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What to make from the remnants of soap?

Soap is rarely used completely. When a small piece remains, people prefer to buy a new bar. After all, remnant is inconvenient to use. But throwing it away is a pity, so a few old pieces can accumulate at home. Of these crumbs quite

How to colorize any black and white photo in 1 minute

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you one very amazing online service, with which you can absolutely free to colorize any black and white photos in almost a matter of seconds. You don’t even need to register (link to

Polymer clay mug decor

What to do if you want to have attributes with your favorite character, but it is not on sale? The answer is obvious: create your own amazing hero yourself. Figures, trinkets, relief decoration of mugs can be made of polymer clay with your own hands. Just enough

How to make gift buttons with your image (with 3D effect)

The most noticeable part of clothing is the buttons. Of course, if the clothes are not zipped. Buttons on clothes are mainly of two types, with holes, and with an eye for attaching them to clothes. The simplest, of course, with holes, with two or four

How to make a big "Kinder surprise"

How wonderful gifts for children for the New Year! What marketing ideas do not come up with in order to attract the attention of not only boys and girls, but, of course, their parents. But we all know the cooler the packaging,

Edible bouquet for men

What to give to your beloved guy? This question is asked by many girls on the eve of the New Year, February 23, Valentine's Day, the anniversary of dating and other holidays. At the same time, I want to please, and surprise, and give something useful. Ideal

The shield of the Vikings and Slavs do it yourself

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, today we’ll talk about a round shield that was used by both our ancestors - the Slavs and the northern Scandinavian warriors known to the whole world - the Vikings. I want to say right away that this is not a reconstruction, i.e. way to create

Plasticine painting

An ordinary picture bought in a store will not surprise anyone. Then why not make a picture of yourself with plasticine? If you wish, you can even depict your pet in the picture - a dog or a cat! Let's get started!

How to make red candles

Red candles are an essential attribute of love magic. Indeed, red is the color of energy and unbridled passion, love and sensual expression. They will help not only attract new relationships into your life, but also return lost feelings, strengthen

Bouquet for men "Beer happiness"

Instead of primitive roses and carnations, it is recommended that all men make a bouquet of sausages, cheeses, beer and vegetables as a gift. He will amaze the imagination. This will be of the delicacies costs about $ 20 in cost, if you really choose

We translate the drawing on a T-shirt, mug or smartphone cover

If you want to make a T-shirt that no one really has, then this is not a difficult workshop for you. I’ll tell you how to easily transfer any color pattern to a fabric, mug, cell phone case or other surface. For it is not

Openwork Watermelon Candle

Candles have long been included in our everyday life, not only as light sources, but also as a beautiful decor or gift. We offer you a master class on making an unusual openwork candle - a watermelon slice.

Gift for men - a bouquet of socks

Socks - a gift for men, which was a tradition, a reason for jokes, but at the same time remains an unchanged option during the holidays. When there is no time to look for something unique or there is simply not enough imagination, women will certainly recall this

Sweet basket

Today, delicious baskets are at their peak. They can be filled with fruits or vegetables, sausages or cheeses, sweets and other sweets. Such a gift is selected taking into account the taste preferences of the recipient, but there are some patterns.

Easter souvenir from plaster "Egg on a stand"

What to give dear people for the bright holiday Easter? Of course - a souvenir made by yourself. Handmade products are most suitable for a gift. They are filled with kindness and warmth. By Easter, a souvenir in

LED lamp in acrylic glass and wood

Hello to all! In this workshop I am going to show you how I made an amazing color LED lamp from acrylic glass and wood. This is a very modern and original design that fits perfectly even in your bedroom, even

Postcard "Heart with eyes"

Favorite people need to be pleased all the time, but when there is a reason, it is simply necessary. Valentine's Day involves small gifts - valentines. But their value is not in value, but in the attention shown. That's why

Bathroom shelf

An interesting and inexpensive project for your beloved. Believe me, if she likes to take a bath, then she will like this gift very much. To be able to use this shelf normally, it must be of suitable size. Therefore, pick up

Heart shaped candy bouquet

A box of chocolates has long been a classic present. But if we are talking about a special recipient, sweets can also be presented in a more beautiful package. A bouquet of heart-shaped sweets is a surprisingly beautiful and romantic gift. Such

Money tree

Money tree symbolizes financial growth and prosperity. This strong talisman that attracts luck can often be seen at home with lovers of the ancient mystical teachings of Feng Shui. They are sure that the thicker the crown on the tree, the richer it

Christmas packaging in the form of Santa Claus

New Year holidays attract many, but especially children. Indeed, miracles happen on this magical night - Santa Claus comes and brings gifts. At the same time, beautifully packaged gifts will delight adults. We offer to make packaging in the form of

Workshop on creating a candle

Candlesticking is another type of needlework that brings not only stunning “fruits”, but also gives a lot of pleasure. The final result of this wonderful process depends only on your patience and imagination. Cooking Materials

100 reasons why I love you

In this master class, you will learn how to decorate a jar with pleasant notes about, for example, love.To create a jar of notes, take such materials and tools ...

How to make a big Kinder Surprise out of paper

All children love Kinder Surprise eggs. And, most likely, not because they are sweet, but precisely because of the surprise that is hidden inside. After all, it is always so exciting - to open the package, eagerly getting to the toy, to find out what is there
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