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Crutch Hammer

To perform small work in the form of engraving and embossing, it is important to have a special tool, one of which is a small hammer. Its dimensions and low weight allow you to: perform small work without fear of damaging other elements; work

Mobile Phone Dock

I don’t know how much a smartphone docking station costs in communication shops, I have never been interested, but making such a device myself, in my opinion, is as easy as shelling pears! After all, in fact, this is an ordinary stand, so that the phone does not lie anywhere, and does not

Independent manufacture of an extractor for twisting a broken screw

If you had to tighten small screws into hardwood, then, most likely, you have already encountered their breakdown at the most inopportune moment. As a result (for example, when installing the piano loop) there is a double problem:

Magnetic corner for welding

During welding, there are times when it is necessary to simultaneously grab the part and hold it at a certain angle. For such work, two people or a special tool is needed. Most commonly used

Shrinkable bundles of plastic bottles

I had an idea how to make heat-shrinkable clamps that could be used for various household purposes. The idea is based on the ability of PET plastic to compress when exposed to hot air. Empirically, I came up with three types

Original do-it-yourself trinkets

Trinkets are now sold at every turn. Someone wears them with keys, someone with a remote control from the car, someone just on jeans, on a belt loop ... But it’s much more interesting to wear a do-it-yourself keychain on, say, the keys.

Cold welding knife handle

A broken knife handle, or a blunt blade, of course, is not the end of the world, but still, the event is rather not pleasant, and in order to avoid this unpleasant moment in the future at the most inopportune moment (for example, when going for mushrooms, or

Potbelly stove from old disks

Today I will tell you how I made a potbelly stove for my workshop so that you can work in it in the winter, but at the same time do not wind electricity with oil heaters. For these purposes, I got 3 drives from the truck. One of them was smaller in diameter,

Three ways to remove a rivet

Many industrial products use rivets as a way to securely and quickly fasten a knot that will not be further disassembled. Often rivets connect thin sheet metals. If you have a need to remove the stave and not

Simple brush with metal bristles

Many masters consider the presence of such a brush a relic of the past, preferring modern tools. However, a true specialist understands the real merits of such a product, and always keeps it at hand. Moreover, for some operations

The easiest tool for sharpening knives at 30 degrees

I continue to sharpen the knife.I already showed my homemade device to make descents (tapering surfaces of the blade). At the same time he made a polishing disc, stitching several discs together so as not to diverge. Next was the task of sharpening

New handle for an old knife

Today I will tell you how to make a new handle for an old knife, if the native handle fell apart. I had a pair of shoe knives, one of which had a cracked handle and split into two halves.

The shield of the Vikings and Slavs do it yourself

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, today we’ll talk about a round shield that was used by both our ancestors - the Slavs and the northern Scandinavian warriors known to the whole world - the Vikings. I want to say right away that this is not a reconstruction, i.e. way to create

Simple 12V LED tube lamp

Probably, many faced a problem when you choose to spend the night in nature, and it’s dark around, because the light from the fire is not enough for a modern person to feel comfortable. For these purposes, you can make LED

How to make a hole in hardened steel without drilling

In such a simple way, you can make not only a round hole in red-hot steel, but also a hole of any other shape in without too much effort. The chemical method will help you out and facilitate the task. The method does not require expensive chemicals, all

Railroad Anvil

One of the necessary attributes of a home master is a small anvil. It is useful to anyone who likes to do everything on their own: often you need to level some piece of iron, which requires a flat and heavy surface, on which without fear

DIY folding box

Shadowless factory-made photo box is a necessary thing, but quite expensive. For us, far from professional photographers, a homemade lightcube is quite suitable, which can be made literally from anything. Among the most inexpensive and simple

Furnace heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is installed on the chimney of any furnace and increases its manufacturer and efficiency by more than 2.5 times. Which significantly increases fuel economy, reduces warm-up time. The essence of the work is simple: through the chimney of the furnace, in addition to smoke, it is emitted

Plasticine painting

An ordinary picture bought in a store will not surprise anyone. Then why not make a picture of yourself with plasticine? If you wish, you can even depict your pet in the picture - a dog or a cat! Let's get started!

Making a manicure stand for hands

Those who are professionally engaged in manicure services understand how important it is to have a palm rest. This not only enhances the prestige of services, but also makes the manicure process more convenient for both the client and the master. Since the lamps are different

How to revive a smartphone with a "dead" battery

A touch phone is a fairly common gadget that almost every person has. However, he has the second most popular failure, after a broken screen - this is a battery failure. Revive a failed gadget

DIY wooden flower shelf

Indoor flowers are the main decoration of almost any interior. After all, they make the room brighter and more attractive. Literally any room, whether it be an office or an apartment, can be made cozy and stylish with the help of indoor plants.

DIY lightcube

Those who wish to save money will have plenty of simple and inexpensive variations to make a shadowless photo box - for example, from a cardboard box, from picture frames, from a linen basket with mesh faces and even from white PVC tiles for pasting

Selection of a working capacitor for a three-phase electric motor

To answer the question of how to choose a capacitor for induction motors and how the capacitors differ from each other, we will assemble a stand from a conventional three-phase motor with a power of 250 watts. We use a standard generator from
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