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How to make fire without matches in a forge. The trick of an experienced blacksmith

Almost every blacksmith knows this trick: how to make fire in the forge's furnace without matches. Everything in life happens and the absence of matches in the workplace is no exception. An experienced master will not be confused and will use this method of fire production. And will not pass

How to make a mini cellar from a barrel in a garage in the country

Not every owner of a suburban area has free refrigerators for storing fruits and vegetables. At room temperature, they are quickly affected by putrefactive bacteria and become unusable. She also has a problem - drying. If not

Connection of the washing machine motor, reverse and speed control

In washing machines, automation most often fails, in second place are bearings and rubber products. The engine is the most reliable unit, it is used in the manufacture of various home machines. But for this you need to be able to change

Homemade crimping for crimping tubular lugs on a cable

For crimping tubular lugs on a wire, a special crimper tool is required. Usually it is only for those who are engaged in electrical installation professionally, in other cases, its purchase is impractical. For small volume

The fastest and easiest way to make a knife handle

Sometimes annoying situations arise, the knife handle code for various reasons (factory defects, excessive mechanical stress) breaks. Throw away an expensive knife is a pity, but impossible to use. There is a fairly effective way to

How to make a glass jar shockproof

Many had unpleasant situations when a full glass jar was broken due to an accidental blow on a hard or sharp object and all the contents spilled onto the ground. There is a fairly effective method of protecting it.

How to make a dispenser nozzle out of a plastic bottle cap and use cases

This life hack is definitely useful for everyone from a housewife to a car mechanic. Such a nozzle dispenser can be used in many sectors of our life. To make it very simple even in nature, in order to sprinkle kebab with water and this

Comprehensive cleaning of the iron with all available means

Now I will show how incredibly simple it is to clean the iron not only from the outside, but also inside, using the tools that are always available in almost any kitchen. The sole of the iron, its water tank with all channels, will be cleaned at a time. Iron again

How I freeze eggplants for the winter, the best way

The simplest and most useful option for harvesting “blue” for future use is their freezing. But few people know that raw fruits are tough and not tasty. Even after heat treatment, they are very bitter and almost unlike those eggplants that we

How to quickly cast a cable boss without a mold

Sometimes such a nuisance as a cable break and a factory boss at the end flies off. To make a new one, an injection mold is needed that will form the external contours of the metal. Of course, you can do it yourself, but it will take a lot

How to make a vacuum packer from a syringe

Many people know that the presence of air in the environment of the products significantly reduces their shelf life. This is due to the fact that air has a beneficial effect on the reproduction of harmful bacteria. Moreover, it itself contains many organisms from

A way to instantly thread a needle without any tools

You will definitely take this method into service when you learn how easy it is to thread a needle in a matter of seconds. This will not require any additional devices. In this example, a large-eye needle will be used first.

How to make a skirt (funnel) at the end of a PVC pipe

Plastic pipes are very favorably different from steel pipes: they do not rust, they are quick and convenient to work with. Somehow I did a drain for the house and I needed a pipe with an extension at the end in the form of a funnel. I did not find such on sale, I decided to do it myself and how

Never buy ball valves without checking on my recommendation

All masters are well aware of the low physical strength parameters of silumin - the most used stainless alloy in low-quality Chinese products. Even with slight static loads, the water fittings after a few

How to make sturdy file handles with a plastic bottle

Wooden file handles tend to dry out and crack, so sometimes they have to be changed. Often, new handles do not serve in the best way, as they are whipped up from under-dried wood. Since the file shanks

How to cut a flat hole with a grinder

At home, only a grinder will help to quickly and accurately make a large diameter hole in steel. Of course, you can drill it around the perimeter with a thin drill, and then grind the perforated edge for a long time, but this takes time.

How to reduce HDD noise to a minimum

Who would not say that, but from magnetic hard drives (HDD) for a long time nowhere to go. Most modern computers are now sold with two drives: solid-state - for the speed of the system and classic magnetic - for storage

Little tricks for great good

Many people know how much time is wasted searching for a particular tool, hardware, etc. Each item must have its own permanent place, one must be convenient, universal and affordable. There are some tips for making basic

How to boil eggs so they can be cleaned quickly and easily

Are you going to make salads for the holiday? Naturally, you will need to cook a dozen eggs in a steep minimum. And then clean them. For some, this is a whole problem. If for you too, then after this life hack everything will be several times faster, because the eggs

How I freeze tomatoes for the winter, a useful trick

Experienced housewives use various methods of preserving vegetables, including freezing. But different vegetables after defrosting behave differently. I tried in this way to keep the tomatoes, sliced, but after thawing they look like

Water, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide against rust - I share my personal experience in cleaning dishes dryers

Vacation "crept unnoticed." It is time to do something that the hands all year simply did not reach. I have been looking at my dish dryer for a long time. It is metal, bought in an economy class store. The quality is appropriate. As

12 volt fusion splicer for thin metal welding

Sometimes there is a need for electric welding of small parts, which will not be subjected to a serious load. In the absence of a welding machine, this problem can be solved with the help of a battery and a graphite rod from a finger battery.

Awesome viking ax from an old rusty do-it-yourself ax

Many in the garage or pantry are lying around an old rusty ax without a handle, which for a long time had to be thrown away or brought to mind. I propose an interesting solution for its restoration and transformation into a stylized Viking ax.

How to sterilize cans in the oven - save time and resources

To save time on sterilizing containers before canning, its total processing in the oven or microwave will help. The procedure will not only save your minutes, but also the consumption of gas or electricity.
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