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For animals and birds

Master classes:

How to chop chicken

Poultry is often used in home cooking. It makes excellent dishes for a dietary, daily and festive table. Mistresses prefer to purchase exactly the whole carcass of the chicken, and then independently divide it into parts. So

Do-it-yourself scissors

Many cat lovers are faced with the fact that their pets sharpen their claws on furniture, which is why it loses its appearance. Since cats have such a need, the best solution would be to purchase a special claw point. It can be bought at

Simple car drinker

Hello! If you have domestic animals, then this article will be of interest to you. In it I will tell you how to make a very convenient drinker, in which you will not need to constantly pour water, and the liquid will be dosed itself in the right proportions. Such

Do-it-yourself doghouse

To make a dog house with your own hands, you need to correctly calculate the dimensions, and also prepare a minimum of tools and materials. The described project is designed for those who do not have “cool” carpentry equipment and serious skills in working with

Very simple bed for a cat

For cats, one of the most important things in life is sleep. They prefer to spend most of their time sleeping or quietly lying in the most unexpected corners.

Car feeder

If you are tired of constantly walking and feeding your poultry, then this homemade product is for you. This car feeder or car feeder will save you from frequent trips for grain. You will need to simultaneously fill in the required amount of grain in this

Very tall and durable cat house

Make a big cat tree for your beloved pet. Cats like to climb higher and watch what is happening from their observation point, so they will certainly appreciate your efforts. To build you will need: Pine boards and slats.

Cardboard scratching post

Welcome all lovers of Murok and Vasek! We want to share a budget way how to please a pet. We bring to your attention such a thing, necessary in your house, as a claw-post. It is unlikely that anyone doubts its necessity.

Scratching post

Have you decided to bring a playful kitten to the house? Then you should take care of its contents. A special place in the life of a pet is occupied by necessities. Today we are going to talk about a scratching post. It is so arranged by nature that cats feel the need

Decor photo frames for furry pet

A cat is a person’s favorite pet. This is a graceful, affectionate animal. A pet is a real therapist because a few minutes spent with a cat may be enough to distract, unwind and

How to make a house for a cat?

Most people treat pets as children. In many families, a cat or dog is a member of the family that has many rights, including the right to own a home. Now we will consider how to make a house for a cat, and this house

Soft harness for the dog

If you are lucky to become the owner of a wonderful four-legged loyal friend, then you already know that any dog ​​requires attention and care. To keep a dog pet requires quite a lot of accessories. One of those is the harness. Harness is

Newspaper cat house

Hello dear readers. Carried away by weaving from newspaper tubes, you can make a beautiful house for a cat. Cats for cats are now sold in stores and you can buy them, but if you want, you can make your own unique house and

Simple bird feeder

“I don't want to go to the garden!” The son whispered. Short pause (to draw more air into the lungs). Suddenly - instead of the usual morning cry and hysteria - the baby wept bitterly. For a second I moved to his place and felt how bad he was and

Fur toy mouse for cat

When we bring a pet into the house, we surround it with care and love. We indulge our pets with delicious delicacies, comfortable loungers for sleeping and beautiful bowls. However, you should take care of toys for a furry friend. If in

Bird feeders

And what do you follow when you make a bird feeder? Use a strong and waterproof material, worry about the aesthetic appearance of the product, try to think through all the details as much as possible, so that it would be convenient for the birds to eat in such a dining room? Then

Bird feeders

It is already very cold on the street and the birds move closer and closer to the apartment buildings. For what? To find food and feast on delicious grains and bread crumbs. Therefore, it's time to make a feeder and hang it on a tree near the entrance. Today you will learn

Bed for a cat

When a soft and fluffy pet comes into the house, we want to surround him with care. We buy him bowls, food, toys and hygiene products. Creating comfort for your cat, you can not forget about the place of his sleep. I propose to sew a comfortable couch for

Plastic bottle feeders for birds

Winter is a difficult time for birds. They can find shelter from snow and frost, but finding food is more difficult, especially if the snowdrifts are high. Therefore, you need to help the birds! And the easiest way - hanging feeders. Children in kindergartens and schools always

Scratching post for a pet

This clawfish is almost a year and a half. When I did it, just in case I took pictures of the stages, because I did not hope that it would last a long time: after all, it was cardboard, and the claws of our pets - you yourself know how strong. But how

How to make a collar to an animal

Unfortunately, our pets may be injured or ill. In some cases, you may need a special collar for the animal during treatment, for example, for a chinchilla. Here the owners are faced with a problem, since the most

Bed for cat

The owners of cats know that these cute pets love to choose secluded places for sleep and relaxation, where no one will disturb them. Often, boxes, various containers, and even plastic bags act as such a place. You can arrange your cat

Dog collar

In anticipation of the New Year, do not forget to take care of the gift for your pet. Please your four-legged with a new collar, which can be done with your own hands. This workshop will show you how to make an adjustable collar.


The idea of ​​making a chicken house is new and relevant at all times, while a person will eat meat products.We all know the squeaking lumps in cardboard boxes, but the cardboard box is not the right place for a chicken for a number of reasons.
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