or other tool. At

Making a new handle for a hammer

If the wooden handle of your hammer or ax is broken or you decide to just upgrade it, then this workshop is for you. I found an old broken hammer and decided to restore it. It all came down to replacing his pen with a new one. The process is not complicated and

Two ideas for a drilling machine

See how you can make two very useful fixtures for a vertical drilling machine, which will definitely be useful not only to any master, but also to an ordinary amateur.

How to grow porcini mushrooms on a windowsill

Picking mushrooms in the forest is not only purely utilitarian, but also emotional. Therefore, so many people go mushrooming, or at least dream about it. But it is no less interesting and useful to grow these plants, sometimes semi-living.

We cast a homemade gear wheel from aluminum instead of plastic

This workshop will teach you how to make copies of simple aluminum parts. In our case, the drive gear for sliding gates has broken. In the factory version it is made of plastic. We will do it.

Motor pump from a chainsaw engine

The summer season is coming and many are asking questions: is it possible to make a budget motor pump for watering the garden that could pump water from the nearest reservoir? This topic from year to year excites fans of suburban life and the owners of home gardens

Production of fuel briquettes from sawdust and paper

Excellent use of wood waste - the manufacture of fuel briquettes. They allow you to cope with the ever-increasing number of shavings, sawdust from work in carpentry workshops and garbage in the household. What is usually thrown away or burned,

Free fishing line for trimmer

It’s not necessary to buy a rope for a trimmer, you can make it yourself from a PVC bottle. The finished rope is strong, able to withstand significant loads. For the manufacture of fishing line we use a bottle cutter, a screwdriver, a hairdryer.

How to make a difficult sharpener for easy sharpening knives

Like all tools, knives require proper care, in particular, high-quality sharpening, in which it is very important to maintain a constant sharpening angle along the entire length of the blade. Of course, it is not difficult for an experienced grinder to ensure this even with manual
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