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4 useful ideas for a home master

Useful ideas and accessories for an amateur carpenter or a home craftsman. Without professional carpentry, it is completely unprofitable to buy a special tool for this. However, it is possible to work accurately and comfortably if

A home-made marking surface gage is an indispensable thing for a carpenter, carpenter and others

When cutting sheet material, it is very important to apply even marking. For this, a special tool is used - a marking surface gage. It will be useful to roofers, carpenters, joiners, drywall workers and other craftsmen. Reysmus has a very

Do-it-yourself trimmer motor-drill

The trimmer is a special tool. Its purpose is to fight weeds, shrub stalks and grass of lawns in places inaccessible to lawn mowers. Can motokosa drill holes in various materials? Today we look at one of

Removable tool for cutting circles in sheet metal using a grinder

You can cut a circle in sheet metal with scissors for metal, making accurate cutting, and possessing extraordinary skills. Do not do without additional edge processing. You can also use the hand tool - a nozzle on a drill HC2 EV Malco

How to make simple carpentry vise for a workbench

A workbench without a vise is no more than just a table. Joiner's vice is a necessary adaptation for each master. They provide reliable fixation of wooden and metal parts during their processing. The basis of the design taken

How to make hanging shelves in a garage or workshop that do not take up space

Not every car owner or master has the opportunity to have a spacious garage or workshop and store all the tools and small parts in it, and this causes a lot of inconvenience. Sometimes the rooms are so small that to put ordinary shelves near the walls

DIY stand for a child from 1 year to 7 years old for 276 rubles

It just so happened that our children grow up and eventually become independent. In this regard, a device is required so that our child can independently reach the washbasin, wash his hands, and brush his teeth. It's about how to do it yourself

How to make homemade plastic

Fans of making various crafts from soft materials with their own hands often do not have the opportunity to buy raw materials in specialized stores. There is a way to make homemade plastic yourself, for comparison, consider three options

How to make a chain from a PVC pipe

Some crafts seem, at first glance, useless, because the practical outline of their application is not immediately apparent. For example, for what purpose is a PVC chain needed? But sometimes the process of making homemade products or

How to turn a bolt into a beautiful small souvenir hunting knife

Not always hunting knives are made for a utilitarian purpose. Sometimes it’s just a souvenir or gift, attracting, first of all, attention to itself with the harmony of forms and quality of decoration. Let's turn a stainless steel bolt into a compact masterpiece together,

How else can you make a square hole

To make a square hole in strong metals without special equipment is not easy. However, this can be done on universal machines. But for this you will have to craft the so-called. Watts drill and template for it.

Compressor jigsaw from the refrigerator

Designing home-made machines based on engines from broken household appliances has already become a classic. Usually, the motor from the washing machine is used for this, but the compressor from the refrigerator can also be used with benefit. Consider option

Replacing the lower gearbox trimmer (trimmer)

Eternal tools do not exist, even the highest quality fail. This is due only to mechanical damage during operation, but also to metal fatigue. Even under normal operating conditions, microcracks appear in it,

How to assemble a peristaltic pump with your own hands

Peristaltic or hose pumps are primarily designed for pumping clean, sterile or aggressive fluids, as they only come in contact with the flexible hose. In addition, they do not have rubber seals, so there is no contact

How to make square holes with round drills, a method available to everyone

In the manufacture of various mechanisms, it may be necessary to drill a square hole. For this, there is a Watts drill, but not everyone has it. If its purchase is impractical, then using simple technology

Parts restoration: rust converter against soda hydrolysis

Often rusty tools or other metal objects can get into your hands, which would be nice to restore. If there is shallow surface corrosion, then after processing from rusty scale, updated parts are quite possible to apply

How to quickly make a tool for sharpening drills

Not only speed and quality of drilling, but also safety precautions depends on the sharpening of the drill. Only professional toolmakers can manually sharpen a drill by eye, everyone else will either make the wrong angle of the cutting edges, or

Dremel broke - it does not matter: it can be replaced by a Bulgarian

This tool with a flexible shaft, which is also called a mini-drill, can perform various types of processing of wooden and metal parts and assemblies in hard to reach places. What to do if the electric motor fails, or the drive is dremel?

A new mosquito net handle in just 5 minutes from a plastic bottle

Industrial pens are made of plastic, it is a fragile material and quite often breaks. Without them, removing the grid is a problem, and throwing it away and buying a new one is expensive. The way out is to make a pen yourself. This will require a minimum of time, financial

A universal garden tool with which you can remove weeds, plant or transplant any plant

Work in the country, in the garden or in the garden can not be called easy. Therefore, interest in rational ways of doing things and devices that facilitate and accelerate labor does not wane. Today we consider a method of manufacturing a simple hand tool with

DIY do-it-yourself bowl

When a bonfire is lit, a burnt place remains on the site, on which grass does not grow for a long time. To avoid this, you can make a bonfire bowl of sheet metal. It will be useful when camping, as it will prevent accidental

How to replace the old ax with a new one. Use oil instead of wedge glue

Sooner or later, an ax of wood has to be changed, since the metal head of an ax is stronger than a wooden handle, both mechanically and in opposition to external adverse factors.

Lock plastic windows from children for 92 rubles with their own hands

We all have children, in the life of parents nothing can be more expensive than the safety of our own child. I faced a task: to install locks on plastic windows, the price of the cheapest option that I found on the Internet is 600 rubles,

Restore old brushes

Good paint brushes are expensive. Therefore, the ability to restore them will help save your money. The restoration process includes softening and removing dried paint from a bunch of bristles, washing the brush, and also giving them the desired shape.
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