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Games with children

Master classes:

We sew a toy palette for shadows from felt

There are probably no girls who, each at one time, would not be interested in cosmetics. Numerous jars, boxes, tubes and bottles of mother’s cosmetic bag sometimes fascinate little beauties even more than beautiful dresses,

Children's Convertible Sandbox

Ideal for a small child, a summer cottage - games, fresh air, a river or a pool, and always a sandbox. A country sandbox with a hinged lid and a bench is the most practical option for a sand playground for a summer residence. Blocking access to

Royal sofa for dolls

What do children like most? Of course, play. Boys are cars, and girls are daughters and mothers. And, as you know, every dollhouse should have furniture, especially a soft sofa for a doll. So let’s do it yourself to make truly

How to make a doll house with your own hands?

Many children ask their parents to buy a toy house for the holidays, but very often this gift is very, very expensive. Therefore, parents simply can not afford to buy such a house in a store. However, do not despair, because

Felt cabbage

Felt is an amazing material from which you can sew a lot of gizmos, including vegetable or fruit crops. They will be useful in the house where there are children, because such felt things help in the education and development of children. And also with

Game for children "Ladybugs on autumn leaves"

Today I want to share an interesting game that we came up with with my daughter while walking in the park. When we were collecting autumn leaves, a ladybug was hidden under one of them. The daughter put a bug on a smaller leaf and said that

Children's vacuum cleaner for games

Children, playing role-playing games, get used to various images. And best of all, the kids are able to portray their parents, leading a home life. For such games, various items are needed that can be made independently from improvised means.

Kapitoshka from knitting threads

Good afternoon! Surely every grandmother has a home knitting threads that mom wants to throw in the trash. Of course, it’s a pity to throw large balls of a wide variety of threads, and therefore I propose the idea of ​​how to make a beautiful thread out of knitting threads

Toy "Good Brownie"

The tale of a pretty little house inspired my granddaughter with her own creativity. The search for materials took perhaps more time than the sewing itself, because we came up with a simple pattern and worked four hands.

Toy mitten "Snake"

You have probably seen more than once that adults play with children, depicting a snake in their hand. For such games, I propose to sew a snake toy-mitten. For manufacturing you will need: - non-thick cardboard; - pencil, ruler, compass; - scissors; - dense fabric

Cardboard Box Theater

New Year holidays are over. Sweets are eaten, gifts are unpacked. The Christmas tree still stands dressed up in balls and garlands. From under the dense crown, Santa Claus and Snegurochka are watching what is happening in the family circle.Soon their parents will hide them in a box and put them in

Game "Apple Tree"

In order for your child to be able to write beautifully in school in the future, it is necessary that he has fine motor skills in his hands. Drawing, modeling contribute to this like no other technique. But, there are special games that are aimed at

Game-game on the development of memory and attention

The development of mental abilities is the main component of preparing children for school. The task of educators and parents is the timely training of memory, perseverance and attention. Of course, there are many computer games aimed at developing

Toy garage for cars

When your child is a mischievous little boy who constantly needs cars, no matter how many there are in the house, it's time to think about such a necessary thing as a garage. Usually small “models” tend to get lost somewhere, so the garage, like never before,

Finger Theater

Finger Theater based on the Russian folk tale "Teremok". Materials and tools: - multi-colored hard felt 1-1.2 mm thick. Soft felt will not work, as it does not hold its shape; - black beads for the eyes (can be replaced with a French knot); -

Toy traffic light

I bring to your attention an original educational toy-craft made from an empty box of toothpaste with a step-by-step step-by-step photo. This master class is intended: for kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, leaders

Page for a children's book in pop-up style

Like many other paper crafts, pop-up creations quite often become real works of art. Complex, multifaceted, colorful, they attract the attention of adults and children. However, the secrets of pop-up are not as complex as

Educational game "Zoo"

This article will tell you how to make an educational game, which will appeal to the smallest kids. How to play the "Zoo"? Before the baby, drawings of animals will be presented, and they will need to be decomposed into cells with names. So

Children's game "Learning colors"

The children's game "Learning Colors" is aimed at preschool children. It is aimed at the development of children's logic and memory. The name of the game indicates its essence. Six colorful flowers are placed on the cardboard, the child needs to insert

Legend of one river

Well-illustrated and interesting books are bought by parents for their kids. Reading bedtime stories the child is looking forward to every day. A fairy tale takes you to unknown distances, talks about past events, introduces you to entertaining characters,

Fun Balloon Toys

Today I want to offer you to make toys from improvised means. To make them, you will need: elastic balloons of various sizes, preferably made of dense latex, thin markers, a funnel, flour, pencil and various types of decorations.

Funny sunny bunny

Caring for their children, mothers choose reliable and high-quality toys. And recently, they even prefer to sew a toy on their own. Such toys are filled with light, kindness, mother's caress and care, positive energy, which

Flanelegraf - a visual aid for preschool children

Once made, a flannelograph will serve your child until school. This visual aid deserves special attention from parents whose kids do not attend kindergarten. The popularity of a flannel graph is explained not only by its simplicity and
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