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Plasticine painting

An ordinary picture bought in a store will not surprise anyone. Then why not make a picture of yourself with plasticine? If you wish, you can even depict your pet in the picture - a dog or a cat! Let's get started!

Money tree

Money tree symbolizes financial growth and prosperity. This strong talisman that attracts luck can often be seen at home with lovers of the ancient mystical teachings of Feng Shui. They are sure that the thicker the crown on the tree, the richer it

Quilling painting “Forest Fairy”

The quilling technique allows needlewomen to show all their imagination. As a result of simple manipulations, paper stripes turn into spiral blanks, from which voluminous crafts and paintings can be made. And if you combine several techniques

Pasta pattern

Do you still use pasta exclusively for making soups and side dishes? But in vain! This product is great for creativity. This workshop will revolutionize your understanding of pasta. You will learn to make big of them

Panel picture "Little ballerina"

A small picture with a graceful outline of a little ballerina can serve as a decoration for a child’s room for a girl, or any other room with free space on the wall. So, if you were visited by inspiration, and wanted to refresh something

Painting "Pregnant"

I love the quilling technique. It all started with simple flowers, then there were beautiful voluminous paintings. And at a new stage, I wanted to master contour quilling. The work was just amazing, girlfriends envy when they see it. BUT

Coffee painting workshop

Many people want to decorate the surrounding space with pleasant things that not only give a good mood, but also to some extent characterize the tastes or habits of people. High-quality artwork is very expensive and not everyone can afford it.

Picture in the technique of sinking "Birds in the sun"

The isonia technique allows you to create very unusual images. Moving the thread in a given direction, you can embroider such an amazing picture that you just can’t take your eyes off. For those who can sew, creating something beautiful in this form

The picture in the technique of isonia "Rowan branch"

The technique of sinking allows lovers of embroidery to try themselves in a slightly different role. Cardboard is used as the basis for crafts, so the feeling during embroidery is completely different than when working with canvas or fabric. Today you will learn

Picture frame with decorative elements.

If you like to draw, assemble puzzles or embroider a cross, then you, undoubtedly, at least once, have encountered the problem of acquiring a framework for your creation. I don’t want to put on my own masterpiece in standard edging, but non-standard solutions

Needleless Patchwork - Kinusaiga: Butterfly

Many people know what a patchwork or patchwork sewing is, and they know very well how laborious it is to stitch all the small pieces of fabric together, and even try to assemble them into a harmonious mosaic and iron the seams, it's not so simple. BUT

Picture from felt

Volumetric soft compositions can decorate any room. Their unusual texture will fill the interior with a contrast of color and shape, help emphasize the individual style of the owner, will become a spectacular transition between zones or just a hallmark

The painting "Roosters" in the technique of nitcography

Nitkography is a relatively new needlework technique. If you compare this, then at home every needlewoman has handicrafts made from beads, knitted items, flowers made of paper or polymer clay, paintings using the technique of quilling or dry felting from wool. Is there any

Egg shell painting

How to make the picture have an interesting texture? You can apply textured plaster on the base, but then the image must be covered with an additional layer of varnish. It is better to create a light relief using eggshells. This natural

Painting money tree

To attract money and luck to the house, people resort to various methods. The money tree has long been considered an object that is able to protect and increase the finances of the owners of the house in which it is located. It can be found in different variations - monetary

Eggshell mosaic "Rainbow color umbrella"

This fascinating master class, with its simplicity, is aimed at children, but is suitable for all creative people. Folding such a mosaic will bring a lot of pleasure, and the crafts made in this technique will become a real work of art.

Easter Eggs - Eggshell Mosaic

Easter is a holiday of peace and kindness. On this wonderful holiday, I want to congratulate our relatives and friends, this will help us with a handmade gift. You can add the Easter mosaic yourself or bring it to this entertaining process.

Mosaic "Broken Heart"

This workshop is on the unusual use of eggshells as mosaics. Everyone can find material for this type of creativity, and giving a second life to the shell and connecting your imagination, you can create spectacular and unusual things. In that

Unique passepartout

Last year, my friend visited the country of the pharaohs of Egypt and, as expected, brought a souvenir - a decorative papyrus depicting Tutankhamun, Cleopatra and Nefertiti. Everything is very beautiful, one “but” is just a piece of papyrus and somewhere it

Valentine's card in the technique of sinking

We will need: 1. Cardboard - white, glossy, 2. An awl, a large needle or compass, 3. Floss thread, 4. An ordinary sewing needle, small size, 5. Scissors, 6. Pencil.

Picture from coins "Money tree"

Today, do-it-yourself paintings are gaining great popularity. They are a wonderful gift for a birthday, for a housewarming party, for a wedding, and sometimes it just happens. Pictures made by hand are very individual and unique.

The painting "Owls" in the technique of nitkography

Nitkography is an interesting threading technique. Often, they draw everything with pencils, felt-tip pens and get lines on a sheet of paper. In this technique, lines are formed after gluing threads. The adhesive is applied to the base and the selected image step by step

Money tree made of threads and nails

String art is a very interesting and very exciting technique. On any wooden surface, nails are driven in and their hats are braided with threads. Once you master it, it is difficult to stop at one job. Today you will learn how to do

A picture of ordinary napkins

Cutting is a fascinating form of creativity. An original work is created from ordinary paper napkins, which looks very impressive in the interior. Cutting requires the simplest materials that can be found in any home. For work
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